State of the Author, May 2016 edition

Posted in writing.

I appear to have missed April. April was Cast in Flight revisions and taxes. And visitors.

On May 3rd, the mass market paperback of Oracle was released. I appear to have missed May 3rd. This is going to be a theme =(.

I am almost finished Grave revisions. Grave is a February 2017 title. May has been, and will be all Grave, and a little bit of War. Because Grave is a book I started four times before I could actually finish it, there’s the assorted stresses and knee-jerk reactions, which makes this revision harder than most of my revisions.

But: I am working, I am writing, and I am trying, desperately, to catch up. Which is also, sadly, one of my life themes.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a terrific Mother’s Day!

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  1. Ralph Walker says:

    We all know you are doing your best. Remember your health. Don’t try to pull yourself into many directions. I , for one, will be glad when “Grave” is buried :). I’m chomping at the bit for War.

  2. Katrina says:

    I’ll put my own vote in for Cast in Flight. I’m eager to figure out if the flight is referencing the dragons or the Aerians. Given Moran moving in, maybe there’s more there? ^_^

  3. As a long time follower, things seem pretty much normal to me :) Hope you had a good Mother’s Day ’cause you probably needed the break!!

  4. Tchula says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well! Good luck with the finishing touches on Grave! :-)

  5. Linda says:

    I can’t wait for Cast in Flight to come out. I have a feeling that Moran’s family are going to cause lots of problems.

  6. Zia says:

    I hope you had a good Mother’s Day! Thanks for giving us an update. Hopefully things go smoothly throughout all the revisions. I am looking forward to all 3 books, though to be honest Cast in Flight is the one I am waiting on with the most impatience.

  7. Darbie says:

    It must be stressful but you r lucky to do something u love as a career wishing you a happy,productive and beautiful may💫💫💫

  8. Ah, the chaos of a writer’s mind! Most writers are working on one book- maybe two. You are a superwoman, three series going AND a family!!! <3 GO Girlpower!!! Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Hope you had a great mother’s day, too (I was at my parents who had organised the first charcoal grilled barbecue of the year on one of the first spring/summer weekends of the year, heh). Would have loved to be a visitor of yours, heh.
    Although yay for writing and as always, we’re all just happy we get to see the results and join your worlds at all. Get there the way you need to.

  10. michelle says:

    @Joey: Yes, I know. I’m expecting that GRAVE is a prophetic title.

    @Ralph & Desiree: For some reason that makes no sense to me, I can *write*, or draft, two books at the same time. Revision, however, requires a different part of my brain – so I tend to be very slow on creation when in ‘fix all the things’ mode.

    @Katrina: Yes. :D

    @Darbie: I’m grateful that I can do what I love, yes – but as anything, even the things one loves, there are parts that almost kill me >. . I think I wrote a short blog post about this on the Harlequin site.

  11. DebbieH says:

    When can we start nagging for a preview of Cast in Flight (Ha!) just kidding – not. You are one of my very favorite authors and I really appreciate your wonderful world building. I am going thru chemo now and your books drag me away from my own problems and give me something to look forward to. Counting the days till the next release. Thank you.

  12. Bette Mckown says:

    I really appreciate all your hard work because I can walk into another world and really enjoy myself. Thank you so much for your wonderful books!

  13. Shareen says:

    Love your work, though so far I have only read the Chronicles of Elantra series, and I can’t wait for Cast in Flight. These stories are some of the very few where I can’t guess ahead at where you are going to take us, which in addition to your ability to spin a world whole cloth with your words, really impresses and delights me!

  14. Rejeana stewart says:

    You are an amazing artist and I await the release of war with anticipation but as with every great author the time can be spent rereading up to that point. Your books are a beautiful unwinding and to reread them is to find new gems missed during the frantic rush to reach the end! Thank you for enriching our lives. Take a load off and encourage everyone to slow down and enjoy your books like fine wine!

  15. Blaeze says:

    I have, and will, read everything you have written that I can get my hands on. Love your style, tales, and the care you take in selecting your word-craft.

  16. Zia says:

    Speaking of Cast in Flight – goodreads has a book cover and a description posted now. I don’t suppose anyone has the ability to make October come faster?

  17. Melanie says:

    May 29.2016 I will wait forever to read a book you write; I wish you joy and happiness and health, breath! Go outside with your family and enjoy the day!

  18. Sharon Brodbeck says:

    I saw the pre-order announcement from Amazon today. SO far it’s only the paper back and the audio books not the Kindle. But yes, an October 25th release date!

  19. Cindy Allen says:

    I have a question. when will we know what exactly Kayla’s position is with Nighshade especially as his Erenne. Not that I want Kayla and Severn to not be tether. But it would be nice to know.

  20. Dave says:

    Thank You for checking in with your reading public. We do appreciate knowing you are doing okay and still writing!

    Jewel and I are showing patience with your publishing schedule of the House War Series… War is Coming…. But when? Is this the last of it’s kind or is this the start of a third Trilogy? I’m ready for a third Trilogy in case you were wondering…

  21. Alan says:

    Hope you can see light at the end of the editing tunnel! It’s almost August, but we can all agree to call it June if it means more Michelle words to read.

  22. Carole Rier says:

    I just finished Oracle. I hope you continue that story line. I am now reading the Shining Court and have to pick up the Sea of Sorrows that I bought.. When I read Broken Crown I didn’t realize there were 6 books. Can’t put them down. Please continue with Jewel after Oracle.

  23. Priscilla C. says:

    Thank you for your continuation of writing the Chronicles of Elantra. I’m wondering when we’ll get more on Kaylin and Nightshade. While I like Severin, I really hope Nightshade will be more to Kaylin. I’m about half way through Cast in Honor and Nightshade hasn’t returned from Revalon yet. I’m tryied not to get my hopes up, but Nightshade is so interestingly and mysteriously attractive!

  24. Jelly says:

    Love the Elantra chronicles!! Please please write more about Kaylin and Nightshade! A spin-off series with Bellusdeo and the Emperor would be nice too:) Once again, thank you for plotting such awesome books!

  25. Donna says:

    Will Cast in Flight be available to kindles besides the US site? There isn’t anything active on the Australian Amazon. Please say there will be.

  26. Sharon honey says:

    Anxiously awaiting the house war book “war”. I unfortunately read faster that authors can write but the sun sword and elantra books are handy and well worth reading again

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