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Novella of 21k words.

The Guild of Makers has long been the most powerful guild in the Empire. Gilafas ADelios, the man who rules it, is there­fore one of the most powerful men in the land.

But he has never been confi­dent in his ability as an Artisan, and he is unpre­pared for the newest entrant into the Guild of Makers — a young girl from the Free Towns whose is so profoundly talented she may rival the legendary ability of the guild’s founder.

On the eve of the failure of the two great arti­facts given the Kings centuries past, the fate of the Empire rests on the shoul­ders of an uncer­tain man and a girl who can hear the voice of the stone in the tower of Arti­sans — if they survive.

This story takes place in Aver­alaan, in the Empire of Essalieyan, the universe of Michelle West’s novels.

eBook published August 2011 by Rosdan Press • Cover art by Anneli West
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