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I have been writing pretty consis­tently in my home under my rock, which is where I often live. I miss the two days a week at the book­store, because that’s where most of my social inter­ac­tions with other adults actu­ally took place – but I’ve been attempting to use that time to write. Instead of, you know, worry. The best thing about the book­store for me is the ability to recom­mend books to readers I think will like them. This isn’t just a recom­men­da­tion, though — I always ask for three books (or more) that the reader has really loved first. It’s my attempt to trian­gu­late. I’ve been mulling over different ideas of how to speak into an entirely different wilder­ness, because we’re in this together, even if we … Continue reading 

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First: Mira is having a small sale on the ebook version of Cast in Shadow (1.99), Cast in Court­light (3.99) and Cast in Moon­light (.99). This will continue for the month of April. Second: we are in shelter-in-place in Toronto. Because I work from home on the days I don’t work at the book­store (which is closed to the public, but — at least for now — taking mail orders and ship­ping them with a skeletal crew of 2 people, one of whom is not me), and because my long suffering spouse worked for years as a free­lance programmer, I expected his move to telecom­muting to be pain­less. It’s been a bit more chal­lenging than I thought it would be, because telecom­muting isn’t free­lance. He has to keep normal office hours, because he’s in contact with the … Continue reading 

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Bad news first: Tantor, which published the first 3 Sun Sword books in audio have declined to pick up the last three. I don’t have the general know-how to do the last three myself; it’s not, unfor­tu­nately, like writing =/. Good news: I have sold 2 more books in the CAST universe to Mira. Since I’m working on one of them now — unti­tled, but CAST 16 — this means the next CAST novel is underway. After which I will work on the second Severn book. I have been working on the unti­tled first novel in The Burning Crown, the series previ­ously referred to as The End of Days, but that involved rewrites of chapter one many times. MANY times. I have tried not to take this as a sign that … Continue reading 

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I’ve been given permis­sion to post or reveal this: The cover for the upcoming Severn novel, The Emper­or’s Wolves. I love it! I really, really wanted to share it here. Kath­leen Oudit, the art director, and Shane Reben­schied the artist, did a fabu­lous job! Now, I can! Below is the back cover text, which I will attempt to post with covers from now on. AT THE EMPEROR’S COMMAND Multiple races care­fully navi­gate the City of Elantra under the Dragon Emperor’s wing. His Impe­rial Wolves are execu­tioners, the smallest group to serve in the Halls of Law. The popu­lace calls them assas­sins. Every wolf candi­date must consent to a full exam­i­na­tion by the Tha’alani, one of the most feared and distrusted races in Elantra for their ability … Continue reading 

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Today, the mass market paper­back edition of First­born has been published and released into the wild. The links will be on the book page here, but just in case, I’ve copied them into the body of this post. Mass Market published February 2020 by DAW Books ISBN 9780756415549 • Cover art by Jody A. Lee Find it at Amazon •  Indigo • Indiebound Books A Million •  B & N •  Powell’s • Book Depos­i­tory My brief in other news update is: I have finally, on the seventh attempt, achieved new chapter one for the first book of The Burning Crown, which is as yet unti­tled. I have started, and am working on the also unti­tled Cast 16. I have received mass market page proofs for War, and copy-edits for The Emper­or’s Wolves … Continue reading