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Book cover for Cast in Peril, plus bonus cover!

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I have a cover for Cast in Peril! The artist is Shane Reben­schied, and I love, love, love what he’s done here.

The book’s on-sale date is the 25th of September, so it’s not coming out imme­di­ately – but soon. I could only find links for the ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but will add the others as they become available.

I gener­ally put up first chap­ters the month before the book is published, in part because I am the dictio­nary defi­n­i­tion of impa­tient when it comes to reading. In fact, confes­sion time: I never read first chap­ters or teasers when I’m waiting for a novel as a reader, because I want to finish the book right now, and am then forced to wait.

But I also have a cover for the stand­alone ebook version of “Cast in Moon­light, which will be released (I believe) in September. At the moment, I can only find a listing for it at Barnes & Noble. It’s not, that I can see, listed at Amazon currently, although I’m sure it will be avail­able there.


75 Responses to Book cover for Cast in Peril, plus bonus cover!

  1. Jen Wylie says:

    ~bounce bounce bounce~
    Can’t wait to read them!!!!!

  2. Addy Rae says:

    That squealing noise you hear is me. I’m so excited! :D

    With that gorgeous of a cover, you should get fantastic sales too! It’s very appealing. :)

  3. Leanne Powner says:

    Woohoo!!! In some ways I love that these come out in September, right at the start of the acad­emic year. I’m a professor, so the summers are my crazy research and writing time before I get back to the grind of teaching. (I don’t like that they come out every fall because it means I have to wait a year for each of them!) This year I’ve got a book dead­line of my own at the end of August, so this will be my reward for getting the blasted thing done on time!!

  4. Love it!

    Though for a moment I thought “Hey! Evayne’s shard!” *cough* Guess which books I’ve been reading recently. >.>

  5. Paul Howard says:

    Nice covers.

  6. Dawn says:

    I love this cover. I have already preordered the ebook and will also be purchasing the actual book to go with my collec­tion. I am so excited I can’t wait. Thank you for giving me and my daughter so many hours of enjoyment.

  7. ElizabethN says:

    Love them both!

  8. Meagan says:

    Oh this just totally made my night! I have been waiting very impa­tiently and both­ering a number of people over the fact Cast in Peril is coming out in September. Only one of those people have actu­ally read the books (via my insis­tence and now I am working on everyone else). Been dying to see the cover and I love it as always. Now if September would hurry up and get here I would be beyond thrilled! Love the cover for Cast in Moon­light as well and I think I will have to repur­chase it ‑just- because I love the cover. 

    Always love the back­ground in the covers of this series and that is one of the main reasons I picked up Cast in Shadows to begin with. Anyways, thank you very much for posting the covers, and of course for writing the books to begin with! I cannot wait until it’s out in the world where I can read it.

  9. Kathy Scappace says:

    This is a beau­tiful cover! The woman on the cover looks like the same model that did Cast in Ruin. I hope it is; she person­i­fies Kaylin for me.

  10. Dallass says:

    Wow, it’s beau­tiful! I just want to get my hands on it now and read it.

  11. Azzuen says:

    The cover of Peril is gorgeous, I love all the green. Can’t wait to read it! I’ll just be waiting in the corner, bouncing.

  12. MikiS says:

    Wow, Cast in Peril’s cover is absolutely gorgeous! The other is nice too, but I love the shades of green in Peril.

  13. Genna Warner says:

    I love the covers and this had to be my favorite to date. They just keep getting better. Can’t wait to read the book. September seems so very far away for my impatience.

  14. EllenO says:

    The cover is beau­tiful! So looking forward to this book.

  15. Verna says:

    Can’t wait for the new book to come out. That’s a great date as it is our anniversary.

  16. sue galos says:

    Great news!! now for the wait .…. groan .……

  17. Hilda says:

    My God! THAT’S THE EGG !!!!!! KAYLIN DID IT!!! She is holding it. She took the EGG with her to the West March, where, I think, Night­shade used to be the Lord in charge in some older time. Here we all were thinking that it was going to hatch into some strange thing in the city, and Michelle outsmarted us all, the EGG is going trav­eling. It has some greenish tint. Maybe it comes from the jungle colors. (Green is my favorite color). It’s a beau­tiful cover, Michelle, and very inter­esting. Some kind of oriental looking palace in the back, and those ground cover lights are strange too. Kaylin is beau­tiful, no wonder those men have all this interest; I hope she finds more of them. She also seems to have a slight oriental look. And then the back cover with its limited infor­ma­tion, but giving us a hint: “intro­ducing a highly intriguing new char­acter”. Out of the EGG ??? A Sagara trick too to keep us wondering: who tried to kill Kaylin? Or was the bomb for the female dragon?

  18. Liz says:

    Oh, what a lovely cover! I am so excited for September, a number of my favorite series all have a new entry coming out in that month. I do hope you decide to post the first few chap­ters as a teaser in advance — I always find it helps tide me over until the book comes out so I don’t go completely crazy.

  19. P. Vang says:

    Wow, what beau­tiful covers! I’m so excited. I only hope that I’ll find time to read it in between my univer­sity classes.

  20. Kate says:

    Re: whether to read excerpts/teasers before books are released. I don’t have anywhere near as much willpower as you obvi­ously do ^^ — I border on being a junkie looking for her next high when waiting on a highly antic­i­pated book.

    Lovely covers. They’ve changed the model? The new one is a Catherine Zeta Jones doppelganger.

  21. Kel says:

    I try to resist teaser chap­ters, but I usually only succeed for authors I’m not already waiting impa­tiently for. (I.e. I never resist yours). Since I want the next book imme­di­ately on finishing the current one, wanting the next chapter isn’t much different.

    I do love the Peril cover, but as I’ve bought all the Cast books in Ebook at least once, I prob­ably won’t re-re-re purchase Cast in Moon­light for myself. Maybe as a gift… ;)

  22. natasha`` says:

    That has to be my favorite cover of the series and one of my favorites ever. I just love the green jungle with the fey lights floating around. we are finally going to find out about the egg, yaaaa. i have been curious about that egg for 2 books now. And anything that has to do with Night­shade will make me happy; i am like an addict, i will just reread every part that has him in it over and over. 

    You know what would be a splendid idea? posting a chapter every month leading to the release date; so we can get three instead of just one in late Aug. or early Sept. or better yet i had one author post a new chapter every week for 14 weeks.

  23. Rachel says:

    I’m so excited to get my hands on this book! I’m a huge fan and this is one of my all-time favorite series!

    P.S. I also loved your new YA novel! As a teen librarian, I’m constantly pushing it on my kids (the Elantra series, too)!!

  24. Lesa says:

    I have been waiting for this cover since I hear that the book was coming out. I’m very excited, espe­cially after seeing the cover. Please put a chapter for this book on your web site. And yes like the other teachers that read your book in the fall, I read your books between grading papers. (smile)

  25. Stephanie says:

    Love the cover. So excited about this book. A road trip book with the Barrani how fun. Plus we find out what is in the egg. (My room­mate and I have a huge bet). This is my favorite book series. Each book is go great. I have read each book multiple times. Listening to each book on audible just enhanced my love for this series.

  26. Leah says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to read it!!!!

  27. seabream says:

    Oh they’re both lovely. I hope that between this rendi­tion and printing someone catches the typo on Kaylin’s surname (Neya/Neva).

  28. Christy says:

    Beau­tiful cover! 

    Hilda, I hate to disap­point but I think the “new char­acter” part you are refer­ring to is actu­ally from a review of Cast in Ruin — the blurb speaks to the quality of the series, not specific events to come in Cast in Peril. I get caught by the quotes of covers quite a bit — some are made based on review of the book they’re on; some are comments made on the author’s earlier works. I apol­o­gize if I’m mis-reading the cover, but that’s what it looks like to me. Much was made about the new char­acter that was intro­duced in Ruin. Of course, you are right that whoever or what­ever is in the egg is equally anticipated! :)

  29. Meagan says:

    I wondered if someone was going to point that out. I always feel bad pointing out things like that so I gener­ally just keep my mouth shut. Plus, of it ends up still being there it’s not a major anyways; just some­thing to smile about. Granted I am highly dyslexic in every way other than reading so typos for me are just some­thing I smile at.

  30. Hilda says:

    Christy, you are right. Although I’m hoping and expecting we will get a new inter­esting “anything” out of the EGG. I’ll trust Michelle for that. The state­ment could also be a refer­ence to the new female dragon, or someone out of the WM. However, it could also be one of those inter­esting people who are settling into the Tiamaris fief and are diss­a­pearing. I thope the comment came from some fortu­nate person who read the book.. ( Sighhhh).

  31. Kyra says:

    Ooooh, excel­lent. Cannot wait!

    One inter­esting thing I notice: in the summary, the phrase “the very Barrani Kaylin is trav­eling with” is ambiguous as to whether it is singular or plural.

    So now I’m curious as to whether the evidence points to one Barrani (presum­ably Night­shade) or several Barrani (possibly other Lords from the court).

    Then there’s the social issues of the journey — Teela hinted she was plan­ning on going along; Night­shade is plan­ning on going even though he’s Outcaste; Teela also said it was a cultural event that Barrani Lords were granted time off for, so it’s obvi­ously some­thing that many Barrani travel there for … this makes me wonder if the trip is going to be a Barrani party of sorts, with people like Evarrim coming along? Or, for a cultur­ally-signif­i­cant wild card, Bellusdeo? She seems like the sort of person who would try to do that, and if any Dragon could succeed, it would be her — she’s person­able and irrev­erent for a Dragon and the Barrani might find it an inter­esting and worth­while Xanatos Gambit to let her come in order to gather knowl­edge. Presum­ably Andellan would come … and Severn is likely as well.

    Then there’s the issue of who is and isn’t talking to Night­shade because Outcaste.

    And here I go again with the spec­u­la­tions, as I’ve done every year since I found Cast In Court­light and went “EEEEE, there’s another one!” Seems to be a summer pastime, and it’s aston­ishing how many years have gone by since I picked up the first one.

    The cover art is excel­lent, by the way. Cohe­sive and lovely, with those excel­lent bril­liant bursts of rainbow color in the egg and the … I’m guessing that’s the West March insect life Kaylin was told she wouldn’t be too fond of?

  32. a.esther says:

    LOVE the cover (it’s my new favorite of the series); I’m actu­ally excited for summer to end! lol

  33. shauntel says:

    Great!! I really like the cover, but is her brace getting bigger and bigger. It now covers her entire forearm. Maybe I’m just mixed up and it was always that big? I like how the cover looks more magical. From the cover alone I would have picked up and exam­ined the book, even if i had not alread read the entire series. 

    Unlike some series the elantra and house war, continue to bring excite­ment in every new book i read. What I mean is some­time you can start a series and the first few books are awsome, and then…I don’t know the author seems to get burned out, doesn’t care, or totally goes on a tangent that desn’t make sense.

    Thank you for the great books.

  34. Toni Cameron says:

    As a staff member at my local library I recom­mend books to people and have got at least a few people hooked on this series. I love reading them and as soon as I finish the newest one I start trying to figure out when the next is avail­able. I love that I’ll get access to 2 in a couple months.

  35. Hilda says:

    Kyra, the guessing and spec­u­la­tion are fun until the book comes out, and Michellle surprises us all again. We can’t do spoilers then. I think Andellen and Severn will be out for most of the book. Andellen because N. will only trust him to take care of his fief (although he is an expert in the Marches). If N discovers the entity at the heart of his castle (remember he asked K thru the mirror to go back there), he may use it to protect the fief. Can that be the inter­esting new char­acter (I hope so)? Severn can’t go; he is in that corrup­tion inves­ti­ga­tion and Teela now will be going to the March too. I still wonder who put the bomb in K’s place and why. Really, I can’t see a reason so far, in the books, for anyone to do that, not even to kill Bellusdeo.
    Can’t wait!!!!!

  36. Kathy Scappace says:

    I think it was in Cast in Chaos when Night­shade told Kaylin about the Regalia. I’m not posi­tive at this point but I seem to remember him saying that every lord went to the West March to hear the Regalia after the test of name. He said some lords would be changed by the telling while others wouldn’t be but that the changing was a bad thing. He also said that in Kaylin he heard the begin­ning of a Regalia when she went back in time to awaken the Tower of Tiamaris.

    So I’m thinking that this trip to the West March is so that Kaylin can hear the Regalia but being Kaylin and being that she is the begin­ning of a Regalia herself she will change the telling. 

    Since the title of the next book is Cast in Sorrow I think Kaylin is going to lose someone close to her during the Regalia. For me the two most likely candi­dates are Evanton and the Hawk­lord. Evanton because of his weak­ening hold on the Elemental Garden and his own admis­sion to age and fatigue. Plus Evanton has to be either an Old One or a Barrani since none of the dragons recog­nize him. I think Kaylin would know if he was Barrani. So I think it’s possible when Kaylin alters the Regalia some­thing will happen to Evanton.

    The Hawk­lord has been showing signs of illness for the last couple of books. Kaylin has noticed signs of stress on his face as well as a gray pallor.

    Either death will be diffi­cult for her to handle and I wonder how she would cope without these two beings she holds in such high regard.

  37. Kate says:

    @Kathy — I always had the impres­sion that Evanton was a human. A very very very old human mage that perhaps had lived so long _because_ he was the keeper. I had the feeling that either Night­shade or Severn would kark it since it was likely from the jacket summary that Night­shade will be trav­el­ling with her, and Severn usually does. Also this almost love triangle going on is feeling kind of restric­tive. I was thinking it would prob­ably be Severn since his death at this stage would be very bitter­sweet. Oh well … no need to spec­u­late, the book will be out in less than two months! /cheer

  38. barb says:

    Hilda You might be right about the egg remaining unhatched and trav­eling w Kaylin to the West Marches. But I had the thought that the artist might also be using “artistic license” and conveying two char­ac­ters in the book not any partic­ular scene. In which case it may be unhatched and left behind with a friend or hatched and the baby left in that friend’s care. Sorry if this disap­points you. In all like­ly­hood the egg will go w Kaylin- after all it did save her life!

  39. CJ says:

    They are both gorgeous! I can’t wait

  40. shauntel says:

    I know that in one of the earlier cast book they were talking about all the different races of elantra, but there was one that has never been seen by kaylin and i guess there were none in the drangon empire. Are we going to meet that race soon?

    I was also wondering if there was a world map, to show where the empire, aire, west march, fiefs… are exactly. Just curious if i missed it. Kaylin and the dragons speak of living outside of the dragon empor­er’s empire. Since it’s been on my mind, i hope there is a map so i can place them in my mind.


  41. Kyra says:

    I’m guessing it varies with the cover artist.

    I’ve never yet cared for any of the bracer designs so far, but that’s no big deal. The cover of the first book led me to pick up the book, so they’ve done their jobs as far as I’m concerned.

  42. mandi says:

    Did you know that barnes and noble has a part of the first chapter posted to the website already? So awsome! I need more! September is so far! I love covers!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait! :)

  43. ElizabethN says:

    thanks for pointing out the excerpt. 6 weeks to the paper­back, 8 weeks to the ebook. still seems so far away.

  44. chinos says:

    i know right! more night­shade plz!

  45. Kate says:


    thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

  46. mandi says:

    Your welcome! Lol! :) glad i can help!

  47. Emily says:

    This is a ques­tion that is either for Michelle or anyone else who can answer…I’m currently in a really tight money situ­a­tion, so I’ve had to curb my spending on books and use the library instead which normally wouldn’t bother me. Except that my local library system doesn’t have ANY of Michelle’s books. I put in a request for Silence, since that’s the only one so far that I haven’t read. The message I got back was: 

    This title is only avail­able through the Literary Guild and Mystery Guild right now. It will be a few months until another publishing house can purchase the rights to it and make it avail­able through retail outlets. Sorry!”

    What on earth does that mean? Amazon and B&N both show that they have copies…Is this why they don’t have any of Michelle’s other books? Will I run into this problem when I request her future books? Which I plan to do whether I’m able to buy them anyway, just to get them into the library system…

  48. michelle says:

    I have no idea — at all — what this means.

    I know that some of the big six publishers with­drew library *ebooks*. Did you make the request that they get hold of an ebook version? (I have zero objec­tions to the request for an ebook version, btw — I’m sending this off as a query to my belea­guered managing editor, so I wanted a little more infor­ma­tion to add to the question).

    Because it is totally avail­able as a retail book >..

  49. barb says:

    All right. Now you’ve done it. Just finished reading the excerpt on B&N’s site and I am now, even more, antic­i­pating, eagerly awaiting, impa­tiently resigned to having to delay my need to know what happens next! I have already put it on pre-order for my kindle but am dismayed by the real­iza­tion that the ebook has a later publi­ca­tion date. If my will power doesn’t suvive the interim and I end up buying it in paper­back I know who’s respon­sible for yet another addi­tion to my over­flowing bookcase!
    THANKS (even if my budget protests)

  50. Kathy Scappace says:

    I read the excerpt and started dancing around the house singing. Hope­fully that eye twitch is a thing of the past now.

  51. mandi says:

    That’s how I ended up with a paper­back and digital copy of Cast in Ruin. I already know I will not be able to wait! I’ve pre-ordered both! I loved the excerpt, but now I’m drooling for more. I’m hoping that somehow my pre-ordered copy will magi­cally arrive extremely early so I get to know what happens next!!! Lol! :)

  52. Kate says:

    Lol Kathy, ditto ^^

  53. Hilda says:

    Shauntel, way over a year ago, we had a long and inter­esting discus­sion about maps for the area. (Maybe someone will remember where to find it; it was after the publi­ca­tion of one of the novels). I think everyone agreed about the need. If I remember correctly, Michelle was not against it, but she said some­thing about not having an idea on how to do it; she has never done maps (Michelle, sorry if I’m not correct). Also, no one knew how to do it. I remember asking for one that will have all the fiefs, Ravellon,the major part of the city, the ocean, the aerie, the leon­tine quar­ters, the West Marsh, and the other parts of the world that commu­ni­cate with Elantra; they must do commerce.

  54. Hilda says:

    A few days ago, (I moved 5 days ago)Amazon advised me that they are advancing the delivery of Peril to Sept. 21 to 25. Does anyone know of an earlier delivery date than that?

  55. Kathy Scappace says:

    Mine is ship­ping September 18 from Barnes and Noble.

  56. Kyra says:

    You’re sure it’s part of? It seems like it drops mid-conver­sa­tion which is usually not where one would put a chapter break, but I’m really hoping there will be more to the chapter when Michelle releases that here.

    I love reading the preview chapter, I get that whole emotional response of elation and inten­sity and antic­i­pa­tion, and then spec­u­la­tion of what happens next, and it would be awesome if that isn’t the whole chapter and there’s some more of it in a few days (weeks?) when Chapter 1 gets released here.

  57. AKKat says:

    I cannot express the joy and excite­ment in my heart at seeing this. Eeeeeee. I will not be ordering from B$N again given the kerfluffle last time, and will instead go through Amazon. EEEEEE.

  58. mandi says:

    I was being opti­mistic that there would be more when it’s poste
    d here! :) it felt a little short to be the whole chapter ;-)
    Here’s hoping there is more following! !

  59. ElizabethN says:

    my amazon ship­ping order has a release date of 9/18, although I’m hoping for an even earlier ship­ping date as has happened in the last several years.

  60. Meagan says:

    I swear the year was going very, very quickly…until August arrived. Now it seems to be crawling >.<

    On the plus side I have already ordered my copy of Cast In Peril so that sort of/kind of means it’s on the way…eventually. Gah, September cannot get here soon enough! 

    I’m almost tempted to replace my much-used-and-there­fore-falling-apart books that I didn’t replace last year just because it would make me feel like I got a ‘new’ book for all of 5 seconds before I look at the cover and recite the whole thing from memory as a result from reading each book way too often. I can’t really afford it at the moment…but it is highly tempting. I already replaced Cast In Shadow, Cast In Court­light, Cast In Secret, and Cast In Chaos.…but I need to replace Cast In Fury and Cast In Silence.

  61. Hilda says:

    Thanks for the update on release date for Peril. I had placed an order with Amazon for it, but I fool­ishly included other books in the order (one was Battle) with regular delivery payment. So, I had to raise it to next day delivery (for the 18th), but it had to include all the order of 5 books with the higher cost. Next time, I’ll order Michelle’s books one by one.

  62. DAISY M ALVERIO says:


  63. Wendy Good says:

    You may wish to re-read the back cover. The quote that mentions the new char­acter is a review of Cast in Ruin, in which Bellusdeo was intro­duced. But the cover is absolutely awesome. Waiting for the book is even more diffi­cult after the first chapter is released.

  64. Bobbie Kirkland says:

    The cover is beau­tiful. It is prob­ably my favorite so far. But, is it just me? I thought the egg would be bigger. It encap­su­lated a newborn human (who I believe may have been, at most, only slightly prema­ture), and I thought it had been growing since then. The cover makes the egg look about the size of a large grapefruit.

  65. HN says:

    That’s why I doubt it is actu­ally the egg: it’s not egg-shaped and maybe a bit small. There also seem to be more of these glowing ‘pearls’ scat­tered about in the trees / on the forest floor behind her. The one to the left looks very similar to what she’s holding in her hands, so I rather expect this is not the one singular extra­or­di­nary egg from the city, but a new phenom­enon from the West Marches woods. Unless the egg turns out to be the same species as an existing West March glow-globes laying sort of crea­ture; which as of this point somehow seems less likely to me.

  66. Rain Knyte says:

    I LOVE your books, and I’m dying to read Cast in Peril! I’ve read them over and over, and every time I get in trouble for laughing too much. This is honestly one of my favorite series, I adore it! When I read the back cover, my only comment was “Oh god what did you do NOW Kaylin?” X3 I cannot wait! Thanks for writing such amazing stories!

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