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Social Distancing Journal: Short Story: Flight

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Before I talk a bit about the short story, I have conven­tion news!

Conflu­ence, a Pitts­burgh conven­tion, has decided to go on-line this year, shifting its name to C’mon­flu­ence. I have not done an on-line conven­tion yet, but I’ll be one of the on-line guests. I don’t have a lot of infor­ma­tion about what, exactly, I’ll be partic­i­pating in yet, but it’s free to register/join.

Today’s short story — on Monday, even — is Flight. It’s the second dinosaur story (there has been no third, and it’s not connected to the first one). The only thing I remem­bered about this one – before format­ting and proofing – was the use of two names, tuck­er­iza­tions of two real life people I knew from GEnie. I didn’t remember the actual plot, just flashes of scenes; I also didn’t remember how I ended it >.<.

The story can be read for free here (you can Save As to down­load it); it can be found at the usual places on the book page (not all of the links are live yet, though) if you would rather buy it.


7 Responses to Social Distancing Journal: Short Story: Flight

  1. Shrikant Trivedi says:

    Hi Michelle, is there any plan to continue the series beyond WAR ? Like finding Moorelas’ sword, facing the dark god, etc.?

  2. michelle says:

    @Shrikant: There is one final arc in the West universe — and yes to both of your ques­tions. I have sold DAW the first four books; I have not quite finished book one in that series — which is tenta­tively titled The Burning Crown.

  3. br60103 says:

    Michelle has sold 4 (count ’em four) novels in The Burning Crown. I think there will be less of Jewel in them. See the front page.

  4. michelle says:

    LOL! We were prob­ably typing at the same time :)

  5. Joey says:

    Gosh darn it! I can’t find the anthology this story was orig­i­nally, though I can totally visu­alize the cover! 

    Congrats on C’mon­flu­ence — hope that works out well for you. I’ve only been to one Conflu­ence. You were a guest at that one, weren’t you?

    Thank you, btw, for your thoughtful posts and comments. I was still thinking about your response to Stephen in Social Distancing Journal (SDJ) 15 when you posted SDJ (17): Power. And then SDJ 18. I defi­nitely read them in your voice. I liked a lot of your essay­istic posts on Live­Journal long ago, so am happy to see these.

  6. michelle says:

    @Joey: I don’t expect an on-line conven­tion will be the same as an in-person one; for one, it’s harder to trip over random people and start random discus­sions in the halls. But I don’t have a lot of zoom meet­ings (exactly two to date), so haven’t suffered the zoom fatigue that plagues most of my friends :).

    And thank you. I think it was you who said that the “voice” of the essays is different from the fictive voice, and that stays with me.

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