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Uncrowned King Audiobook available today

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Tantor Media has just released The Uncrowned King, the second book of the Sun Sword series, in audio, narrated by Eva Wilhelm, the narrator for the House War series.

As you can see, they’re using a different cover for the audio­book, (they’re using a different cover for Broken Crown as well, but I kind of missed that one >.>).

In other news, I am going on a desper­ately needed writing retreat (dead­lines), but will be back for Can*Con in Ottawa. This is very last minute for me because I wasn’t certain I could make it, so I don’t have a schedule that I can post. I will post a schedule if it arrives before I get back from writing, but I’ll prob­ably be a little bit scarce until then.



4 Responses to Uncrowned King Audiobook available today

  1. Julia Coldren-Walker says:

    Down­loaded this morning 4 am and listening. Have vol 3o order

  2. Tchula says:

    Have a fun and produc­tive writing retreat! ;-)

  3. Patty Knoll says:

    Well, that’s perfect timing! I got the first one when it came out on audible, and I can get the next one tomorrow! I have had the whole series in paper­back for years, and they are well worn and dog eared!

  4. Eva says:

    I am so happy. The Sacred Hunt?? (My favorite, but I love love love The Sunsword series)

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