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I traveled to Brisbane, determined to finish Grave. Toronto to Brisbane is a long flight (or long, at least, in North American terms, and very long if one absolutely hates being on a plane, which your author emphatically does). On the first leg of the journey, I sat beside a young man who pretty much spent the entire flight to LA coughing. Or sleeping. Or coughing in his sleep. This did not fill me with confidence, but it’s not like I could get up and switch seats – these days, all flights appear to be full. I arrived in Brisbane after – yes – the longer of the two flights. (I almost wept when I checked ‘how much longer will … Continue reading 

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I will start with happy news first: I’m not a fabulous photographer >.>. I couldn’t make to to the RT convention, but they mailed the award, and I received it yesterday (I had it sent to the bookstore because someone is always there during the day). At the moment, it is sitting beside my computer, along with the birthday card I received from DAW (which would be: Sheila Gilbert, Betsy Wolheim, Joshua Starr, Katie Hoffman, and Briar (whose last name I can’t find >.>). This is all good, because: I have – for entirely different reasons, jettisoned the 55k words of Grave, and started it again. And then again. And then again. So: I am working, and have been working, on this … Continue reading 

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In the FAQ comments – which I’ve turned off because I didn’t realize that I was getting comments there, and of course, since I was unaware, I’ve been ignoring them – there was one I would like to address a bit more publicly (I’ve addressed it in email, because the reader was kind enough to send email via the contact form when I failed to answer a comment I didn’t actually see). Do you have a place where you accept dona­tions to the author? I tend to read books from the library or buy them used, which means that authors don’t receive addi­tional royalties when I read their works. I like to make dona­tions directly to the authors whose work … Continue reading 

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I seldom post about the Hugo ballot. This year, however, there’s one category that’s very relevant to almost two decades of my writing. I want to say a few words about one of the nominees for Best Professional Editor, Long form. That nominee is Sheila Gilbert, of DAW books. She’s been my editor at DAW since 1994. 1995 saw the publication of Hunter’s Oath, but of course she purchased the rights to that book prior to the publication. She read it, she made suggestions, and she offered me my first DAW contract. Hunter’s Death followed in 1996. And then I had the choice of starting something entirely new, or continuing in the same universe. Sheila and I talked about it … Continue reading 

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I’m asked, semi-frequently, to join Goodreads. I actually started this post as part of a FAQ I’m working on, but then it got too long to be useful there. (I know this will come as a huge shock to all of you.) So! Here it is. I haven’t joined Goodreads, yet. This is not because I don’t read – I do – or because I don’t want to interact with my readers – I do, obviously, which is why I have this website, my Facebook page, my Twitter feed and hopefully, if I can figure it out, my Tumblr. (There’s an “Ask me anything” link at both the top and the bottom of the Tumblr page, and it sends the … Continue reading