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First: I’ve just been informed by my editor that Cast in Fury and Cast in Silence are going to appear as audio books/files at Audible​.com in September, which is also when they first appear in mass market editions. But where, you ask, are the first three? We’re working on that now. (When I say we, what I mean is my agent, when I say working, I mean nego­ti­ating; I’m reason­ably opti­mistic that the first three will also be produced at around the same time). These will be my very first appear­ance in audio, so I’m pretty excited about it. Second: Echoes has finally been approved by Smash­words for is premium cata­logue. This means that it will now prop­a­gate from the aggre­gator (which is what services … Continue reading 

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I’ve mentioned that the best thing about this whole process is seeing covers, right? Given today’s trial and error, it’s never been more true (I had some minor version control issues while format­ting for Smash­words, and ended up uploading the wrong version the first time. And no, the first story, Echoes, has still not cleared the Premium Cata­logue queue, which is called the Barnes & Noble queue in this house). I was orig­i­nally going to do all of the several rounds of proofing for all of the stories and upload every­thing at once (Hunt­brother was proofed in printout 3 times, on the iPad twice (epub and Kindle), and in MS Word, because the font there is Times New Roman, a font in which I gener­ally … Continue reading 

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Hilda asked a ques­tion in a prior comment thread, and I thought I would answer it because it also allows me to talk a bit about avail­ability of ebooks on different plat­forms. Concern and ques­tion: For my birthday in August, I requested my sons and daughter to give me an easy to use e‑reader, (I have way over 1,000 books at home) Your paper books are showing my intense use. I’m in no way an expert in anything elec­tronic. Previous discus­sions in this forum seem to indi­cate diffi­cul­ties in obtaining your books or some of them in Kindle. No discus­sions of the Nook. 3 days ago, I went to compare Kindle and Nook. I found lots of your books in the Nook (Barnes and Noble) under Sagara and West, … Continue reading 

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First: Genna asked, in the previous comment’s thread, about Cast in Moon­light. The Harle­quin terms for the novellas are exactly the same as the terms for their novels. For most short fiction, the author grants exclu­sive rights to publish, in the English language, for one year, after which the author is free to do what she wants with the story — sell reprint rights, etc. In the case of Cast in Moon­light, this doesn’t apply, so while I would love to bring the story out as a stand­alone, I can’t. Second: I’ve noticed that people have been buying Echoes from Amazon. Genna (again!) said that on her kindle, the intro­duc­tion is in a pale grey tone. There is the tiny possi­bility that I may have done some­thing … Continue reading 

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Thanks everyone for your input on my previous ques­tion. We (this would be the West house­hold) are going to keep the Author Name under which the stories were orig­i­nally published. I have ISBNs! I have a block of one hundred ISBNs! I’m sorry — ISBNs always make me ridicu­lously happy. It’s a quirk. Some people might notice that on Smash­words there is one Michelle West novella avail­able; this is because I wanted to make sure that the Smash­words format­ting — on my end — actu­ally works. (It does! Yay! It’s the first thing I’ve done so far that’s worked right on the first attempt). It also takes about two weeks for any Smash­words titles to prop­a­gate to their various retailer sites. Because I’m Cana­dian, there are extra tax forms that … Continue reading