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I have mentioned else­where that I’m more than a bit behind, and I’ve been working steadily in the hopes of digging myself out. I love writing. I love being able to write for a living. But writing is an inher­ently creative process; it’s an art. Being able to write for a living neces­si­tates the melding of the creative art with profes­sional neces­si­ties, and some­times, they don’t co-exist in an entirely optimal way. I am a big, big believer in the butt-in-chair school of writing, but I’m also aware that some­times the fifty thou­sand words I’ve just written do not work. I try not to consider them lost time — but the truth is, they are. When I reach a point where the words do not work for me, I have no sunk … Continue reading 

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First: Joey Shoji has mentioned here and else­where that there’s a cover for Silence posted else­where on-line, but only in thumb-nail. I will be doing a post — and uploading the cover image — later this week; possibly later today, depending on how the writing goes. And now onto the report: Cast in Peril is off to my editor at Luna; I finished and submitted it late last night. Peril was diffi­cult for me, in part because I real­ized at about 130k words that there was no way the events in the West March were going to be resolved in one book unless I threw away most of the 130k words I’d written by that point – because, well, there weren’t nearly enough words left. Unfor­tu­nately, most of those words are plot, and … Continue reading 

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I will be attending the World Fantasy Conven­tion in San Diego this year. It’s a slightly different conven­tion than the norm, and while I’ll be partic­i­pating in the big Author Signing (it’s usually Friday night), I won’t be on panels. I will be wandering around the conven­tion, though. I will also, the day before WFC starts, be attending an informal meet-and-greet with a number of other authors at Myste­rious Galaxy, on Wednesday the 26th of October. Since WFC has been sold out for months and months (Neil Gaiman is the Guest of Honor), if you are in and about San Diego, come say hello :). And the Audio Book News When I was at the Word on the Street (and knocking over pizza boxes — it was an acci­dent because … Continue reading 

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I have just finished speaking with Khris­tine Hvam Kies, who is the narrator for the Cast novels in audio book. Or at least the narrator for the first one. So: people who were wondering who the narrator is, it’s her :). We had a long discus­sion about pronun­ci­a­tion of names, and the tonal quality of the various char­ac­ters and their speech, so I’m looking forward to the results. Memory of Stone has been proofed and the entire set of six stories and intro­duc­tions should be typeset within the next ten days. At which point, I will finally have a page count total, and after that, a cover for a print-on-demand version (page count equalling spine width, without which a cover can’t be final­ized), which has been … Continue reading