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Preview Chapter: Cast in Wisdom

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I have managed to fail to correctly step off a bus — on a day when there was no snow, no ice, no rain, and the side­walks were perfectly normal. Appar­ently I tripped over an invis­ible turtle on the way out.

I landed on my left elbow and knee.

This has, appar­ently, caused a compres­sion frac­ture in the elbow — although it must be minor because I was sent home from the hospital with an all clear, and someone phoned me 2 days later with a less clear – which is to say a phone call from an ortho­pedic surgeon letting me know that the intern on duty Monday evening missed a small compres­sion frac­ture in the elbow while looking at the X‑rays.

Every­thing is there­fore being done with one hand — and as I’ve not finished neces­sary revi­sions, this has slowed work down enor­mously. The timing is terrible.

I’m a touch typist. I don’t think about typing at all when I type. I think about the words and the sentences and the tone and the voice — but never about the typing. This… does not work well with one hand. At all.

So: panic and no, I’m not done Christmas shop­ping or Christmas prep.

HOWEVER: I was asked by Giusy for a preview chapter of the new Cast book, and yes, it’s that time of year. And someone might as well be less gloomy about the state of my writing than I am at the moment >.<

The first chapter is here.

34 Responses to Preview Chapter: Cast in Wisdom

  1. S.M.F. says:

    Oh no! D= /sends Healing Vibes

  2. julie terry says:

    I’m sorry about your arm and knee. Feel better!
    Thank you for the chapter 😁

  3. NixLee says:

    So sorry to hear about your predica­ment. It seems like Kaylin totally over­took your body in that moment. I could even see her as read your words. I hope you’re not in a lot of pain.
    Thanks for submit­ting the first chapter. It gave me a spurt of excite­ment (and joy) that I cannot describe. So looking forward to this book ‑and Severn’s. Really extra pump up to know that there will be more than one. I love him so much!

  4. Kira says:

    Sending massive healing your way!

    I too have tripped over invis­ible turtles and wrecked myself as well as strained my achilles tendon NOT falling while ice skating.

    I’ve also broken my rib sneezing too, if it cheers you up.

    I have the book on pre-order, so I’m super excited for Cast in Wisdom to come out!

  5. Carol Duffy says:

    Oh no! Sending all good thoughts your way. And thank you for thinking of us in the midst! 🎄 I have managed to trip over nothing more than, appar­ently, my own feet for what little comfort that may bring.

  6. Dan Pierson says:

    Oh no indeed! Sending yet more healing vibes and invis­ible turtle repellent.

  7. Nina Meyer says:

    I am so sorry you are hurting. The turtle s should wait their turn. Sending you healing thoughts. Thank you for the preview. I hope you have a Happy Holiday.

  8. Andrea D Smith says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Being injured is going to make it so diffi­cult to finish shop­ping, maybe Amazon 😊 Thanks so much for the 1st chapter.

  9. Crystal says:

    Gah What a way to end the chapter. I just finished my reread so I’m ready for more. Hope you get to feeling better quickly. It’s a sucky time to be laid up even a little bit.

  10. Joey says:

    Oh, no! Hope you are quick to heal! Did you get good pain meds?

  11. Julianne Single says:

    I hope you feel better quickly and ortho let’s you use you arm again. Know all about stupid injuries from random falling. Thank you so much for the preview chapter looking forward to the release have had the book on preorder since it was avail­able for sale.

  12. Seana says:

    So Sorry to hear about your injury! I have broken and dislo­cated my elbow (at the same time!) so I liter­ally feel your pain. I will say that once the arm is immo­bi­lized, it is still possible to do things, however, prob­ably not typing with any speed… :(
    Maybe you could try one of those speech-to-text apps and dictate some pages?
    Wishing you speedy healing and a joyous holiday.
    Thank you for the early Christmas gift of the chapter- I am so looking forward to this next book!

  13. Hanneke says:

    Thank you for the first chapter; I’m enjoying the antic­i­pa­tion waiting for the book to arrive.

    I’ve had a small frac­ture in my elbow, one with two small cracks but nothing broken all the way through.
    One crack was in the face of the joint itself, the other on the side, and healing bone produces a bit more bone than was orig­i­nally there. That meant the excess inhib­ited the move­ment of the joint, once the crack in the joint’s face healed. This is not meant to scare you, if yours is in the same spot, but to tell you that a small oper­a­tion to scrape the excess away was enough to regain the mobility in the joint.
    I was scared by it at first when I couldn’t bend my elbow beyond 90° nor turn it much, because I had an old ortho­pedic surgeon tell me I needed to learn to live with the dimin­ished mobility, or he could saw off the whole top of that armbone. A second opinion led to the small oper­a­tion to scrape off the excess, and that worked fine. So don’t let some old surgeon bully or scare you about it, and rest assured you can and will get your mobility in that arm and hand back!

    After three weeks I could start to hold a pen again and grad­u­ally use my fingers more and more, but it took six weeks for the bone to heal fully, and then later another couple of weeks for the operation.

  14. Steve Faught says:

    Rest, heal, enjoy the holi­days. We’ll all be here when your done. ❤️

  15. Charlene says:

    Amazing first chapter, finally a promo­tion! It’s great seeing Kaitlyn get some recog­ni­tion for her work. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the chapter before the holiday!!!

  16. Joyce Ronquillo says:

    Can I laugh at the invis­ible turtle while yet weeping for your predica­ment? When I cracked my left elbow falling off a wood­pile when old enough to know not to cling to the face of a pile of logs, I fell (no pun intended) back on a tried and true Southern tradi­tion, i.e., I depended on the kind­ness of strangers for the heavy lifting. It’s really too bad that won’t work for your writing. I hope your family can pull more than their share of the work for Christmas. thank you for the chapter; I am so looking forward to January. Heal fast.

  17. Vicki Ferguson says:

    Those darned turtles, always appearing where you least expect them! So sorry you tripped over one and messed up your arm. Typing must be a real b&*%h. Can you try the voice oper­ated typing? That might be the only way at this point, at least until the elbow heals. Geez, I’m really sorry! Hoping you heal well and fast! Bless­ings and a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

  18. Judy Dulle says:

    I’ve missed Kaylin and company. So looking forward to this book

  19. Zia says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your injury and I’m hoping your recovery is both smooth and speedy. Being limited to one arm is never enjoy­able and (at least for me as well) it tends to slow every­thing down because things I do uncon­sciously suddenly require thought because the previous method no longer applies.

    I hope you have a wonderful time during the holi­days despite of your injury! 

    Thank you very much for the first chapter preview! I’m really looking forward (as always) to the release, so I cannot wait to get to the end of January. Granted I also don’t really want any more time to vanish as quickly as it has been so I’m trying to decide how I can accom­plish both. 

    Happy holi­days to you and your family and I hope that elbow heals quickly and well.

  20. Anna Wick says:

    Rest and relax, it will heal faster. We can (barely) be patient, right? of course reading the first chapter made it a tiny bit harder. I see rereading in my future.

  21. Tchula says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you had a fall! A cracked funny bone sounds very unfunny. I hope you heal quickly and well, and have lots of help to get through the holiday season. Use it to get others to do tedious things like gift-wrap­ping – I know I would, ’cause it’s my least favorite chore this time of year. If it isn’t rectan­gular or square, it gets a bag, end of story, haha!

    I hope 2020 is a healthy and happy year for you and yours, and thanks for thinking of us with the early chapter! Merry Christmas!

  22. Karen L. Durst says:

    I did that. Slipped entering a Pizza Ranch. Had an impacted radial head frac­ture. Worked 3 weeks before it was diag­nosed. Anyway, they don’t cast those frac­tures, but you may need some PT to get full range of motion back. Be posi­tive, it will heal. Maybe get a dicta­tion system for your computer. Talk and let it type. And Merry Christmas!

  23. KScappace says:

    Thank you. I’m sorry about your elbow. I hope it heals well.

  24. I am so sorry to read this, and wish you speedy healing as well as a restful Christmas time after the holiday and a Healthy New Year.

  25. michelle says:

    @everyone: Thank you all so much :). The frac­ture is in a “good” place, according to the doctor; the wrist is not frac­tured so, in his opinion, the majority of the current pain is from radial motion and damaged soft tissue, ligament/tendon. But, given the frac­ture loca­tion, he felt that move­ment — WITHOUT WEIGHT, ahem — was neces­sary. No lifting for six weeks.

    Pain, appar­ently, will take three months to go away entirely.

    … I may have told him that he had one job when I entered the office.

    You have one job today. It is to tell me that I can type, and that pain from typing does not damage the bone. I don’t care what else is said – but you MUST tell me that.”

    Intel­li­gent soft tissue issues neces­si­tate way less typing when there’s pain — but… I’ve had RSIs before, and I know how to avoid falling off that cliff. 

    So: I am very late with revi­sions, and it’s xmas but I am now feeling more hopeful.

  26. Elizabeth Strick says:

    So happy to hear you got good news from the doctor.

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  27. Jo-Ann Pieber says:

    Well, the only silver lining I can see is that you Might take this as an oppor­tu­nity to go slower and Enjoy your holiday season? Prob­ably too much to hope for, but I do wish you’d not feel the pres­sure to meet all of our, your publishers and your own expec­ta­tions so keenly. I do fret a bit about how much you seem to push your­self. I know — I don’t ‘know’ you…and perhaps what I’m saying is too personal — but I Feel as if I know some part of you through your trea­sured writings…and like the Jewel that has been my constant companion for much of the past year (a re-read top to bottom, front to back…whatever), I am guessing you feel respon­sible in some ways for everyone. When injury and pain insert them­selves it might just be — time to focus on some­thing else? Take care of your­self. Enjoy your holi­days and the loved ones around you. I, and I really think I’m safe in assuming that ‘we’ the readers, really want this for you and we Will be here, yes Antic­i­pating with joy, but also Confi­dent that what you do write, when you can, will be some of the best writing we have ever read. That I think grants you the space or time or breathing room (or what­ever it is I’m trying to say) to focus on healing, focus on your­self and loved ones, and just… Being for now. Thank you for the priv­i­lege of sharing a bit of a your world — fantasy, real, and both. Happy Holidays!

  28. Elaine says:

    So sorry to hear about your fall and frac­tures! Invis­ible Turtles are more dramatic than trip­ping over the pattern in the carpet; the pain is still pain. Praying for rapid and complete recovery.

  29. Vance Marker says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been injured! Prayers for a very speedy recovery and no residual prob­lems arising therefrom!!!

    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a great start to the new year!!

  30. Bridgett McCain says:

    Thank you. Marry Christmas and I hope you heal completely and quickly.

  31. Melanie Allen says:

    Ouch! If they but a cast on it, you should be able to use your hand-fingers to type, not as fast but with both hands… hope you heal quickly and completely

  32. Tarun Ramakrishna Elankath says:

    That really sucks. Sending some good wishes your way. Where I come from it is not surprising to trip and fall from a bus since it is always hectic and the drivers are impatient.

    Some­times it is not unusual to trip over the tread-grips in those low-floor buses espe­cially if the grips are malformed and uneven. Check if that was the case. If so, then you need to mentally condi­tion your­self and give some extra vertical space to your foot step on entry and exit.

  33. Kitiara Trueflight - Green says:

    Michelle. You likely don’t remember me — though the time you replied to soemtjing I said I screamed so loud that my husband lost his hearing so did half my college class­mates. A joyous scream tho. He is used to a lot of those screams when­ever I see some­thing about you or your books.  — I printed that reply to me and framed it. Because you are my hero and I feel like you are an older wiser version of me. Your writing processes and the way your mind and anxiety affect you and your writing are so much like me that I wonder if you look in my window a lot lol. Thus you are my greatest hero because I feel a lot like a twin younger version of you, and you give me hope of being able to finish the books I’ve had in my head since I was eight but have never gotten fully onto paper. Anyway. I was immensely freaked out about your fall. Would you believe I had nearly the same fall about five years ago? It was raining and I’m natu­rally a clutz zilla. Anyway my husband was drop­ping me at the entrance to my library which might as well have been where I live because I spent more time there than at home. I didn’t realize how close to the curb I had gotten when he pulled up and as I stepped out my right foot got trapped between the car and the curb and I fell onto my right knee and arm. And that arm has three inches of muscle mass missing at the elbow from the car wreck I nearly died in in ’07. And a pinched nerve. The leg is also badly scarred . So when I fell directly on that arm and leg in the rain it messed me up for months. I tore some­thing in my knee Dr said. But in have autism tho we don’t know where I am on the spec­trum so I really didn’t under­stand his expla­na­tion. I do know I still even now have Tons of prob­lems with that knee. So when I heard you fell I know all too well how you feel. My husband also wanted me to tell you that he under­stands too. He’s heard me babble about you since our second year together (and we have been together ten years in may 2020) so he feels he knows you very well lol. But your my hero and I want to tell you that your in my prayers and I really hope you heal much faster than I did when i got a stress frac­ture in my left foot two years ago. Was my first broken bone and ever. Dr said eight weeks to heal. It took me eight months. So I realy hope you feel better soon. No one should have to deal with such injuries.

  34. Giusy says:

    I finally have my laptop back and can say:
    thank you-thank you-thank you
    you don’t know how much I love kaylin and how I start to jiggle as I stat reading a new book!!
    Happy New Year

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