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Sacred Hunt reprint, pictures, plus miscellaneous state of Author

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When I returned from Australia, where I finally finished the final revi­sion of Grave, I felt a little burned out. I went back to work on War, but progress there was slow. This happens some­times when I haven’t quite emerged from a state-of-anxiety with regards to writing — and Grave was defi­nitely that. As I’ve said before: when things are hard, I feel incom­pe­tent. When I feel incom­pe­tent, I tend to with­draw. The internet is full of bright, shiny, enter­taining things — none of which I am at that partic­ular moment. I am always at my most gregar­ious when the writing is going well.

Some­thing arrived at my doorstep, liter­ally, that really helped.

In the mess of dead­lines, more dead­lines, emer­gency dead­lines, page proofs, it actu­ally made me very happy — but I had forgotten entirely that it was coming. (I tend to be an over-focus person when I’m trying to get some­thing done: I see what’s in front of my face, but every­thing else kind of fades to the periphery. This does not, as you imagine, make me the easiest person to live with >.<).

It’s the same artwork that graced my very first Michelle West book, by the inim­itable Jody Lee. But you’ll note the colors are slightly different — they’re the actual colors of the orig­inal painting.

I’m now including Michelle-home-photog­raphy in an effort to tell you why I love this book so much, and why it makes the biblio­phile in me so happy. First, the cover scan doesn’t give you any sense of its size. It’s a trade paper­back. It’s a large trade paperback.

Sacred Hunt vs. Hunter’s Oath


Second: I’ve seen some reprint paper­backs that essen­tially enlarge the previous books’ type­set­ting. This one has been entirely reset. It’s very much like the type in the House War books.

Sacred Hunt page sample

And Third: I can read the book without creasing or cracking its spine, which is a result of both paper and glue choices.

Sacred Hunt, open on table

If you have the books already, there’s nothing new in the words — but every­thing about it feels bright and shiny to me at the moment.


I will be going to the Worldcon in Kansas; I have a partial schedule, and when I have a full one, I’ll post it.

I’ll be bringing what I have of War (It’s not finished yet, sorry >.<), and will prob­ably read from that. Or the next Cast novel. Or possibly even Grave, although I’ve read the opening from that in public before — it being the one thing that’s remained fairly constant.

22 Responses to Sacred Hunt reprint, pictures, plus miscellaneous state of Author

  1. Stephen Engel says:

    It is always good to hear from you, it brings bright­ness and joy. Thanks.

  2. michelle says:

    Thank you :)

    I have fifty more pages to proof-read, but the changes of neces­sity can only be minimal. And looking at anything searching only for the Things I Did Wrong does not make me love my writing more…

  3. merie says:

    Wrote a long comment. But somehow it got lost. Ill just say Thank you and Take care of your­self. Waiting for War and Cast in Flight

  4. ralphw2548 says:

    Always eagerly awaiting your work. Relax, un-wind, have a nice glass of wine and I’m sure the world will begin to look bright and shiny again :)
    Just purchased the “new” Hunter Duology from Amazon. I may just cut the cover off and frame only wall ( I love Jody Lee’s work ).

    Be Well

  5. Joey says:


    I crave GRAVE 


  6. Joey says:

    Also, I’m happy the SACRED HUNT trade pb made you so happy!

  7. Kerri Knorr says:

    I am thrilled you will be at Worldcon!

  8. Eva says:

    I am excited about Sacred Hunt. It was the first book series I read of yours and still my favorite, I reread them with Hunt­brother about once a year. Thank you for that exciting yet evajmira@gmailtender story, I still cry for Stephen, after all these years.

  9. Cyndi Parker says:

    I hope you get some down­time girl! I enjoy your work…and your wonderful prose. It has made you human. Take care, and I don’t mean your liter­a­ture endeavors, I mean you. Your even more delightful then my favorite char­acter who knows company! So take care!! and…
    CANT WAIT TO GET THE REPRINT!!!! ( that little buggar started this whole mess!! I’m talking about my own personal and enthu­si­astic fandom!!)

  10. DebbieH says:

    Always good to hear from you. Cheered me up — I just had another bout of chemo and this is great news. Looking forward to Cast in Flight. Your books help fight the depres­sion of my treat­ments. Take care of your­self and do some­thing fun. We all love all of your books so don’t worry about sched­ules. We are willing to wait. XXOO

  11. I’m just happy you are still writing…even it it isn’t flowing as easily. And I appre­ciate your honesty because I get stuck quite frequently as an amateur writer, so it’s nice to know that it even happens to the profes­sionals sometimes :)

  12. Zia says:

    Glad to hear some­thing made you happy! I’ll have to see if I can snag a copy since mine I got second hand and they like it. 

    Thanks for taking the time to post an update!

  13. Michael says:

    From the moment I saw the title of this post, I don’t think it was more than 20 seconds before I had proceeded checkout. I have wanted this for years, and I had no idea it was coming!

    I am, of course, looking forward to Grave and War, but I know I will have them in the full­ness of time. Until then, I can just curse your name for what you do to ******* in this shiny new trade paperback.

    Be well!

  14. Kick says:

    The Queen of the Dead series seems to have been unusu­ally diffi­cult and unusu­ally stressful for you. Or at least that is how it appears from the outside. I’m glad you have it finished, and I hope that you can relax now that it is finished.

  15. Gerri Lynn Baxter says:

    Awesome to see those books in one volumn. Also awesome that you’re comking to WorldCon! I’ll be there, and as a quiet, but huge fan of yours, I’d love to take you out to beverage and/or meal if you have time.

  16. Andrea says:

    Glad to hear from you. I hope you find more happy moments and time to relax in the land of living. As for not being the easiest person to live with, my son says it’s best, “We over look what make our family and friends a special little snowflake and it’s typi­cally why we like them.” He’s 14. Can’t wait for Cast in Flight.

  17. Tchula says:

    The Sacred Hunt cover makes me smile, too. My old paper­back copies have held up really well over the years, but the spines are (finally) showing some wear, so it’s great to have a new copy just in case. Off to Amazon I go… ;-P

  18. No worldcon for me this year either, but yay good news, and also yay Jody Lee covers reclaimed in beauty.

  19. John DeRinzy says:

    Just catching up. Are you still at the book­store in T.O.?

  20. Melanie says:

    Awe bright and shiny moments indeed! love those books, it was a start of a lovely time curled up reading your stories, all things that bring joy, wishing you peace of mind, love, and laughter…

  21. gary says:

    Is there going to b a 3rd edition of the “Queen of the Dead/”

  22. Gypsy Michaels says:

    I need to get replace all six paper­back books for the Broken Crown set; will these get reprinted as trade paper­backs also?

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