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A short story of 10k words, orig­i­nally published in Tarot Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Green­berg and Lawrence Schimel. 

Shelagh was a mother, living in a small home, on the edge of the rest of her life with a husband she adored.

Now, she lives alone. Her husband remains conva­les­cent in a care facility, word­less and unable to walk. All of the promise of life, of future, is gone, and she wants no reminders of the past — but she finds one: a pack of care­fully hand-crafted Tarot Cards that she made for him on a long-ago day when the future seemed to matter.

Those cards are one of the few remaining things that bind them together — but to what end?

eBook published July 2020 by Rosdan Press • Cover art by Anneli West
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