Cast in Flame is audio book is available now, plus Worldcon & Spoiler thread

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Cast in Flame redCast in Flame is the first of the Cast books to be published by Tantor. It was available as a download from Tantor directly; it is now available from as well.

It does not appear to have gone live on iTunes yet, but I’ll be checking and will add live links to the book page when they appear.

I had a great time in London for the Worldcon. One of the best things about conventions–and most of the reason I attend them–is to talk to my readers. In London, I met people I’ve known on-line for almost two decades (and I may have, in one case, squeaked “You’re the lawyer!”); I know I spoke with Estara for a while before I actually looked at her name tag. People introduced themselves who lurk, rather than post – and that was also good.

I also met authors I had never met in person – Sarah Rees Brennan comes immediately to mind, and kind of stays there, larger than life; I played Gloom in front of an audience, instead of talking on a panel; I got a lot of exercise I wouldn’t have gotten if I had stayed home and struggled with writing (largely because the convention centre was very, very, very long, and I was in a hotel on the wrong end of it).

And now I am desperately behind in email and everything else, but: audiobooks!

Also: If you are more comfortable talking about the book on the web-site, this is the thread to do it in. No one who hates spoilers should read any further.

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  1. Sivi Sivanesan says:

    From a readers perspective it was great meeting you at Worldcon too. As my first convention it was really fun to attend and the panels were great, so one to bookmark for future years when its (hopefully) in easy travelling distance. thanks for the clarification on how you pronounce Bellusdeo’s name :)

  2. controuble says:

    It was lovely seeing you and Tom again at Worldcon. See you next year in Spokane. Hopefully they can schedule your kaffeeklatch against something other than our busiest time in the Art Show…

  3. Nina says:

    So exciting that CiF is out in Audio book now. I love the performance of the story but I couldn’t wait until it was out so I always buy both (e-book and audio versions). I wonder though, how come the audio book is so far behind in release than the e-book version?

  4. Caroline Mersey says:

    Great to meet you too and have the chance to chat. I shall lurk (stalk!) no longer, and treasure my signed copy of Battle :-)

  5. michelle says:

    I think – and I may be entirely wrong about this – that it was in part delayed so that we could have the same narrator – she started work on it at the beginning of August. I haven’t actually asked her; I just know she started then because she mentioned it on facebook. And I was happy to have her continue to narrate these books – people love her narration.

  6. Nina says:

    I know I definitely do. And I’m happy to wait if it means KH will be performing it. I just get crazy waiting because the story is so incredibly amazing and KH brings it to life in a way that I just can’t by reading it on my own.
    Your story, your characters, her performance of it. Perfection all the way!!

  7. Kat says:

    For some reason Audible in Australia only has the first 3 books and now the newest book. At first glance I thought the audiobook cover was very Hobbit romancey which cracked me up but then I realised it wasn’t a Hobbit door but was reminiscent of the ‘normal’ cover. What are people’s thoughts on the audiobook cover?

    I’m still waiting for one of my copies to arrive as it got lost along the way or perhaps inadvertently left off my order. One was for a friend’s birthday so I had to give her that one (drat!) and then borrow it off her. Luckily she is a fast reader!

  8. Coral says:

    I was a (tad) miffed at the minor delay from Tantor but the recording copy on Audible was up to the normal very high quality sniff! Only bad part was watch my Mom try not to spoil the book as she just read it.

  9. Alan Witty says:

    I have read Cast in Flame twice , can’t wait for next book, Cast in Flame opens the door for all kinds of adventures, just thinking out loud.

  10. Em says:

    Who can I send begging letters to for audio books in my part of the world? The first three and Cast in Flame are available to South Africa through Audible, but the others are not.

  11. La Femme says:

    So I delayed in buying Flame simply because I knew I would be heartbroken by the wait after I finished it, but I finally could not stand it any longer (after re-reading the ENTIRE series) and now as expected I will sulk until I know when I can look for Cast in Honor.

  12. Sivi Sivanesan says:

    I did the exact same thing as Le Femme and I imagine a good many of the readers of the Elantra chronicles: I only finished the re-read and now Flame 5minutes ago., I have now joined my fellow travellers in the wait until Honour. Flame was a great book and I loved the closing scenes of Flame. Thanks for writing it.

  13. David Y says:

    No, Sivi, you now get to re-read the Hunters/House Name/Sun Sword/House Wars series because that’s coming up first.

  14. HILDA D> RODRIGUEZ says:

    David, you are telling Sivi to start with the other magical series from Michelle. How I envy anyone who will be starting now discovering all of Michelle’s books. I’m now in the “when, when, when will the next one come?” Michelle this time hasn’t given even a hint. I’m like a maniac; I search every possible place I know trying to see a hint. I go to Amazon, B&B to see if they, at least mention it to order in advance. NOTHING…… I imagine it must be giving Michelle lots of trouble. Or she has 500 pages too long already which will need to be cut down. I hope one day she will give us a collection of the pages she cut out of books. It will be a best seller. So for Sivi, if you haven’t yet read those other books from Michelle, you are in for one of the best treats in life. Take it slowly, but be advised: you will become addicted.

  15. Hilda says:

    Has anyone seen anything from Michelle since August 22? I hope everything is going well with her, and she is just busily writing.

  16. Sivi Sivanesan says:

    I’ve not seen anything, but hopefully all’s fine and she’s either on a well deserved holiday or busy writing

  17. Zia says:

    Just thought everyone might want to know that according to Amazon Oracle has a release date of May 5th 2015 now :)

  18. Stephanie Hauser says:

    Wonder why Cast in Flame wasn’t nominated on GoodReads? I wrote a vote in in SF and YA SF and Fantasy.

  19. Agustine says:

    It’s nearly end of November now and still no words from Michelle. I hope all is fine with her. >.<

  20. Laura says:

    I have been listening to the Audible edition and something struck me that I overlooked in the book. Ynpharion says, “There is some part of the Consort who carried the weight of our names, no matter how briefly, in every one of us.” Does that mean some part of Kaylin now is in the Barrani names she freed? If so, how might that subtly change the Barrani who receive those names, or even their society?

  21. Rereading again!!!!! Love your books!!!! Do you sell eARC’s like I can get on I buy them then the electronic copy then the paper copy of Great authors like you!!!!!!!

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