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Orig­i­nally published in Enchanted Forests, ed. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Green­berg. A short story of 9k words

A young man is visiting his sister at her cottage — in the middle of a bitterly cold winter. Who does that? He doesn’t partic­u­larly like cottages, he’s not fond of nature when it’s not contained in planters, and he’s not a fan of the cold.

But he’s here, in a winter forest, with his sister … and sham­bling corpses that seem to follow him wher­ever he goes.

What happened here? Why are they after him? 

ETA: For people who come from the mailing list: I’m sorry — I linked this page twice instead of the post that has the down­load of the .pdf. So: the story is here.

eBook published June 2020 by Rosdan Press • Cover art by Anneli West
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