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I’m sorry, I’m a clutz

Posted in writing.

I use an offline program to compose posts, and I sent that one to the blog instead of the Live­Journal, where it was meant to be posted >.<

Apolo­gies to everyone who gets email noti­fi­ca­tions here =/.

2 Responses to I’m sorry, I’m a clutz

  1. Michelle,

    You are not a klutz! A klutz is someone who sends the wrong email (for some defi­n­i­tion of wrong) to ALL instead of either discarding it or sending it to just one person.

    Besides, I enjoy any thing that allows me to read more of your writing, and that partic­ular piece was very well done.

    Cheers, not a klutz!


  2. michelle says:

    Well, tech­ni­cally, this went to all of the people who’ve signed up for the email noti­fi­ca­tions, so… it’s a lot like that >. I use the LJ to talk about parenting & the issues that arise from it, so that people who are a) not inter­ested in anything but my fiction and/or b) are not inter­ested in my fiction at all, don’t have to weed out the stream. Well, some­times I also rant on the LJ as well. But it’s for non-writer-me thoughts. I actu­ally starting this web-site, or its earlier variant, because I real­ized that my readers were finding my LJ, and not actu­ally finding any infor­ma­tion about my books. But on LJ, talking about my books when­ever I did talk seemed almost outside of the commu­nity norms. So…

    Yes, a bit clutzy.

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