GRAVE book day!

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Today, Grave is officially out in the wild. Book Three of The Queen of the Dead, it’s available in hardcover. I’m both nervous and excited because the series is finished with this book. Grave is longer, by about 55k words, than either Silence or Touch. But everyone expects the last book to be longer, right?

I went into the store and signed the copies that arrived, and I’ve stubbed my toe on the boxes in the hall (author’s copies – I swear stubbing my toes on a box is how I know a book is real). I can sign/dedicate books if you order them through the store – but as we’re not amazon, the postage is not cheap =/.

The Audio book, narrated by Alexandra Bailey, will be available as well.

This time, however, while the physical book is not available except by the usual ordering from North American bookstores/online stores, the ebook will be available to those of you who don’t live in North America. In the US and Canada, the publisher is DAW, and you won’t notice a difference. If the non-North American ebook is not yet available, it’s on its way and should definitely be available before the end of the 7th, which is technically today (I’m writing this at 2:15 a.m. on the 7th).

Silence and Touch are also available as ebooks in non-NA markets.

The books have different covers (I really like the DAW covers), so they don’t look the same. The contents, however, are (with the exceptions of US spellings). These covers were designed and executed by Tiger Bright Studios, and I really like them, as well.

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  1. Zia says:

    Absolutely loved the conclusion to this series. I loved the series as a whole (which is no surprise), but I really liked how Grave ended. I’ll have to pick up a book copy when I have time, but I got the e-book and enjoyed reading it last night. Thank you for writing it! Thank you, thank you! I hope things are going well for you at this point in time. Those 3 different covers are also nice too.

  2. @Zia: Thank you for reading it–I admit I stress out a lot more when the book is published late (which was entirely MY FAULT, not DAW’s), because there’s always this fear that people will feel “I waited this long for *this*”, and not in the good way.

  3. @Ralph: You have a physical book :). (Shipping for actual books start early so the stores can have them for release day, but ebooks release on the actual pub date.)

  4. Daniel Catudal says:

    Michelle, I just received my ebook and will as usual just run trough it once and then reread to savor every bit of it. I loved those characters and cannot thank you enough for all the energy you spend for our enjoyment. Thks a million and take care.

  5. Hilda D. Rodriguez says:

    Michelle, how can I order Grave from your store so I get a signed copy. I unable to do so, I will order it from Barnes & Noble.

  6. @Kick: 1. Thank you :). 2. It’s hard to discuss that without spoilers, so maybe give it a week or two and I’ll try to answer more thoroughly.

    Suffice it to say that attempt three introduced Reyna’s viewpoint, which actually was necessary.

  7. Tchula says:

    Just finished Grave, and most of a box of tissues. I lost it at Nathan’s “Let me.” Well done, Michelle, well done.

  8. @Tchula: Thank you. Really – thank you. The worst part – for me – while writing is actually what Emma said to Chase. I was at the coffee shop, and, well, weeping >.<.

  9. Tchula says:

    I can see that. Overall, I felt it was an emotionally powerful book. You must be relieved to have it finished. Some heavy stuff in there, but very moving, although I’m sure it must have been draining to write.

  10. br60103 says:

    Grave has not shown up yet in the big chain store in town. Their computer shows no copies in nearby stores (but I can order it).
    Same situation for a Mercedes Lackey book that came out in December (but I got that in Bakka).

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