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I just received email from Audible​.com, and I’m posting to share it. The publi­ca­tion date for the audio­book of Oracle is June 23rd. I’m sorry that it wasn’t published simul­ta­ne­ously with the hard­cover release — that was prob­ably my fault. The revi­sion process was more compli­cated than usual, and it took longer =/. Infor­ma­tion can be found here. You can also pre-order at the link. The narrator is Eva Wilhelm (who also narrated all of the previous books in the series).

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Cast in Flame is the first of the Cast books to be published by Tantor. It was avail­able as a down­load from Tantor directly; it is now avail­able from audible​.com as well. It does not appear to have gone live on iTunes yet, but I’ll be checking and will add live links to the book page when they appear. I had a great time in London for the Worldcon. One of the best things about conven­tions – and most of the reason I attend them – is to talk to my readers. In London, I met people I’ve known on-line for almost two decades (and I may have, in one case, squeaked “You’re the lawyer!”); I know I spoke with Estara for a while before I actu­ally looked at her name tag. People intro­duced … Continue reading 

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It’s July 29th, 2014, and that means — in theory — that every store and on-line site that’s ordered my books should have them in stock. This means that Cast in Flame should be avail­able for anyone who wants to read it. In this book, the idea was that Kaylin would have to deal with normal life: in partic­ular, the normal life that involves finding a new place to live (although it’s true that most people don’t lose their old places quite the way she did). I had the idea while working on Cast in Peril, and wanted to write a novella about the apart­ment hunt. Because I thought it would be short enough. But by the end of Cast in Sorrow, I real­ized that there were compli­ca­tions, and compli­ca­tions don’t actu­ally … Continue reading 

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In theory, release day for Touch was the 7th of January. I say in theory because this only applies if you are not North of the border. We still don’t have copies at the store. But! The book has begun to make its appear­ances on book­shelves in the wild! So I am posting this a little bit late >.>. Touch is avail­able. I’ve added links for the audio­book and the ebook (the inac­tive links are Kobo and Google, but I’m certain it will prop­a­gate out to both). In a week or so, I’ll post a more active spoiler thread — but this isn’t it :). Someone on face­book (whose name is Joey) posted pictures of Touch. I actu­ally haven’t seen the finished book yet (I may have mentioned that it hasn’t arrived … Continue reading 

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It’s a little on the later side because I am packing for Worldcon, but Cast In Sorrow should be avail­able in the wild, deliv­eries and orders willing. The ebook should be avail­able at all ebook sellers as of today; at least one person has said their library has it. The audio book, however, is not yet avail­able. My publisher said, in response to my panicked email, that Audible​.com will be releasing the book, but a bit later (in September). I’m sorry about the delay >.< (Edited to add: from Laura in comments below: The audio­book is now avail­able.) I am actu­ally writing this on my iPad at the book­store, because of course the books arrived here just after I’d left for the day yesterday, and I won’t … Continue reading