Holiday post: excerpt from ORACLE

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I finished Grave, as I think I might have mentioned. I have not finished the submission revisions, which I thought would take two weeks, max. Unfortunately, other deadlines, one stomach ‘flu, and the holiday season – I thought it was still, somehow, November on December the 10th, which tells you everything to need to know about my realistic relationship to the Real World (TM) at the current moment – have conspired against that. I’m about half-way through the revision. I’ve been changing every second sentence, which is not actually as helpful as it sounds.

I have also been working on both War and Cast in Flight, and I am having so much fun with both of them, because it has been so long since I’ve been able to work on a book that doesn’t fight me every sentence of the way toward the end.


Back in May, I said I would post the excerpt from Oracle, which was entirely Sigurne. As you can see, it’s not exactly May. Or any of the months that follow May (until December). Did I mention I finished Grave? And that it was the fourth start-from-page-one iteration? Yes, I’m whining. Moving right along…

I had thought about maybe taking the core of this excerpt and turning it into a novella and self-publishing it. But. Well.

It’s the holiday season, and I have been a not-very-communicative author at all in the past way too many months, and so:

Sigurne. (<– This is a link to a .pdf).

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  1. Carol Duffy says:

    Thank you Michelle! Happy Holidays to you and your family and may the Writing Gods be kinder next year.

  2. merie says:

    Thankyou Michelle for all your hard work. You makes us all happy.Looking forward to ‘War’ .
    Have a wonderful Xmas with your family and friends

  3. Chris G. says:

    It’s well in advance of May 2016, so we *might* say that you are very early indeed. That seems to me a most satisfactory course, and if all others are agreeable, then let us proceed thusly. :D

    Meanwhile, thank you for the excerpt (as well as the overall update of course), and if it ever does appear as a novella then I’d be happy to purchase it, just let us know.

    Please take care, and have a happy New Year.

  4. Mike D says:

    Thanks and all good wishes for the future.

    ==If they will be lead, lead them—but lead them away.==


  5. Lara B says:

    Thank you for this generous offering. When you have time and energy, should you decide to publish this as a novella like you did with Echoes, I’d be happy to purchase it! =)

    Take care and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish for you many good things, including chapters that flow smoothly onto the page rather than ones that are cantankerous and obstinate.

  6. Zia says:

    Thank you for posting this! I’m looking forward to reading it when I get home. I hope you get some time to yourself soon to enjoy the holidays.

    I’m glad you get to enjoy writing some of the books ;)

  7. Lisa says:

    Your writing has the grace of poetry!! It combines the earth and wind and I too listen to the voices under it all. Thank you for your gift and may you have a blessed year🎆

  8. Tchula says:

    Wow, now my Christmas will be even merrier! Thanks for working so hard for us. Now go enjoy the holidays with your lovely family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :-D

  9. Arlene says:

    Hi Michelle

    I know I’m whining. Sorry, please forgive me.
    Back last April 10 blog you mentioned that you have some cut chapters from Cast In Honor that you would post. I think that would be a lovely Easter treat for your readers. Please. Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

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