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CAST IN HONOR release day

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510l0kPq4FL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_Today is release day for Cast in Honor.

For some reason, I thought it was the 27th, which is not today. This is the state of the writer’s brain =/.

This isn’t a spoiler thread, as the book just came out — I’ll start a sepa­rate spoiler post in a few days.

In other news, I have finished the first draft of Grave. I am working on War and Cast in Flight, and neither of those books is trying to murder me, for which I am profoundly grateful. I have just received page proofs for the mass market of Oracle, and am revising Grave for submis­sion to my long-suffering (more long-suffering in my case than any author should have any right to expect) editor, Sheila Gilbert at DAW.

And yes, I know I never did put up the cut Sigurne section, and I apol­o­gize for that. Grave ate most of my writing life for far too long. I will try to get that done after Grave is submitted and is not, for a few months, entirely my problem >.>.

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  1. Got mine! Will add trade pb to my stack in a bit…excellent thanks­giving present :)

  2. Having “Cast in Honor” pop up on my Kindle app early today was like getting a Christmas present early!

  3. I have just started Honor. I love the slightly changed voice. It feels like the atmos­phere of the story is different, in a growing and maturing kind of way. You used family names for Teela, Taine and Moran, and that is a first? At least as I recall. And the Winding Path! How cool to have a new place in the story. And then Gilbert. Very nice, Michelle — very nice.

  4. Almost forgot…thank you for the butterflies :)

  5. Tchula says:

    Yay, I’m happy you’ve been able to finally get through a draft of Grave! You must be so relieved to get it done right before the holiday rush! :-P

    Amazon has shipped my copy of Cast in Honor – I get it on Kindle, too, but I like to read the book first in paper­back if I can, in case there’s any weird format­ting issues with the ebook. Hope­fully I’ll get it today or tomorrow. Congrats!

  6. Zia says:

    Congrats on finishing a draft on Grave! Hope­fully things have settled down for you a little bit. 

    I got Cast in Honor (copy #1) yesterday evening and absolutely loved it! Thank you for writing it. My kindle copy arrived this morning and my second copy should arrive today as well.

  7. lensaddiction says:

    Not avail­able on Kindle for me in NZ

  8. Melinda says:

    We Australians have to wait another week for our Kindle release — but it will be worth the wait.

  9. Michael says:

    Just finished. (Not a speed reader — got an early copy a couple of days ago cour­tesy of Amazon Vine.) I enjoyed the book very much. The ontology gets a bit heavy, but I suspect that the fan base is nerdly enough to take that in stride. I have to wonder whether a publisher not known for deep thoughts (Harle­quin) knew what it was getting into when it signed you up! Anyway, thanks for strug­gling through to keep the story going!

  10. SueM says:

    Yes, worth the wait, but frus­trating all the same, lol!

  11. ElizabethN says:

    Got it. My darling spouse drove our whole trip so I could read.

  12. Mich Li says:

    A perfect end to a very long day of meet­ings, argu­ments and discussion.

  13. David Youngs says:

    Thank you Michelle. I’ve had mine for nearly a week (and the store had copies out on the shelf as well). I may make comments after I re-read it. Kettea is a bril­liant girl.

  14. Stephanie Rahl says:

    Just finished Honor. Then wrote 2500 words for my nanow­rimo project. So good. Still desperate for more Night­shade. As usual. Does it say some­thing that his morality seems totally reason­able to me?

  15. Frankiikii says:

    My copy just arrived this after­noon~!!! Best surprise coming home. X3

  16. brenden11 says:

    got Kindle release and then got the book 14 hours later. Read Kindle
    first and finished it up by the time the paper­back got here so I could read it again in real paper​.No spoilers-loved the story-line add all sorts of different plots lines to get every body’s brief atten­tion span and away we go. Good job on the story. only problem now is the wait for cast in flight a year from now. Hope I’.m still around to read it. Loved the book A+

  17. *is happily reading away* So nice to be able to get up in the morning and down­load the .epub right away ^^ — no waiting for the postman.

  18. Sharon Brodbeck says:

    Yes, I noticed the family names too and had not remem­bered seeing them before.

  19. Sharon Brodbeck says:

    Finished the first rad through last night and am starting back more slowly today. All I’ll say, “Is Elantra going to survive another Kaylin story in Cast In Flight”?

  20. Raeann Schurter says:

    Started it late last night (internet connec­tion issues) and counting the hours until work day is over. I listen in my car to and work and am hoping for a long traffic jam today! You may have addressed this and I just missed it.…but is there a possi­bility of the Sun Sword series being released in Audible version? I think that is usually a “publisher” deci­sion but I was just wondering. I LOVE listening to the books and my mom (who is 73) can’t hold books anymore. She is the one who intro­duced me to your Elantra series by the way. Thanks and I love your blog!!

  21. Charissa says:

    I absolutely loved it — as I have loved the whole series. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  22. Alan says:

    I enjoyed the book but it felt rushed towards the end, which robbed it of some of the pay off, and I think the blurb is a bit misleading.

    Just in case you’re arguing with MIRA about length. I would have liked slightly more space for you to flesh out the conclu­sion and reactions.

    In other news, I was ambiva­lent about Severn previ­ously but at this point I really want him to go date a non-kaylin girl and get over her. He’s an inter­esting char­acter, just the tension feels forced.

  23. tal13nDiana says:

    I loved the story but was a little disap­pointed only because I thought this book was to deal with the reason Night­shade was made outcaste (I still think it was because of kaylin, after all he had been waiting for her for a very long time). I don’t see why she can’t have both, Severn and Night­shade! What I would really like is a list of all the different colour eye shade for the Barrani, or at least all the different ones that have shown up to date, it’s hard to remember the rarer colours and it can help to under­stand the situ­a­tion at the time. Like sky blue, or the purple/lavender that Night­shade showed to Kaylin.

  24. Skadi says:

    Gener­ally I lover my home country… but having to wait an unde­fined amount of time till the book is finally shipped hereis really taking a toll on me.

  25. Bee says:

    Oh, I totally agree with you about the list! Because of the tone when we first encoun­tered purple, I never could decide on what it meant I totally forgot about the sky blue! I was thinking the whole time I was reading Honor that it would be great to have a master list of the colors. Maybe I’ll make my own when I start the series over again after the first (I reread the series every year leading up to the new book). I was craving a good deal more Night­shade in this one. Even with the direc­tion the books are going with Night­shade’s view of Kaylin, I still prefer him to Severn!

  26. Bee says:

    Have you tried checking Google books? I was able read the first 3 chap­ters about a month before the book was released before I started hitting cut sections. It helped hold me over on the later release date. :)

  27. Misha says:

    There actu­ally is a list of Leon­tine, Barrani and Dragon eye colors on the forums :) It’s in the section Things for & from Michelle, in the thread called Reference.

  28. Skadi says:

    Yes, I did… still it’s hard. Well the book arrived today so I am very happy right now :D

  29. Alisa Stein says:

    Had two buy two copies… one for me (kindle) and one for my hubby and my son (paper­back) to mini­mize fighting. Lots of lost sleep while reading.… I need MORE!!!!

  30. HIDA says:

    Ordered it months ago from Amazon in book form with first day delivery; and the Nook from Barnes & Noble to have it imme­di­ately. Amazon messed up; sent me an email saying there was a problem with the Kindle delivery, for me to provide them again with my K number. Diffi­cult to get back to them and let them know (all by computer) I have no Kindle, that I ordered my BOOK with one day delivery. It took 2 days but I got with free delivery. So Amazon came through; but I’m over­whelmed here, so haven’t finished it yet. Can read only at night. Is it my impres­sion that it’s the more serious/profound/complex book in the Cast series? Needs to be read slowly. Very inter­esting so far.

  31. Vinn says:

    Dear Michelle,
    cast in honor is a wonderful book — once again. There is so much truth hidden within this story.
    I would like to use this oppor­tu­nity to let you know one thing of which I am not sure if you are aware of it: the German trans­la­tions of your books are simply horrible. Honestly, if I would have read the trans­la­tion first, I would not be “hooked” now. These trans­la­tions do not do your books justice!!!!
    Kind regards,

  32. Mark says:

    I always read the cast series from the begin­ning when­ever a new one comes out. It actu­ally gets better with each read. Although i don’t always manage to time it so I am ready to read the new book the night it comes out anymore, the cast series totally made my thanks­giving weekend.

  33. Ann says:

    I have just reread the entire series again, and had forbidden my self to even think of starting Honor before finishing the series, and finally this morning in the bus. Fantastic series, I love the complexity of the char­ac­ters and the depth of the world. Tonight I will start reading Honor, and I can barely wait to get home from work.

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