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Firstborn: Preview Chapter

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ETA: First­born will be avail­able in ebook and hard­cover on the 19th of February, 2019.

This is a hectic release month, the first time I have ever had two books published at essen­tially the same time.

No, this was not partic­u­larly smart on my part, but I didn’t want to push either book back a month. It’s been three and three quarter years since the last West novel was published, and in the main, as a reader, I don’t care if two books I want are published in the same month.

My pock­et­book might whine a little, but I am gleeful, because that’s just the way I am as a reader. Of other people’s books. Most authors can’t read their own books as if they’re readers, sadly.

I posted the prologue last year (just over a year ago, tech­ni­cally), and the prologue has not changed. So I have bundled Chapter One and that prologue together, and they are here.

I am also working on the non-North Amer­ican ebook, in the hope that I will avoid no ebook avail­ability. The North Amer­ican cover is by Jody Lee; the rest-of-the-world cover is graphic designer Jenn Reese. Which is below.

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  1. Maureen Panzera says:

    yummy yummy yummy! TY Michelle

  2. hsmyers says:

    Oh? That long? My how time passes up here in the moun­tains Waiting with bated breath and all that :)

  3. Marie Roberts says:

    Sorry, but somehow I missed the date the book will be in the stores. I am so ready for this book. It’s been a long wait. Thankyou so much for the joy your book bring.take care.

  4. michelle says:

    @Marie: I’ve edited the post so that it reflects the pub date: 19 February, 2019. Usually the book page would be up on the Home page, but — because I have 2 books out at the same time, I wanted to leave Cast in Oblivion up until the 15th or so, because First­born will be up for the next four months.

  5. jo-ann pieber says:

    Oh Good-ness. (insert usual verbal flailing and overly exuberant gushing!). But I’m Very curious whether you might provide more on the comment “most authors can’t read their own books as if they’re readers,sadly.” I’ve wondered about this…in a general way as well as a more specific one — that to do with what I’m *trying* to write. I cringe at most every­thing. I try to ‘read’ it As a reader (to see if I Could ‘read’ it? to see if it’s ‘any good’?). How do you ‘read’ it As a writer (to see if you Could read it? to see if it’s ‘any good’?) or just to see if it’s ‘good enough’? I’m not sure this makes much sense — but I’m strug­gling with how to know if it’s any good Without reading it as a Reader??? Yikes. Still flailing about.

  6. Walter says:

    And I thought you and George R. R. were having a contest. At least I don’t know of any video begging you to write faster. Hmmm… a glimmer of an idea. No, thank you, just keep doing what you do so well. I know it doesn’t seem fair, what takes you years in blood, sweat and tears only to see devoured by the avid reader in a few scant hours. I’ve been spoiled by the likes of M. D. Cooper of late but please do keep writing. Walter

  7. michelle says:

    @jo-ann: There are two parts of writing, for me. There’s the part at which the book just flows; things surprise me, or take left turns, but I trust the process to take me where I need to go. I have endings in mind when I start. I often have ideas about how to reach that ending — but that’s never the way it actu­ally works when I start to write.

    It’s in the reading that it’s diffi­cult. There are some passages that drag me right in — I’m back into the flow of book and story. And there are some that … don’t. Because they don’t, I assume they’re terrible, and I fret and pull out my hair.

    And then I send it to the alpha reader, and hold my breath and pace in tight circles — because if it doesn’t work for him, it won’t work for anyone, and I can’t tell.

    I can read a book as a reader. But sadly, that’s ten years after it’s published, and I don’t remember the writing of the actual words. Until then, I hear the voice of my anxiety far more clearly than I hear anything on the page. You should see me when I’m doing page proofs. Well, no. Nobody should see that.

    If I could take 12 years between writing and publi­ca­tion, I could be certain of my objec­tivity. Sadly, this would not make many people happy. Publishers. Readers. Me. 

    It’s far worse for me, as well, when it’s been more than 2 years between books. Because then I feel that I should have been faster, and I should have somehow gotten it all done earlier, and people will be disap­pointed, and they’ll expect that if it’s taken this long the book will be perfect, and this book is not perfect. Where this book is the book that is late. Any book =/.

    It’s helpful to have readers that you trust will give you the feed­back you need. Some people want copy-edits from their beta readers. I… don’t. What we indi­vid­u­ally need as writers in order to stop being terri­fied that we got it all wrong is kind of like process: it’s indi­vidual, and we all need different things.

    But… it’s helpful to have an external reader.

  8. chibipoe says:

    This is fantastic, Michelle. It shouldn’t be possible, but the hype for First­born is even greater.

  9. Emile De Antonio says:

    Really fine. Dances right along. I just wish that the weather of the book was not so similar to the actual weather. It makes one even colder. If I go to bed until the 19th I can wake up just in time for the next chapter. Thank you, Michelle.

  10. Was very happy to see Cast in Oblivion come out. I am a huge fan of the Elantra books. I’d like to see her work through her issues (not the easiest thing to do) and find someone she can be happy with, even if it’s for the short term.

  11. ome says:

    Just thank you for this.

  12. ome says:

    Michelle — would you tell me who will be selling the ebook in the UK please? I can’t seem to find anywhere that will let me pre-order.

  13. Carrie Hamilton says:

    While I appre­ciate the hectic nature of back to back release dates, I’m absurdly glad you did not delay the publi­ca­tion of either book. The thrill of being able to read new adven­tures in both series has enlivened a dreary winter. And I’m with you — I don’t care if 2 books appear in the same month because I’m happy to purchase them when­ever they appear. Thank you!

  14. michelle says:

    @ome: It will be avail­able on Kindle, iTunes and Kobo outside of North America. I’ve pushed it through about 10 hours ago — but it won’t go on sale until the 19th of February.

    If every­thing actu­ally worked. >.>

  15. Tyronne says:

    Has it really been 3 1/2 years? Well, no matter, good things come to those who wait and I’ve been very patient. Loved Oblivion by the way!! I really don’t have a problem with two releases in the same month, espe­cially when they’re from you. Thank you — Counting the days!!!

  16. michelle says:

    @Tyrone: Yes, it will have been 3 and 3/4 years between publi­ca­tion of Oracle in hard­cover and publi­ca­tion of First­born. This is in part because I was asked to finish in one book, and I tech­ni­cally did. Except I tech­ni­cally didn’t, because the printing was a problem T_T. 

    War will be published in June of 2019. Amazon says June 18, 2019. So — much, much less of a wait. Otoh, it means 2 hard­cover purchases in one year.…

  17. michelle says:

    @ome: and it is now up for preorder in the kindle store; it is still in the review process in the Kobo and iTunes stores — but they’ll follow as they pass that review process.

    I’ve never had a book up for preorder before, though — I usually post it directly for sale on and around the pub date. But… given how things turned out for this launch, I decided to just go ahead and put it up now (where it is only avail­able for pre-order) rather than the 19th. Just in case.

  18. Erin says:

    Yay more books!

    FYI Amazon Germany shows both cover versions as avail­able for pre-order, the North America one has a Kindle and Hard­cover option, with a really high Kindle price (17.49€) and the non-NA cover has only the Kindle option at a more customary 7.85€.

  19. michelle says:

    @Erin: Thank you for letting me know. I’ve checked UK and AU, and only the non-NA version seems avail­able there — but this prob­ably means it’s going to get kicked back from at least Kobo (because it means the rights desig­na­tion will be in conflict).

  20. ome says:

    Well. First of all, thank you Michelle for your reply about the Kindle edition. 

    As soon as I saw the reply I clicked on Amazon UK and pre-ordered the book. (Couldn’t wait.) I then got an on screen message telling me that I had already pre-ordered the book?? No I haven’t. Yes you have. 

    Anyway, I now am happy that the book is ordered AND I will be able to devour it on 19th and 20th. I can hardly wait. 

    And I get to go through this again in June. Yipee.

  21. Liathano says:

    How time flies. I’ve read, and reread, the chapter and I’m soooo excited. Thank you Michelle
    Just Incase someone else is inter­ested; the sample for First­born on the Apple book store goes up to chapter two.

  22. michelle says:

    @ome: Thank you!

    I have also received noti­fi­ca­tion that First­born is now avail­able for Kobo and iBooks. 

    I haven’t finished proofing the pages for War, and ebook comes after that – but yes, I hope to have the book avail­able for preorder, so that I know it’s there on launch day T_T.

  23. Allison says:

    Rereading the House War series in prep for First­born and War. I’m on Skir­mish and in the authors note in Skir­mish you mention a “story so far” for Sun Sword to help with Skir­mish. I reread Sun Sword series early last year so I think I’m covered but if you have “the story so far” handy I would love it. I clicked the link in the ebook but I think it’s your old site. (http:// msagarawest​.word​press​.com). Thanks!

  24. michelle says:

    @Allison: I’m sorry >.. The link should go to the book page here, for Skir­mish: https://​michelle​sagara​.com/​b​o​o​k​s​/​s​k​i​r​m​i​sh/

    (I think I might have used the old site for the print book, because I hadn’t moved sites yet, I’m sorry =/)

    The book page by Bibli­og­raphy or Series (House War) has links to the story-so-far bits.

  25. Derek Smith says:

    Really enjoyed the prologue and sample chapter Michelle! Have been chomping at the bit (liter­ally grinding my teeth at times) for the action that is sure to come in the closing books of House War. My imag­i­na­tion runs wild at the thought of a certain someone taking up an uncer­tain “thing” and coming into the full­ness of his power once more…*sigh*…*drool.* Good times this year for sure.

    Ecstatic that both you and DAW were able to arrange things so that we get both novels within such a short time period as well.

    Thanks for the continued entertainment!

  26. liathano says:

    recently pre-ordered First­born on iBooks and the sample goes up to chapter 2.

  27. ome says:

    Liathano — thank you for that tip. Just read Chapter 2. I can hardly wait for the full book

  28. BR60103 says:

    Ques­tion for you:
    Now that you’ve read the first chap­ters online, will you read them again when you get the book?

  29. Mary Allen says:

    I just received notice from Barnes and Noble that First Born was going to be in the Stores this week. I pre-ordered both books in December from Barnes and Noble and received Cast in Oblivion two days early which was wonderful. I went back and read Oracle again and also the excerpt from Oracle that you posted back on 12 – 14-15. So that I would be ready for Oracle. I so enjoy all your books and have re-read them all. I have the first three Cast books both on my nook and in paperback.

  30. ome says:

    BR60103 — of course I will read them again. Anything in this series merits multiple reads. Ooooh. I can hardly wait.

  31. Elizabeth Fiorentini says:

    I received my FIRSTBORN Nook down­load and am already deep into it. Thank you so much for this series. I have trea­sured these reads since the first SUN SWORD book. You are an extremely gifted writer. Thank you so much for hours of enjoyment.

  32. michelle says:

    Thank you. The reason I’ve been able to continue to write these books is because of readers like you :)

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