Memory of Stone and Other Stories

by Michelle West

It's been a while since I promised a print version of the six Essalieyan short stories. I'm really sorry it's taken this long; the entire process gave me a whole new appreciation for what publishers actually do. But: it's finally available!

In the Hunter Kingdom of the Breodani, the golden-eyed son of Bredan is born to the Lord and Lady of Maubreche. In their lands, at the heart of the Maubreche gardens, a living tapestry, carved across the Maubreche hedge-maze, is about to reach its end with the boy’s birth. But Stephen is a Hunter Lord by birth, and he must find a huntbrother and make the oaths to his god in preparation for the future war that waits him — if he survives.

In the Free Town of Durant, Cessaly, the daughter of a farmer and his wife, hears the voices of wood, stone, metal and fire; she works in their language, creating small items–and large–as if those voices contain a story only she can tell. She is makerborn – but more, she is the most significant maker born in a generation.

In the fabled Reach of the Guild of the Makerborn, in the heart of the Empire of Essalieyan, the Artisan who now rules the Maker’s Guild is about to meet an apprentice he will envy, resent and grow to love as the shadows that grow over the whole of the Empire – and the Kingdoms beyond – promise war, cataclysm and death.

Their stories are here in two novellas, Huntbrother and The Memory of Stone, along with four additional short stories. This is the first time all six of the Essalieyan-related short fiction has been collected in one place.

The book contains the six published short pieces that take place in the universe of the West novels: Echoes, Huntbrother, Warlord, The Weapon, The Black Ospreys and Memory of Stone. They’re stories numbered 1 – 6 in the ebooks I self-published in 2011.

At the moment, it’s only available at, but in the next 6 – 8 weeks, it will become available for order on-line, and I’ll add links as they become relevant.

Trade paperback published July 2012 by Rosdan Press
ISBN 978-1927094129 • 300 pages • Cover art by Jenn Reese
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