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Cast in Oblivion: Australian edition

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The Australian branch of Harlequin/Mira has confirmed that as of now, the book has been cleared for publi­ca­tion. It will take the usual time to prop­a­gate from upload to consumer ready — 24 – 48 hours — and then it will be available.

We’re working to make sure this doesn’t happen again in future, not only because it’s frus­trating for you, but also because I (me, Michelle) feel enor­mously guilty doing book birthday posts when — yes — the book is not avail­able to everyone who can read the post.


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  1. SueM says:

    Thank you so much, Michelle! That’s wonderful news and your will­ing­ness to help your Australian/NZ readers is very much appre­ci­ated. Can’t wait to read Oblivian!

  2. Its OK, us at the bottom of the world (NZ) are used to being left behind, we arent even on many world maps :)

  3. Jess says:

    Thank you for the update Michelle. I emailed Harlequin/Mira’s customer service nearly 3 weeks ago now, about when we (Aust/NZ) could preorder the ebook, and never had a response. Fingers crossed for a better release with the next book, although I’m happy to get any book release from you when­ever the publishing gods allow

  4. Nicola James says:

    Thank you for your efforts!

  5. michelle says:

    The person who really deserves thanks here is Margot Mallinson, my editor. Not only for dealing with me in my increas­ingly fren­zied state, but for getting actual answers and action.

  6. kat1e1 says:

    You and Margo are both bril­liant — thanks so much for letting us know! 

    Sorry to put you in a state of anxiety over all this.

  7. kat1e1 says:

    Thanks so much to both Margot and your­self for following up and letting us know what was going on.

    Sorry to have put you into a state of anxiety because of it.

    It’ll be worth the wait of an extra day or two, I’m very sure. ; )

  8. kat1e1 says:

    Argh double post

  9. Kat says:

    Thanks so much!
    My audio book wasn’t avail­able until about 5pm since we live in the future over here. However, some­times books aren’t avail­able at all in the Australian store so waiting a few hours isn’t too bad in the scheme of things. (Not like I was impa­tiently hitting the refresh button or anything. Heh.)

    Melbourne peoples: Mino­taur usually gets the phys­ical books in without you having to special order. :)

  10. SueM says:

    Thank you to both you and Margo — Margo for her hard work and to you for your “fren­zied state”. While we Aussies are mostly resigned to being behind on new releases (often due to our diffi­cult publi­ca­tion laws), your care and thoughts are truly appreciated.

  11. SueM says:

    Yay! Just bought it! Thanks so much Michelle and Margot!

  12. kat1e1 says:



  13. Roschell says:

    Is cast in oblivion going to be avail­able in iBooks because I still can’t buy it yet? I keep on searching but it’s not there. 😞

  14. michelle says:

    @Roschell: Yes, it will be avail­able in iBooks. It’s not there yet — I just checked. Kobo took longer, as well, although it’s avail­able on Kobo now (which doesn’t help you, I know =/). 

    On my end, it’s usually the once that comes up last, i.e. if I upload a book every­where at the same time, iBooks is the last to go live.

  15. michelle says:

    @kat1e1: I’m glad it’s finally avail­able for you!

    But… the longer unhappy post was helpful in one partic­ular way in my house.

    The night before book launch I was fret­ting to my long suffering husband because I found it hard to do a happy launch day post when I knew a large number of people couldn’t actu­ally get the book yet. 

    It’s like throwing a big, public party, and then stop­ping all the Australians at the door and telling them they’ll have to wait outside. (Outside at the moment in Canada it is ‑15 degrees ignoring wind chill.)

    But it’s launch day. So there was a bit of back and forth about this (in other house­holds this would be called a disagree­ment or a debate).

    And then, you posted the longer post — the one that ended with “I need choco­late” which is a rallying cry in the book­store — and I read it out loud to him. He was surprised.

    Reading is, for me, a hugely emotional activity. I love my books and my authors, even if I have never met or inter­acted with those authors. If I feel zero emotional connec­tion to a book, it’s prob­ably not a book I’ll finish or remember. 

    My husband does read, but not quite in the same way. He would not shout NOOOOOOOOOO at the top of his lungs if he discov­ered that a book — Return of the Thief in this case — had been pushed back a year and a half. Ahem.

    So: It was illus­tra­tive, for him. Also: proof that my worries about readers feeling left out was not, in fact, just a figment of publishing day anxiety.

  16. jahalielolor says:

    oh i’m so glad i can get this now — as an australian i’m used to waiting, but thankyou for acknowl­edging us and thanks to Margo as well for following up. looking forward to reading the story <3

  17. michelle says:

    @Roschell: And it is now (finally) up at:

    iTunes Australia

    Kobo Australia

    Thanks so much for your patience, guys — I know that I, as a reader, find it hard when things like this happen.

  18. michelle says:

    @jahalielolor: I’m Cana­dian. I’m used to that, as well. In partic­ular the special prize draws that seem really fun or inter­esting… but end up, after one has finished reading about them, U.S. only.

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