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Cast in Flame Release Day!

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It’s July 29th, 2014, and that means — in theory — that every store and on-line site that’s ordered my books should have them in stock.

This means that Cast in Flame should be avail­able for anyone who wants to read it.

In this book, the idea was that Kaylin would have to deal with normal life: in partic­ular, the normal life that involves finding a new place to live (although it’s true that most people don’t lose their old places quite the way she did).

I had the idea while working on Cast in Peril, and wanted to write a novella about the apart­ment hunt. Because I thought it would be short enough. But by the end of Cast in Sorrow, I real­ized that there were compli­ca­tions, and compli­ca­tions don’t actu­ally make for short books, so I folded the apart­ment idea into the complications.

I hope Cast readers enjoy it!

Cast in Flame red


ETA: Please, please don’t post spoilers in the comments on this page. As a reader, I person­ally don’t mind them — but to some readers they are book-destroying poison.

126 Responses to Cast in Flame Release Day!

  1. Marie says:

    Started reading and love it already. I am trying to read it slowly since its going to be a long wait until my next Kaylin fix. Thank you!

  2. Zia says:

    I absolutely ‑loved- Cast in Flame. I would go into detail, but that would spoilers, and I cannot do that to anyone. That being said I spent my day after getting off work from the first, and then the second job, picking up my copy of Cast in Flame from Amazon because I got it today, and then driving the 50 some­thing miles into town to grab Cast in Flame from Barnes n Noble since I need two copies and it seems fair to give the book­store a shot as well. 

    Thank you for writing it, and I am looking forward to Cast in Honor!

  3. Michael says:

    Deliv­ered at midnight by Amazon. Thank you, thank you! I’ve just barely gotten beyond the preview you gave us a few weeks ago, and I’m already feeling sad that it’s going to be over too soon and I’ll have to wait a zillion years for the next one. Smile? Cry? Both? :)

  4. michelle says:

    I have to ask: why do you need two copies? (As an author, this does not in any way make me unhappy, btw; I’m just curious).

    Cast in Honor isn’t finished yet >.. I wish that we could write as fast as our readers could read! 

  5. Farrell says:

    I am loving Cast in Flame! I am hopeful that there are plans to have Khris­tine Hvam read it for an audio. I down­loaded and listened to the series this spring (preparing for Cast in Flame release), she does a wonderful job with the reading.

  6. michelle says:

    So, yes, there is an audio­book, and yes, it’s the same narrator — but I don’t think it goes on sale until August 1st (I can’t find it on audible yet).

  7. Zia says:

    For several reasons actu­ally. It is slightly embar­rassing to explain, but I’ll give it my best effort.

    1) Because I am very, very odd and this series is the one thing I can honestly say I am slightly and proudly addicted to. I enjoy other series, but none of them cause me to be as excited.
    2) I happen to like the first copy editions best and since I tend to reread these books constantly they have a habit of falling apart so I keep 1 in case the first one falls apart and I have to replace it with a regular paper­back one later on.
    3) I do try to get other people inter­ested in the series so I like having two copies to allow one on loan to people and on the off chance it never comes back or comes back damaged I still have the other copy.
    4) I have a love/hate rela­tion­ship with the Barnes n Noble in my area. As a result I call to make sure they are a) getting the series in on time and b) actu­ally aware the book is coming out since they didn’t use to carry the series and I there­fore feel honor-bound to buy one copy from them since they got it in. I do, however, also want to support Amazon because that company has been vastly more helpful so I buy a book from them as well.
    5) I really, really like this series, and as a result buying even two copies makes me feel like I am supporting ‑you- as the author in the very small way that I can. Since you’ve taken the time and effort to write some­thing I enjoy so thor­oughly I like being able to save up and buy the two copies I get annu­ally because that’s one small thing *I* can do, and other­wise I can’t really do very much. 

    I also follow the House War series and the Queen of the Dead series, but I confess I only have 1 copy of those books…well 1 copy in book form. I do have them on Kindle as well. I am working on even­tu­ally getting the entire Chron­i­cles of Elantra series on the Kindle as well, but that is a work in progress.

  8. Valeri S. says:

    Read it in one siting! fortu­nately, I’m on vaca­tion so I could give it a go as soon as it was deliv­ered on my Kindle.
    I absolutely loved it, but now I have to wait, some­what patiently for Cast in Honor… any idea on when it should be released?
    Well, now I’ll just have to re-read the entire serie again to help me wait…

  9. Valerie R. says:

    I completely forgot this was coming out so soon! Ordered the book right after I saw this post. I love this series, I only recently started reading them about 6 months ago, and I already have the entire series up to date on my shelf I love them so much. I can’t wait to read this next install­ment, and hope the wait won’t be too long before the next one!

  10. michelle says:

    Don’t be embarrassed :).

    I have five different hard­cover versions of the Lord of the Rings; I have multiple versions of various Terry Pratchett books, and also multiple copies of other books I’ve read and loved. I mostly have them because:

    1) If one falls apart, I won’t hyper­ven­ti­late because I have an emer­gency back-up 

    2) if I meet someone I think will love the book the way I love it, I can hand a copy over, and not stress about whether or not it will be returned — some people have libraries that eat borrowed books, but the books still have a good home.

    3) If the book goes out of print, it won’t matter as much.

    I was just wondering how much overlap there was in reasoning :D.

  11. Love the series I hope that the budding rela­tion­ship with Night Shade gets nixed. However I am blind an I have to wait. For Audible​.com to put it up for sale. Antic­i­pa­tion is killing me

  12. controuble says:

    Not started reading yet because all I got yesterday was the email saying my order was shipped. I hope I can finish it before I leave for Loncon — trade is too large to take along.

  13. Puawai says:

    I know this might be a ques­tion that’s been answered some­where, but I’m new to your blog (and reside in New Zealand). But is there a release date for a Kindle, eBook format?

  14. Addy Rae says:

    Received my copy from Barnes and Noble on the 24th. They shipped way early! I’m trying to read slowly though, so I can savor things. :)

  15. I read it yesterday, and reread parts this morning before work. I have two phys­ical copies and one digital copy. :) I will give one of the phys­ical books to someone who will enjoy it, and put the other on my shelf of Michelle.

  16. Zia says:

    Oh my good­ness how neat! I admit I had a moment’s panic when you asked me why I had multiple copies and the whole ‘do I dare answer?’ ques­tion had my hands frozen on the keyboard for a short time period. I’ll admit Cast in Flame is already on the Kindle as well so that’s one less I have to put on it. 

    As for Cast in Honor — when­ever it’s finished I will still be happily waiting. If authors could write as fast as their fans could read I think I would have a house of books and little more which would prob­ably cause a problem at some point. 

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    Sort of wish it had been slightly longer as now I have 500 ques­tions, but that’s what the fun of a series is — for me at least. Having multiple ques­tions and seeing which ones get answered later on in a book either directly or in a round­about manner, seeing which ones I can figure out on my own, and of course the list of ques­tions that never get answered that I just stare gloomily at in hopes I can forget them. However even those are fun to have around as well.

  17. Spoiler Inside SelectShow
  18. Zia says:

    Thought I should clarify on the last post. I sort of wish the exchange between those two char­ac­ters had been longer — the book could have been as long as it wanted to be ;)

  19. Mariam Zama says:

    Have never commented below, but had to chime in and say that I pre-ordered it, and actu­ally received it Thursday after­noon, then had it finished by Friday morning. Loved, loved, loved it, and now am very sad that I have to wait for the next one.

  20. JJ says:

    Not sure if this is the best place but…
    Book Question-
    How did the mirror commu­ni­ca­tion system find Teela if she wasn’t home?
    Is it person based?

    I’m only a few chap­ters in but enjoying it immensely so far.


  21. Chris says:

    Finished. Loved it. Will be taking it with me along with my other Cast books to LonCon3 and plan to see if I can hunt you down to sign them. ;)

  22. Shadowkindrd says:

    A fun read, as usual, and omfgwtfbbq the last 25 pages or so! Love Kaylin and her crowd of friends. Thank you. And espe­cially thank you for the acknowl­edge­ments at the end. I like it when I find out authors struggle with the same issues I do when picking out names. Makes me feel less alone, given that I hang out with a lot of writers who have no problem with using place­holders. *hugs*

  23. I Hyland says:

    I read your spoiler without thinking. Then I was fortu­nate enough to get a call from my book­store to tell me that a book I had ordered had arrived. Guess what, it was Cast in Fire. 

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    Thank you
    Betty Hyland

  24. Sharon Brodbeck says:

    Been really thrilled so far but only about half way through. Darn real life!Had to laugh at some of the snark comments so far from the characters.

  25. Terry says:

    Any idea when Cast in Flame will be avail­able in audio format (other than on CD)?

  26. Dena Vogel says:

    Love the Chron­i­cles of Elantra series. Got the e‑book on Tuesday and will start after I finish the book I’m currently reading, Pamela Sargent’s The Shore of Women. How many do books do you even­tu­ally intend for this series? Have you started writing the next book and when do you think it out?

  27. Jo says:

    I’m in the UK waiting impa­tiently for Friday 1st for the Kindle version to come out. Amazon are ship­ping the paper­back now but with delivery times I’ll wait for midnight tomorrow to get the e‑version.

  28. Love it! Finished it and going back to reread it (again, and again and.…). Of course, always diffi­cult waiting for the next book ;)

  29. michelle says:

    I *think* the kindle version for New Zealand would have to come via the Australian version of Harle­quin — and I honestly do not know if they’ve picked it up >.. I will ask. 

  30. Lesa T says:

    I love it!!!!! I ready to read Cast in Honor. :) You are such a great, no excel­lent writer. I’ve got to find a way to share you with my third graders.

  31. Leah Herman says:

    Is the audible version delayed?

  32. Lesa T says:

    I must spell check or focus more. :) You did a great job with Cast in Flame.

  33. Chelsey H. says:

    I usually buy 2 copies as well, 1 in paper and 1 ebook, mainly so I can get the paper copy signed when I come to Toronto ;). Haven’t started it yet since I had to work all day but I will defi­nitely get a good dent in it tonight. :)

  34. michelle says:

    I think the audio book comes out in August, rather than at the same time as the paper­back — the release date, of July 29, counts, in publishing terms, as an August release.

  35. Hilda says:

    I so agree with Zia. I have your books in double copies. The orig­i­nals are tied with rubber bands. And now I’m starting to put them in the Nook too. I have read them so often. I have also owned thou­sands of books, and recently starting to donate them. There isn’t any more room in my house. Put them in boxes and call different char­i­ties. None of yours is donated, but I do talk about your books to rela­tives and friends. They see me with them. I also explain you have written a lot of incred­ible, excel­lent books. I’m never disap­pointed. Flame is excel­lent; and the story moves on. I think they are also very appro­priate also for pre-teens, so I intro­duce them there to grand daughter and great niece. They are “readers”.

  36. Anne says:

    While I love the series there have been some points that confused me.1) If Tesla’s mother was their only child. So they loved, spoiled and wiped away her tears, how could the wardens mother be her moth­er’s older sister?
    2) How could Kaylin refer to the deaths of 38+2 chil­dren the first time and three or four the second time as ‘a dozen chil­dren died including two I loved’? Several or dozens would have seemed more accu­rate since she would not lessen the loss since she still knew all their names from the larger group.
    3) The first time small and squawky entered castle Night­shade he bit Lord Night­shade and breathed a cloud of chaos. Kaylin may have mortal memory but she is unlikely to forget the first time he exhailed. Her shock at seeing Night­shade’s anger towards the little guy and it returned both looking terri­to­rial was a screen I found fascinating
    I have finished Cast in Flame and half way through it again. I always get the Kindle then Audible version.
    Reading it places in my long term memory and I find myself always wondering what if.
    Audible takes a story that is in my mind and heart and trans­ports the char­ac­ters there. Even Margot, love her hair.
    It is the glitches that I find that make my mind do more of the what it’s. They make me believe Ms. Sagara did allot more of the what it’s and how can I get them to do this? Than we will ever know.

  37. Tasia says:

    Yay! I’m so excited to get ahold of this book!

  38. Laura says:

    Great job, Michelle! The home Kaylin finds surprised me but is quite appropriate.

    I had been listening to the audio books in prepa­ra­tion for Cast in Flame and i see you planted a few hints in earlier books for various things in this one, such as Castle Nightshade.

    I wish there had been a little more Severn, whose secrets I find intriguing, but with such a large cast of char­ac­ters some­thing has to give.

    The only race you haven’t yet used as the main one in a novel is the Aerians. Do you plan to put them in the spot­light in a future book?

  39. Rei says:

    The moment I received an update from kobo that the book was avail­able in my library (I pre-ordered it when it was ‘avail­able’ online), I knew I couldn’t put it down. Some parts were like emotional roller-coasters for me, but bore with them and hung on to the end. there were funny bits that I simply had to re-read to enjoy.

    Now that I’ve finished the latest book, I will say the ending is most defi­nitely a cliffhanger!! I’m antic­i­pating for the next!! Don’t make us wait too long!!

  40. I preordered via Kobo and they will only send the epub to me tomorrow. *sigh* I’m an idiot, espe­cially since I saw that there was another option of buying the book from them yesterday (no idea how that works :P).

    Anyway, I HOPE you’re still going to London! I should be there, unless I get run over by a bus or some­thing — currently final­ising the flights, already having booked the hotel months ago.

    You and Andrea Höst I really, really hope to see. Every­thing else is just gravy ^^. 

    Also, don’t worry, I’m much too worried about bad first impres­sions to be as exuberant as I come across here. I’ll prob­ably be tongue-tied and lurk around the edges first.

  41. Now I know what happened. MIRA will only give the book to me tomorrow via Kobo, but Harle­quin Mira would have sold it to me yesterday — however they didn’t offer a preorder at the time I preordered :P

    … I may just have to buy another ebook copy ^^

  42. Tricia says:

    Can you please let me know when the kindle version will be avail­able in Australia? I love this series so much & can’t get hold of it at the moment!!

  43. Stephanie Hauser says:

    Loved “Cast in Flame”! Wished it was longer, about 800 pages ;) or a million. Your creations could never be too big a book for me. They are so good you hate for them to end.

  44. Eva Gronroos says:

    Finished reading and have re-read my favorite parts. I now think that it was too long ago that I read some of the earlier books.…I will do that and try to curb my curiosity for cast in Honor.
    Thank you so much for a great book!!

  45. Christy Malloy says:

    Awesome book and awesome series! Thank you for sharing your books.

  46. Farrell says:

    I just finished. Loved it! Now back to reread. By the way, I loved The Name!!

  47. Mary C says:

    I have already read Cast in Flame. I love the book. Now I will wait a few days and then read it again.

  48. Gen says:

    Do you know when this will be avail­able in audio­book? I am an audible member and am antic­i­pating the launch of it to Audible. I have the kindle version already which I am reading but the audio­book helps a lot. Thanks for writing this series and keep up the wonderful books.

  49. michelle says:

    I thought it would be the 1st of August, as that’s what’s been done for the previous book — but I don’t expect it now until mid-august. The narrator, Khris­tine Hvam, is recording it now. So it is defi­nitely being produced — but, umm, now.

  50. Gen says:

    Yeah I had hoped that it would have been like the previous books and been within a week or two of the launch. I am glad to hear Khris­tine Hvam will be reading it. I love listening to her read­ings and with these books it’s even better. Well at least we are both in the dark together :) Thank you for replying so quickly to my post as I know your very busy! I am a big fan of the series.

  51. Zia says:

    I just ran a search to see if I could find a date, and I found 1 site stating it would be on sale August 12th? Not sure if that will help or not, but I thought I would see what I could find out.

  52. Gen says:

    Yeah, Tantor lists it on their website as August 12th but I was specif­i­cally asking about Audible​.com. It is likely the same copy but gotten through Amazon. Here is the link to Tantor’s version:

  53. Zia says:

    Ah I misread, sorry about that >.< and that’s not the website I went to though so if it’s showing on up multiple websites ‑maybe- it will be out around the same time on the one you’re seeking it from.

  54. Gen says:

    We can hope. Audible puts it in their own format so it can be used in their app. However, since Michelle is hoping the middle of the month and Tantor says the 12th, I am going to guess I will be able to get it at that point. Guess I will continue reading the kindle version until then lol.

  55. Aaliya says:

    Loved whee this book closed, really encap­su­lated how so much happens in such a short span of time for Kaylin. The book is basi­cally two days! Phew, makes me wish a good nights sleep for the poor girl!
    Anyway, just wanted to ask one thing, do you envi­sion picking the next book up straight after this one(that would mean Lord Diar­mat’s etiquette lessons)? Or do you see it started perhaps a little later so that Mandoran and Anno­rian get better ‘adjusted’?

    It truly is a stand out series that keeps you capti­vated and opti­mistic. Which is what I love, so many series related books like to stack the odds against the primary char­acter, and that is just too melo­dra­matic. I love how, better or worse, Kaylin conquers her trials one way or another.

  56. Ruth says:

    I loved Cast in Flame so much! I really can’t wait to read Cast in Honor — do you have a tenta­tive release date?

  57. Bronwyn says:

    I have all your books in e‑version and stalk your site to see when the next one is out. Buying anything that is not “main­stream” in Western Australia is a night­mare. I would either have to wait until it is released in Aus then order from the eastern states and pay the same cost again in postage or order from Amazon US, wait several weeks and hope that AusPost doesn’t lose it! Thank you so much for releasing the Kaylin update in ebook.

  58. Skip Maslan says:

    I see Cast in Flame on audio CD but will it not be out in MP3 on Audible?

  59. Earle davis says:

    2 copies one book form and one e‑book. That way I never will be without one in the future. Can read it on my phone if I have to or am without the book or kindle. Like where the series is headed(I think anyway) and its great to see her grow up. Thanks again for a great series and the same for the house series also.

  60. cbedford says:

    Love, love, love Cast in Flame!! No pres­sure, but I need my Night­shade fix. Please don’t dawdle with Cast in Honor.

  61. Tim Bowie says:

    I am reading Cast in Flames, and am loving it. The hunt for an apart­ment is fun so far. I’ve no doubt I’ll love the rest of the book, but I’m taking my time with it much as one would go slowly with a gourmet meal.

  62. michelle says:

    The next book picks up shortly after this one ends. Because I did leave one strand hanging. About which, I will say no more, because I don’t want to spoil.

    To be fair: I think the reason books become stacked against the primary char­acter is that the stacking itself creates tension for that char­acter, and that approach does work because it makes every­thing less predictable. In a fantasy series — as opposed to, say, a mystery contem­po­rary series, there’s more room to create tension/story around the main character. 

    That said, as a reader, I hate it when all gains and forward growth are lost in subse­quent books; I find it really depressing. I can, and have, done that in other books, but tonally, that’s not what the CAST books are for.

  63. michelle says:

    I did ask, and I was told that they were re-uploading the book to amazon; some­thing must have gone wrong with the upload, as the ebook is avail­able on iTunes, etc., etc. So hope­fully, it’s now avail­able; the lack was a glitch, not an intention.

  64. michelle says:

    Some people — usually the impor­tant ones — can choose to have the mirror network network follow them, in a kind of uber call-forwarding. Kaylin cannot afford to do this.

  65. michelle says:

    I’ll be there for all five days of the conven­tion — and this reminds me that I should post my schedule here >.

  66. michelle says:

    I know a lot of writers who have no prob­lems with place­holder names. But I also know a lot who can’t write with them, either. It really is true that there’s no one way to write a novel — the only thing that counts at the end is the book itself :).

    That said: people who read acknowl­edge­ments, yay!

  67. michelle says:

    Else­where in this thread, someone said 12th August, and I don’t have a firmer date than that — I know it’s being done. I’m assuming that the CD is a preorder, rather than an instant ship, at this point.

  68. michelle says:

    I have started writing the next book; it’s not finished yet, though. It will prob­ably be out the same time next year >.>

  69. michelle says:

    I admit that I like it when parents & their chil­dren both read the books :). Than you.

  70. michelle says:

    I’m hoping that the kindle version is avail­able now — appar­ently, there was a glitch of some sort in transfer to Amazon. (The book was avail­able in other venues, like iTunes, etc., so it should have been avail­able on the kindle at the same time). Hope­fully it’s there now.

  71. Andrea Smith says:

    Audio didn’t come out on the Aug,1 and I’m still not able to pre-order on Audible. On amazon there still isn’t a date to be release but you can pre-order. Ive called both places they are unsure when it will become available.

  72. I keep checking Audible, but it’s not showing up yet…going through with­drawal waiting. :)

  73. ElizabethN says:

    Love love love Cast in Flame, already on the 4th? 5th? re-read. Can hardly wait until the situation(s) develop more in Cast in Honor next year. Fingers crossed for another July release and not August or September. 

    Looking forward to the audio­book in late August or Sept, will have re-listened to all the previous audio­books by the time it’s released. For someone who’s re-read all the books in the series multiple times, it’s amazing what all catches my atten­tion when I’m listening to the audio­book. When your memory isn’t the greatest, every­thing is always shiny and new.

  74. Zia says:

    I promised myself this wasn’t going to bother me and unfor­tu­nately it is both­ering me. Is Kaylin 20 or 21. Last book she was 21 now it seems like she’s 20 again?

  75. michelle says:

    Sadly, this is just me being stupid and no one else catching it on the way through to book form =/.

  76. Zia says:

    Ah okay, well I don’t think it’s you being stupid — as the author you have a lot to remember. I’m sorry I had to ask as I didn’t really want to bring it up but it has been both­ering me and I there­fore decided I would have to ask.

  77. Aaliya says:

    Night­shade? I must confess that I’m a bizarre fan of his. But anyway, thank you for another excel­lent installment

  78. And so I did and much enjo­jyed it ^^. And for some reason they suddenly couldn’t get my preorder to work — maybe because the book then already was in my Kobo library? So I didn’t have to pay double either.

    Kudos on how you handled the housing and meeting situation ^^

  79. Andrea says:

    Actu­ally, I’m sort of wondering if they cele­brate birth­days like we do. Would we ever see her birthday? :)

    I’m glad for the home hunting. I think it (overall) went well, and… I think it can be a nice ‘neutral’ ground for certain things.

    Poor Marcus!! (Among other things.) About how long will it take for the next book to be released? :(

    Thank you for the book.

  80. Barbara says:

    This series is wonderful. I was a teenager fresh out of high school when I first picked up Cast in Shadow. I like to think that this series helped me grow up. Ten years is a long time to spend reading books. .… You mentioned a novella in a reply, the main ques­tion I have for you is would you write one from the perspec­tive of Severn? I almost feel as if he could have his own mini series of novellas from his time in the wolves. .…. Cast in Flame is wonderful. It makes me feel like Kaylin is finally growing into her “skin”. Though, they still treat her like she is going to insult anyone within earshot of her opening her mouth they are trying harder to under­stand her and help her under­stand her posi­tion. Thank you for sharing your talent, time, and imag­i­na­tion with us. I hope to read more from you over the next ten years!

  81. Sean says:

    Cast in Flame is, to quote my niece, “absolutely redun­cu­lous” (spelling?). I seri­ously do not under­stand the majority of the language the young­sters use nowa­days but I know that saying means some­thing flip­ping kicks butt.

    Excel­lent book. I love the story and the devel­op­ment of the overall story­line. Of course, the bad news is that now I can’t wait for the next one…

    And so the waiting (and the re-reading) begins…

  82. Tchula says:

    Funniest book in the series, Michelle! Great job! I can’t wait to see what happens in Honor! :-D

  83. Myrna says:

    As a great Fan of yours, thanks again for a marvelous book. I also got it from Barnes and Noble early, I had preordered it so was able to read it in almost one sitting. I am now rereading it.
    As a 76 year old reader, I must say, your Cast In books are some of my most enjoy­able reading. Thanks!

  84. Elizabeth S says:

    I second the request for a short story from Severn’s point of view! The things that poor man must be thinking as he follows Kaylin! And finding out more about his time with the Wolves is a very intriguing prospect.

  85. Amanda says:

    Just finished Cast in Flame and my only complaint is that I want more. There are so many char­ac­ters that I have come to care about in this world you created and I always want to spend more time with them. Though I have a feeling I would still feel this way if you added 500 pages to the book. Anyway looking forward to Cast in Honor.

  86. Gen says:

    I asked about Audible format as well. it looks like it might be out August 12th since that is when Tantor has the release date but prob­ably towards the middle of the month.

    From Michelle on August 1st:

    I thought it would be the 1st of August, as that’s what’s been done for the previous book — but I don’t expect it now until mid-august. The narrator, Khris­tine Hvam, is recording it now. So it is defi­nitely being produced — but, umm, now.

  87. Jessie says:

    I too am waiting for the Audible version.

  88. controuble says:

    Finished it yesterday and I see up-thread that you are coming to Loncon — I will have to make room in my luggage so I can get this one signed, too. :) You know where to find me, right? In the Art Show most of the time.

  89. Sivi Sivanesan says:

    I feel exactly the same way which is why I started rereading the entire collec­tion before I start sorrow, and I’ve ended up bringing theof the books ‑silence, chaos and ruin to oz with me on holiday so that I can get closer to starting sorrow-it’s worked great as I’ll have flame to go straight to :) but it works the other way as I did that last time .I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to find Michelle a loncon3 on Monday the 18th as that’s the only day I can make as I fly back from oz that weekend!

  90. David Y says:

    Every time Michelle adds 500 pages to a book, her publisher prints it as another book.

  91. Michael says:

    Which is as it should be! Shorter and more frequent works for me.

  92. Cano says:

    Some things have been bugging me slightly… what is Kaylin’s moth­er’s name? First it is Tara then it is Aver­naya. At first I thought it was a first and then a last name, but fief chil­dren gener­ally don’t have last names and I would think that Kaylin back in the fiefs would take her moth­er’s last name.

    Also, do we ever find out what happened to the Barani from Cast in Moon­light who loses the eye? Or at least it seems as if he loses an eye along with the child…

  93. Jewls says:

    I absolutely LOVE this series! 

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    Thank you Michelle for writing such a wonderful series.

  94. Debbie H says:

    Love the book immensely. Read it so fast I got whiplash. Rereading again after listening to the whole series, again. I wish Audible would have released it same as print. Does that effect how sales are counted? I would have thought it impor­tant to release print and audio at the same time. I always buy both print and audio. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us. I am really looking forward to the next book. Missed one of my favorite char­ac­ters — the one who was missing. Thanks again.

  95. Talisha says:

    I bought Cast In Flame last night, right after I read the post saying it was out. I finished it a few minutes ago, yeah, I know it is quick, but I couldn’t put the book down. I was laughing and exclaiming all throughout. The last chapter though.…LOVED IT & exactly the type of inter­ac­tion I had hoped for. Looking forward to many more. Great job Michelle! I can’t wait for Cast In Honor. I also can’t wait for the next install­ment to the House series.

  96. Donna says:


    Hi Michelle, I wait each year with antic­i­pa­tion for the next install­ment of Chron­i­cles of Elantra. Your books are fantastic, which is what every fantasy novel needs to be! I am in awe of your ability to give us a complete book each year when you are also living your life, writing other novels, etc. I also wanted to throw my support behind Nightshade.…I’m hopeful Cast in Honor develops his char­acter even further. He’s a deli­cious char­acter, very complex and even though he seems the complete oppo­site of Kaylin, ruth­less, self-serving and unfeeling where she is naive in some ways and emotion­ally open to the point of destruc­tion, in some ways they seem alike to me. I love all char­acter inter­ac­tion in the books, but I really love the Barrani, espe­cially Kaylin and Night­shade and the High Court too. You are a great writer Michelle. You give me another thing to look forward to at the end of my work day, a wonderful fantasy world to escape in.

  97. Deb L says:

    I spread the reading of this book out over a full week. I was on holiday in Spain the day the book came out so I had to find a wi fi access so I could down­load it. I had it on pre order for months. I check Barnes and Noble every few weeks for the next book so I can pre order. I am proud to say I love the books so much I did not cheat to the end like I do on so many books. I did not want to spoil it for myself and I won’t spoil it for others. Awesome. I love thinking about what will happen next and where the story will go. I always get a few surprises that I love and never would have guessed.

  98. My entire family is hooked on the series. I read it out loud for the hubby and my daugh­ters (teen and tween) are reading them on their Kindles. LOVE the series and cannot wait for the next book! Thank you for creating the world of Elantra!

  99. Gen says:

    It still seems that the Audible audio­book is not avail­able even though it was released on Tantor Audios site on 08/12/2014. I do not want to get it from tantor because the rest of my chron­i­cles of elantra series is in Audible format. It is now the 15th and Audible still does not have the book avail­able. Is audible not going to get the book? Would it be possible to get infor­ma­tion when Audible might have the audio­book format avail­able? I love the series and trying to get through the kindle version but it’s a slow process. The audible version would help with this. Keep up the great work. Thank you for looking into this.

  100. Mary says:

    I checked on the Amazon site, and it says the audio book even in CD mp3 hasn’t been released yet. In addi­tion, I went to order on the Tantor site and the buttons still say pre-order. It makes me suspect some sort of delay in release, but I don’t see any expla­na­tions anywhere. It also makes me feel glad so many other people are wanting the audio book as well.

  101. Ashley says:

    I know that cast in flames is out directly from Tantor as an MP3 version, but has anyone heard yet on the audible​.com?

  102. Mom says:

    I love your Elantra series! The only bad thing is waiting for a year between publi­ca­tion dates. The Cast in Flame was terrific! I just wish you didn’t have to cut off where you did. Now I have to slog thru another whole year before I find out what comes next! Aaaargh! Right now I am reading my kindle version to my husband a chapter at a time, having read it to myself first, of course! He always complains that he doesn’t want me to quit, ‘in the middle of the action’, but the action goes on for another 10 chap­ters and there is really no good place to stop and have a breath. He just has to endure until I can read to him the next night. Some­times I take pity on him and read to him in the daytime, (we’re both retired), but that only moves it forward another segment. When we get to the end of Flame, he’s definitly going to be upset!

  103. Mom says:

    I under­stand spending 10 years with a book series. My husband and I spent 20 years hanging in there with David Eddings first series. We read that one out of the covers about 5 times. All of our 5 chil­dren read it too and grew up with the series. This is defi­nitely a series to hang in there and wait a year to see what happens next. Michelle is a fantastic author!

  104. Mina says:

    I must admit that I now simply buy and give copies of books I love to friends after one friend returned a book I had lent them looking like it had been sat on by an elephant and dragged through a swamp back­wards. I would have been ashamed to give someone a book back to a friend in that state.

    My husband also decreed that we have enough books in our small flat (I had resorted to double rows on my book cases) and bought me a Kindle. So I now buy most books in elec­tronic form but I do keep paper copies of special books (like my illus­trated “Lord of the Rings” or the entire set of Nevil Shute books which are now back in print after having been out of print for a couple of decades).

  105. Mina says:

    I’m on my second read of Cast in Flame. I usually zip through really quickly to see what happens, then I calm down and go for a slower second read to enjoy the details. I work as a trans­lator so I love the whole thing with True Names (I have a visual memory and I can relate to “seeing” the names). I have also moved around a lot so I can relate to wanting a “home” in the way Kaylin does. And I like that Kaylin ends up with a home which is unusual enough to suit her and her companions. 

    I do feel a bit slow on the uptake because I’ve only just realised that the Barrani names being taken from the lake and returning to the lake is a form of reincarnation! 

    I love the complexity of this series (it some­times takes me two or three books to get some of the ideas, like the names in the lake) and I find that Sagara writes like a sociologist/anthropologist for the universe she has created. Tolkien would have approved. And I approve of a multi­lin­gual world in which there is no “universal trans­lator” and you have to learn other languages to talk to other races, or you don’t under­stand a word. The linguistic details are nice, such as the fact that you have formal and informal Barrani, that different languages have different images, etc.

    Thank you for so much fun!

  106. David says:

    Is there a problem with the Audio­book version? Ordering from Tantor is now open but showing CD versions (MP3 & Audio) only. No down­load format. Still not showing on Audible.

  107. ~B says:

    Tantor are the best to ask about when it will be on Audible since they’re publishing this one and have to make the files avail­able to Audible for them to put it on the site. It could be like some other publishers where they hold off sending the book to Audible for a week or two in the hopes you’ll buy it direct instead of waiting.

    Tantor titles usually do show up on Audible so person­ally I’ll be waiting for that.

  108. Michelle, I’m not sure if you and Tom were staying longer, but here’s the hotel-shuttle-to-Heathrow service which my hotel recom­mended to me — they don’t have their own website:
    Then there’s the booth I found at Terminal 5, which told me I ought to have preordered via the web, but the nice lady let me pay per cash anyway and I was able to book the drive in and the drive back right there (our first driver was perfect, the second one was a a cata­strophe and I’m so glad we arrived safely) at 39 pounds

    Safe back home now. ADORED seeing you, but I think that was obvious. I hope I didn’t stalk you too much, though. Thanks again to Tom for letting me … I guess basi­cally rant at him in many ways. Thanks for the inscrip­tion in the book, although I my motives are prob­ably less pure than commu­nity support. I’m just self­ishly trying to facil­i­tate the most people reading all the authors I enjoy, so they get encour­aged to write more and I get more books to read.

    By the way, Andrea Höst stayed at your hotel and talked to you and Tanya Huff! Also, maybe your first book by her should be the Medair duology, because that was nomi­nated for the Aure­alis Award in 2010 and is also adult fantasy (basi­cally only the Touch­stone trilogy and And All the Stars are YA science fantasy, the rest of her books are adult fantasy, so far).

    I bet this comment will go into spam. *sigh*

  109. Erinsie says:

    I’m also checking daily for the Audible version! I have a credit sitting and waiting.…

  110. Gen says:

    Me too. Been waiting almost a month lol!

  111. Gen says:

    Sent an email to Tantor to see if they can answer this since they now offer it on their site. Audible always says it depends on the Author and publisher. If I get any news I will post it on this post since so many people are also waiting for the audio/audible version.

  112. Guess it didn’t get through moder­a­tion after all T.T… just the follow up comments.

  113. ~B says:

    @Gen, I sent one too so hope­fully at least one of us will hear back.

  114. t n says:

    IT in audible now

  115. Gen says:

    Woohoo! I just saw your comment right as I was going to Audible myself. Thank you!

  116. Gen says:

    It’s avail­able on Audible now as said below :)

  117. DebbieH says:

    Finally down­loaded Cast in Flame from Audible. Already read the print version, but really enjoy listening (so I can actu­ally get some­thing done while reading).

  118. Nina says:

    Today :) yay!!!

  119. Pennie says:

    You’re not the only one. I’m strangely fasci­nated by him as well. I never really thought of myself as liking the “bad boy”, but I have discov­ered over the years that I do have a tendency to like them — in fantasy, not so much in real life tho. I’m always wondering what he is up to when he’s not part of the story. Thus I am extra excited about Cast in Honor, in hopes that it will contain major Night­shade content.

  120. Kitiara green says:

    Oh my god Anne McCaf­frey and Brian kaques…tolkien and c.s lewis were my heroes growing up…I’ve always loved writing and I prac­ti­cally eat fantasy and SciFi books I just can’t breathe without. Its so amazing when I found your books I had never heard of you or the series. Your book cast in peril caught my eye on the “new” shelves by the door of my library. I took it home and tracked down the rest. That was three years ago. I am FINALLY buying all the books and oh my god I totally would get more copies. Maybe later because I do cry and hyper­ven­ti­late if my books mess up or get lost. I wish they were in hard­back! Hard­back lasts so much better! As of now (I buy one every month so I’ll have them all by the time of cast in honor’s release) I have cast in: shadow,secret, fury(trying to get them in order but had prob­lems finding court light), and I’m buying silence next month. Oh! And I have flame xD I want to meet you at a conven­tion so bad…I never got my dream of having Anne McCaf­frey comment on a book I wrote…or sign one of her books for me but in the past few years you’ve become as big a hero to me as she is and I would die to meet you and get some books signed. Ive never been to a conven­tion and wouldn’t know how to find one that comes to Tennessee USA or at least very nearb . Ppl think I’m. Crazy with how obssessrd with books I am espe­cially yours. I think its a sign of honor to the author because your books caught my fire imag­i­natio . Lmao tho I feel like you’ve “looked in my kitchen window” as they say on account of I’m very like kaylin which makes me love her all the more. And I relate to her dilemma over sevrn And night­shade. I wish I had a book­club to discuss the books with because Its driving me crazy trying to decide which one to root for!!! Lo . And I am very much like the Arkon when it comes to books so I love him too. Him kaylin and sanna­balis are my favorites. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Please don’t stop at honor lmao I think I’d die of grie .

  121. scott says:

    To put it bluntly. I enjoy your books so much that while i only have kindle copies. Uk doesnt like us paper­backs . if you finished. Honor tomorrow and and i had time to pre order it and then anoth­erthe next day tou still couldnt write fast enought to feed. My book addic­tion so so them at your own pace and keep writing also . does hope bound­him­self to kaylin will­ingly does that mean hes not as tied to her ie he could fly with the avians while she does paper­work or does he stay close

  122. Shanon T says:

    I always end up rereading the series when a new one comes out. I even reread the prequel. Because it’s awesome how some small detail in 1 might show up 3 or 4 books later. Or some­thing I didn’t quite catch the first few times suddenly clicks.

    Just finished Flame because well I reread the entire series as I said. And oddly am thinking of rereading this one again right away. I just don’t want to leave that world right now.

  123. One very impor­tant thing about your Elantran series that makes them so special to me is that I read them over and over. All of your books are about the story. It gives them a time­less quality. I have never been disap­pointed in your stories.

  124. TanyaS says:

    A ques­tion that’s been bouncing around my head from the very first of the Elantra books:
    Being some­what of a pre-gunpowder weapons fanatic, I was very curious regarding Severn’s weapon. Is it based off of a real weapon, or did you create it off the top of your head? If so, how did you come up with some­thing so (for lack of a better word) awesome?

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