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Bits and pieces of news

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I’ve been informed by DAW that my DAW back­list — the eight books that comprise The Sacred Hunt and The Sun Sword — should be trick­ling into the ebook chan­nels in four weeks. They were total conver­sions, in that they had to be scanned from paper copies.

This means that all of my novels to date will be avail­able as ebooks.

Hunt­brother was on Barnes and Noble as of last night. Echoes which was sent by Smash­words in theory on the same day still hasn’t appeared. On the other hand, Echoes is avail­able at Kobo​.com, but Hunt­brother isn’t.

The contracts for the audio versions of the first three Cast novels have been sent, so it looks like the first five novels will be avail­able at Audible some­time in the not-distant future.

I am just in from Conflu­ence 2011, and I had — as always — a lovely time.

But — and there has to be some bad news — I’ve had to pull out of the Worldcon this year =(. With luck, things should be more stable in the house­hold in October, so World Fantasy is still a possi­bility, but it’s no longer a certainty.

Also, on a totally unre­lated note, the cubic volume of mosqui­toes has risen precip­i­tously in the West back­yard. You prob­ably heard the shrieks of dismay (mine; mosqui­toes only buzz).

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  1. sascha says:

    omg. You have no idea how thrilled I am that the West Books are coming on ebook. It’s so worth it to me to have them in portable format.

  2. technomom says:

    Marvelous! I didn’t realize that the Books of the Sundered had been published as ebooks. I had tried to find them for years (I guess they were out of print?) then tried to find them as ebooks when they came back into print, but never managed it, so I bought the trade paper­backs. They were defi­nitely worth reading — I just prefer to have digital versions, for ease of re-reading when­ever the urge might strike.

    This may be a stupid ques­tion, since you’re going through and publishing all of the stories indi­vid­u­ally, but have your antholo­gies been put out as ebooks, or is there any hope of that? I haven’t managed to find copies of some of those, either (one reason that I’m excited about what you’re doing with the stories).

    My father would tell you to encourage bats to settle near your house — they love mosquitos :-) I rely on Burt’s Bees Herbal Insect Repel­lent, myself, in addi­tion to being really careful about not letting any water stand long enough for the little nasties to breed. Do y’all have to worry about West Nile virus up there?

  3. Genna Warner says:

    This is fantastic news. My pock­et­book won’t like it, but I do. And I hope the reasons for you needing to pull out of Worldcon and possibly World Fantasy straighten them­selves out without issue.

  4. lyssabits says:

    Huzzah! I’ve found since the baby got old enough to decide books were awesome toys for him that I can only read them when he’s asleep and I’m awake, which is basi­cally NEVER. E‑books work out much better, he loves the iPhone too but it’s much harder for him to rip the pages out of it. ;)

  5. @technomom: when they first came out, they were 9.99 each. I *think* they’re on sale still — they dropped to 0.99 for book one, 2.99 for book two — I think book three was at 9.99 and book four was again, on sale — but I could be misre­mem­bering. I don’t set prices for those, but it’s a smaller publisher, and he’s been exper­i­menting with prices because he can. It’s harder for the larger publishers to randomly shift things around.

  6. I just want to point out that my oldest son chewed the heck out of my very first cell-phone, and even­tu­ally corroded the leads. Umm, not that this would happen to your iPhone >.>.

  7. They’re entirely economic and employ­ment related, and yes, we’re hoping that too :). But everyone is healthy and things are other­wise going well!

  8. technomom says:

    Inter­esting. Book 3 isn’t showing up as having an ebook version on Amazon, and when I’m on the BenBella site, I don’t see any indi­ca­tion that the ebooks exist! I’m sure the Kindle versions weren’t showing on Amazon a few years ago when I purchased the books, either.

    Now that I know about them, however, I can put them on the “replace the dead tree version” list — hope­fully book three’s ebook will show up by then.


  9. Theresa says:

    Hi Michelle. I wanted to let you know that “Memory of Stone” was part of “The black Ospreys” ebook (after your listing of short stories). I don’t think you intended that.

  10. Genna Warner says:

    I actu­ally have a lot of issue trying to find eBooks on Amazon’s web site. Had I real­ized that I would have to search five ways to Sunday to try and find an eBook only book, I might have gone with some­thing else besides the Kindle. But I find that if you search for the regular/printed book, then go from there to the Kindle format it is much easier. This of course doesn’t help when looking for a book that is in eBook format only. I also find that for some reason Michelle’s author page on Amazon doesn’t list her full list of books.

  11. Rasmusb says:

    I am so thrilled! I love the length of your books but the length plus paper­back plus frequent re-reads === increased fear/possibility of book death!

    Hope­fully they will be up on Kobo like your cast books are — so I can grab them and a book I don’t have to worry about reading to pieces. :)

  12. Fyreink says:

    Black Osprey’s is on iBooks now :)

  13. Aaron says:

    I can confirm There­sa’s obser­va­tion (oops) for the Kindle. I had been reading through the short stories as breaks between Dance w/ Dragons. Oddly enough, just this morning I was wondering why I was *still* only a third of the way through The Black Ospreys.

    Can you retract the orig­inal and publish Memory of Stone separately?

  14. Aaron says:

    Nevermind…day late and a dollar short.

  15. Kathy says:

    Uh…I’m really happy about your West books being epub­lised. Also, really sorry about the mosquitos. I live in Western Mass and we are being swarmed too. Not a lot of fun. But, where is the sample chapter for Cast in Ruin? I’m really looking forward to that.
    Thank you.

  16. hjbau says:

    Oh could we get a chapter of Skir­mish when you have the final copy? That would be awesome. Do you know anything about the cover?

  17. Kurt Caesar says:

    As Ms.(Mrs.?) Warner talked about her diffi­cul­ties locating ebooks on Amazon it occurs to me that you have no links of this blog to any of the places where we can purchase your work. Was this by choice or do you plan to include (or continue to not include) such at some later date Michelle?

  18. Mark Galpin says:

    Very excited to hear about the rest of the West books in ebook form (my paper­backs are getting a bit worn. I’ve replaced both the Hunter’s Oath ones and the first several Sun Swords by this time, and one of them is looking to need replacing again, and its getting harder to do.)

    On another note, Black Ospreys wasn’t the story I expected… Or rather, it was, but I had thought that the inci­dent with the rescue of the black Osprey’s in the Averdan Valleys was also where Evayne and the Kalakar met.

  19. Kat says:

    Audible! Eeeee! I’ve taken to listening to audio­books while at work to distract from monotony, and I’ve lamented the lack of any Sagara/West work. This is absolutely delightful. :)

  20. w-b says:

    Awesome news for the audio format!!

  21. Laura Foxworth says:

    Are the ebooks for Nook avail­able yet for The Sacred Hunt and The Sun Sword? Haven’t been able to find them and I can’t wait to down­load them to my Nook.

  22. Mohee says:

    Is there an ETA on The Sacred Hunt and The Sun Sword series hitting ebooks? I moved and am no longer in poses­sion of my paper­back copies and would love to re-read those on my kindle (which I adore!). So any guess-timate on kindle release dates for those?

  23. Wendy says:

    I have been checking the iBook store (in the US) on my iPad for weeks and weeks for these — and still no love. :(

    I am hoping to re-read these before the next House War book comes out as a refresher …

    Loved the novellas / novelets though. :)

  24. Mike Schooley says:

    Is there any news on these ebooks? I haven’t been able to find them on mason or barnes and noble…

  25. Liza Ismail says:

    yes please tell us when the sword and hunt series will be out as ebooks been waiting and waiting and searching and searching (sigh) I NEED MY WEST BOOKS i am addicted

  26. Laura Foxworth says:

    Same here — I’ve been searching for them about once a week since the orig­inal info was posted but haven’t seen them yet. Any idea when the Sun Sword and Hunt books will be avail­able on ebook? Thanks

  27. Liza Ismail says:

    if this is not the place for this i am sorry did try to find a general page where i hope my comments would be read by ms west

    i’d like to thank ms west for the author she is. her books have made me cry and laugh and some­times wish that there are such worlds as painful and breath­taking and full of wonder­ment as she envi­sions them to be.

    on that note, i live in malaysia and books imported in are gener­ally varied and up-to-date BUT for me a die hard fantasy fan (for over 30 years am 50 now) who looks for more than just sword & sorcery and dungeon and dragons, its been painful tho i have to admit the book­stores are slowly catching up in the last few years with r jordan, g r r martin, eddings, katherine kurtz, tad williams, anne bishop, janny wurts and of course, the grand dame herself, andre norton (to name a few of my fav authors)

    when i picked up my first west book (the sun sword) i was swept away. i have only ever been so capti­vated by LOTR but (again the BUT) i had to wait 5 years to get the next book (cos your style of writing was not the trend then). when i finally had access to the internet and Amazon i was amazed how many books you had. now i am the proud owner of almost all your books (even the short stories in various antholo­gies) tho had to wait 3 months for each book ordered to reach me.

    now with the inven­tion of the ereaders and ebooks and down­load­able format i am in seventh heaven cos now i will not have to keep reordering to replace the beloved but worn out and torn out books (my sisters, daugh­ters and nephews are sooo into them too — brain­washed by me i guess) tho i may have to cos my girls reads them at the same time as i do.

    i have just finished reading hunt brother (yes i know that was so long ago but just down­loaded it from smash­words). as a stay at home mom, books and reading yours are my passion and i try to drag out reading your books so that i always have some­thing of yours to read in the free time and at night.

    i have just one ques­tion tho, will all the varied char­ac­ters from hunt, sun sword and house war come together and be resolved and explained away in one final cata­clysmic book (or books as yours usually are) or will we be left hanging and how do i get my hands on all the sun sword ebooks (oops i guess that’s 3 questions)

    i look forward to more of your books and to rekindle old ones. So with lots of love from me and my girls and good wishes and good fortune for christmas and the new year. health, wealth and happi­ness for you and your family.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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