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BATTLE is the fifth novel in The House War, the series that began with The Hidden City, City of Night, House Name and Skir­mish. Set in the same rich fantasy universe as Michelle West’s Sacred Hunt duology and her six-book Sun Sword series, the House War novels recount the events leading to the momen­tous final confronta­tion between the demonic minions of the Lord of the Hells and the defenders of the Essalieyan Empire – a realm with a long and bloody history. The Empire is ruled by the Twin Kings, them­selves sons of gods. It is also controlled by The Ten, the heads of the most influ­en­tial Houses in Aver­alaan, the capital of the Empire.

But The House War focuses not only on this larger conflict but also on the struggle to become the leader of the most impor­tant of the Houses – House Terafin.

As Battle opens, Jewel Markess ATer­afin has at last become The Terafin, ruler of the House. But Jewel is far from secure in her new posi­tion. There have been multiple assas­si­na­tion attempts, at least several of which were demonic in origin. Jewel has survived them all, thanks mainly to her seer-born abilities.

In fighting to protect herself, her House, and the Empire, Jewel has drawn upon powers she doesn’t under­stand and can barely control, trans­forming the very struc­ture of both the Terafin manse and the palace of the Twin Kings. In so doing, she has gener­ated fear and mistrust among allies and enemies alike.

Before Jewel has time to assess the changes and defend her actions, she finds herself facing a deadly new foe, a demon lord of the highest ranking who is bent on her destruc­tion, and will not be stopped by anything in his path, whether god-born, mage-born or armed warriors.

Even Jewel’s other­worldly compan­ions – from the winged cats, Shadow, Night and Snow, to the Arianni Lord Celle­riant and the Winter King, to her House Mage, Meralonne APhaniel – cannot defeat the demon. Only in the heart of her own domain can Jewel call upon forces to hold the enemy at bay.

And this is but the first chal­lenge Jewel must face as she readies for the opening battle in a war that can only be survived if she follows the one path she does not wish to take. For only if she follows her destiny can she hope to master the power she is meant to wield and make her city into a fortress to stand against the marshaled armies of the Lord of the Hells…

Hardcover published January 2013 by DAW Books
ISBN 9780756407957 • 676 pages • Cover art by Jody Lee
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Mass Market published January 2013 by DAW Books
ISBN 978-0756408510 • 750 pages • Cover art by Jody A. Lee
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eBook published January 2013 by DAW books • Cover art by Jody A. Lee
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Audiobook published January 2013 by Audible • Narrated by Eva Wilhelm
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