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Cast in Oblivion, Chapter One

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It’s 2019. I hope the close of 2018 was peaceful and warm.

For my part, it was. I also make no New Year’s Reso­lu­tions this year for a change of pace. This is different from making reso­lu­tions which are … not so resolute by about April >.>.

I actu­ally took time off for the holi­days, where “time off” = looking for appli­ances to replace our failing appli­ances. And hectic Christmas shop­ping. But we had a lovely Christmas, and both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, so I am not complaining. Much. If the dish­washer had ears, on the other hand…

I am, of course, still writing — but copy-edits ate much of December, and I was sick in bed for 3 days (which I don’t recom­mend when one has just managed to get an extra couple of days on said copy-edits >.>).

On January 29th, Cast in Oblivion will be published. I’m a bit late, but: here is the preview chapter.

20 Responses to Cast in Oblivion, Chapter One

  1. Earle davis says:

    Going to be another great book. Yahoo.

  2. Rymunin says:

    Awesome­sauce, cant wait.

  3. Susan Ivey says:

    Oh, boy, so soon! Waiting very patiently…

  4. Shannon says:

    Thank you! Cast in Oblivion is an exciting Christmas and New Year’s present that I can’t wait to read!

  5. Melanie’s says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sorry to hear you were sick, but happy you took the days off and had a good Christmas and were able to get appli­ances fixed or replaced! Super excited about the Cast coming out at the end of January! I would wait as long as it takes to read one of your books.

  6. Barbara Ford says:

    I’ve spent my Christmas vaca­tion re-reading the Chron­i­cles of Elantra in prepa­ra­tion for this! Super excited!

  7. Stephen Engel says:

    Ditto to Melanie’s being willing to wait as long as it takes.
    It looks to be a very good year. An Elantra book and two with Jewel, I am looking forward to these with joy and gladness.

  8. DeDe says:

    What a wonderful start to the new year. Thank you!

  9. Jeanine says:

    Enjoyed the first chapter. Looking forward to delivery of my book. Thanks!

  10. Rose says:

    Neither Cast in Oblivion or First­born are up on the iBooks Australia site. Is this the same else­where? I am panicking that publishing date will come and go and there will be no books avail­able to buy! :)

  11. Rose says:

    Thank you for that link! But this link also illus­trates my point, we do not have anything for this book in Australia. No place­holder, no ‘coming soon’, no due 29/1/19, no ‘preorder’ button, nothing about the book at all. It’s not on the iBooks Australia site. Which might be inten­tional because the publisher may have decided not to sell Oblivion through this medium, or it might be an over­sight from someone somewhere.

  12. Lisette says:

    I’m re-re-re-re-reading the books before the new release. In the first book, you mentioned a third Immortal race with extreme xeno­phobic tenden­cies. Then in the Barren book, Kaylin saw three of the Old Ones. One was draconic and the second Barrani, but there wasn’t a descrip­tion of the third. 

    So now I’m reading Chaos and looking for more random things I missed.

    Thank you for the books.

  13. Emile De Antonio says:

    Nice begin­ning! Can’t wait! Thank you.

  14. David Youngs says:

    the computer in the big chain store said that there are 5 copies in stores nearby, But I’m not going that far in this weather.
    Not til my pension cimes in, anyhoo.

  15. Asia says:

    Pre-order done! So now counting days till the day ;) so excited!

  16. Dorit says:

    Thank you very much for the books — I am happily antic­i­pating the next one. 

    Will there be a sample chapter posted of “First­born”, since there is now less than a month until publication?

  17. Jen says:

    I can’t wait- do you know when it will be avail­able as an ebook in Australia? Currently only hard­cover or audio

  18. michelle says:

    @Jen: I have sent (more) email to the publisher asking this. I’m not sure what the problem is — but the various Mira/HLQs inter­na­tion­ally are inde­pen­dent in many ways. Unfor­tu­nately, it is Sunday, so the email won’t be seen until tomorrow. I am *really* sorry =/. I have a fair number of readers in Australia and I hate to disap­point them.

  19. michelle says:

    @Dorit: Yes — although the prologue posted a while ago *is* the first part of First­born, so — prob­ably chapter one. But — not until after Tuesday because Tuesday is Oblivion book day.

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