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Cover: Cast in Wisdom

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I have a cover for Cast in Wisdom.

I’m (obvi­ously) not going to spoil anything, but will say the setting in which Kaylin finds herself is rele­vant :). Since a picture is worth a thou­sand words, I’m going to leave this in the hands of artist Shane Reben­schied and art director, Kath­leen Oudit, and I will go back to strug­gling with words that have not yet reached a stage where they are even a glimmer in the eyes of either.


32 Responses to Cover: Cast in Wisdom

  1. Leonie Allister says:

    Cannot wait for the next Cast book!!

  2. Michalina says:

    oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. OMG. It’s so, so beau­tiful. and there’s library which can only mean one thing. My beloved, grumpy, book hoarding dragon, with whom I person­alise on deep, personal level is going to shine in this one!!!!! oh my sweet Lord, Dragon Lord, christmas came early this year. Mrs Sagara thank you !

  3. Sue Ivey says:

    Beau­tiful! Can’t wait!

  4. Michalina Podhajecka says:

    oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. OMG. It’s so, so beau­tiful. and there’s library which can only mean one thing. My beloved, grumpy, book hoarding dragon, with whom I person­alise on deep, personal level is going to shine in this one!!!!! oh my sweet Lord, Dragon Lord, christmas came early this year. Mrs Sagara thank you !

  5. Joyce Ronquillo says:

    Pre-ordered, as usual, with the day marked on my calendar so I can sit and devour it. I don’t remember the borders between the fiefs, should I reread anything?

  6. Seana says:

    I have also pre-ordered and am eagerly antic­i­pating this newest title in the incred­ible “Cast” series. I’m also wondering if the library is the Arkon’s…or… a library from Ravellon?

  7. Julianne Single says:

    Oh I might have a new favorite book. I person­ally love teasers and have been eager to see the book summary since I pre ordered and also took off work to binge. Having a cruddy day and this post made it better thanks Michelle!

  8. Carol Duffy says:

    A library! And perhaps we know whose.…. pre-ordered and cannot wait!

  9. Zia says:

    I may have squealed and jumped up and down slightly with excite­ment. I love the cover and I cannot wait to read this! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Andrea D Smith says:

    Squeeee! We have a Cast in Wisdom cover, the book is real. So exciting! I see other’s noticed the library too. Such a beau­tiful cover. I’m hoping we discover answers surrounding Candallar that were mentioned in Cast in Oblivion. Or I guess the book may have a small time jump.

    I pre-ordered my copy too ❤️

  11. Vicky J says:

    Could this actu­ally be the library that “lost” in the heart of Ravellon?

  12. Jenny V says:

    What a great cover! I can’t wait to read this. Thank you for the sneak peek.

  13. Tchula says:

    Love the books on the cover! My guesses are either the Arkon’s library, or a library at the heart of Ravellon. Can’t wait to find out!

  14. Nina Meyer says:

    This is a wonderful cover. Like the others, my copy is preordered. Thank you for all of the wonderful hours of reading you have gifted us.

  15. Mary Stores says:

    I am blind, so I was wondering if anyone could attempt to describe the cover? If not, I’ll still read the book and I’m lookinf forward to it. I guess I have nothing to lose by asking.

  16. Grace says:

    Is the Arcanum involved? Wait, there is magical power… of course the Arcanum is involved. Night­shade prob­ably is, too.

  17. Peter says:

    @ Mary Stores who cannot see the cover. There is text on the back page. I ran it thru an OCR website and it converted it to “The fiefs that exist at the heart of the city of Elantra are home to sentient Towers that guard the world against the incur­sion of Shadow. But between the fiefs exists the gray world of the border zone. In it, geog­raphy changes between one passage across a border and the next. The rules of magic are different there — and yet somehow familiar to Kaylin Neya. When a Shadow escapes, Kaylin must find out how…and why. If Shadows can breach the barrier erected by the Towers, the whole of Elantra will be devoured. It’s happened on other worlds. Bellusdeo, Kaylin’s Dragon companion, absolutely believes it can happen on theirs. The border zone holds secrets and ancient histo­ries, and people are gath­ering there in search of its power. Without even under­standing what that power is, or why it exists, Kaylin is in a desperate race against time to find those secrets first. She doesn’t know who her enemies are. She doesn’t know how many she’ll face. But she won’t face them alone. ” 

    There is a picture on the front page. Kaylin wearing the brazer is standing in a library with high gothic arched shelves. There is a window or walkway leading to a very hazy city view. Someone who does better with ART needs to step in here and give a real description. 


  18. Anna Wick says:

    thank you

  19. Andrea Finbow says:

    The Library.…I bet some­thing to do with the Arkon. I really hope it is and we learn more about him.

  20. Linda says:

    I love the cover. Can’t wait for for the book to be released. It seems so far away :(

  21. Kerry aka Trouble says:

    Lovely cover, as usual. Already on pre-order, as usual. Still sad I couldn’t make it to Dublin.

  22. Tyronne Hodgins says:

    Oh my! I don’t know quite what to say. Kaylin in the library — alone?!? The teaser on the back cover. So hard to wait. Thank you Michelle!!! I love your writing style!!!!!

  23. Bobbie Kirkland says:

    The library depicted is across a body of water (possibly the Ablayne) from the city. This could indi­cate Kaylin is in the library at the center of the fiefs.

  24. michelle says:

    @Peter: thanks so much for that. It was my father’s 85th birthday yesterday, so I didn’t check in yesterday =/

    Mary — if the back cover copy was added in text beneath the image, would that be more useful or helpful?

  25. Therese says:

    @Mary Stores here is the image description:

    In the fore­front, Kaylin has her back partially turned away from us. She is looking down at the gold brace on her left arm. You can see the runes circling her left arm. Her hair is down and pulled back away from her face, I think with partial braids. She is wearing what looks like a sleeve­less dark red shirt with a sleeve­less leather vest over it. A long black cloth or sash is draped over her left shoulder and falls down past her hips. A belt holds it in place and there’s a knife or some­thing sheathed on the belt. 

    In the back­ground you can see the top two stories of a huge gothic library. On the left side of the cover is a curving arched ceiling and a large two-story opening in the back­ground with a balcony over­looking water. You can see a hazy pink or orange night sky with stars and a cres­cent moon beneath some dark trees and a city of build­ings with lights is in the background. 

    The curved ceiling flows down the right side into columns that turn into a balcony railing on the top floor and then more columns below the railing for the next floor. Next to each column is a book­case that is lined hori­zon­tally and goes from ceiling to floor with at least 12 or 14 shelves.

    In the top left corner of the cover are five runes similar to the writ­ings on Kaylin’s arm. In the top right corner and bottom right corner are cobwebs.

    The back cover shows the same image except without Kaylin.

  26. Therese says:

    Sorry that should say Kaylin’s back is turned partially toward us!

  27. Andrea says:

    Ooh, I really love that back cover descrip­tion. It has just the right mix of every­thing. I know they can be hard to do, which makes it extra impres­sive. And the cover is really beau­tiful too!

  28. Bee says:

    Anybody ever notice the artist signs his name in the runes at the top of the cover picture? It was harder to read in some of the other covers, but pretty clear on this one. It’s a nice touch. :) (I’m prob­ably late to the party noticing that >.<)

  29. Tracy in Texas says:

    Weren’t the marks on Kaylin’s arms more pronounced and darker in the cover art of previous books? It looks like they are starting to disap­pear in this cover art

  30. Mary Stores says:

    Thank you, @Peter, @Therese and @bobbie Kirk­land for taking the time to OCR the cover and describing the cover. I sincerely appre­ciate the time and effort involved. @Michelle, I was really hoping for and received some great and detailed non-objec­tive descrip­tions. I am so happy :)

  31. Elizabeth says:

    This is a gorgeous cover! Even though I can see it, I really appre­ci­ated the words describing the art work. I missed so much until I had the verbal cues to help me see.

  32. Giusy says:

    Hi Michelle!
    First of all, thank you for your work :)
    As the new book is around the corner, I was hoping for a Christmas chapter.. Would you gift it to us?

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