Yet another question time

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First: Genna asked, in the previous comment’s thread, about Cast in Moon­light. The Harle­quin terms for the novellas are exactly the same as the terms for their novels. For most short fiction, the author grants exclu­sive rights to publish, in the English language, for one year, after which the author is free to do what she wants with the story — sell reprint rights, etc.

In the case of Cast in Moon­light, this doesn’t apply, so while I would love to bring the story out as a stand­alone, I can’t.

Second: I’ve noticed that people have been buying Echoes from Amazon. Genna (again!) said that on her kindle, the intro­duc­tion is in a pale grey tone. There is the tiny possi­bility that I may have done some­thing stupid with the color of the text — by acci­dent — and I’m re-uploading the book to Amazon. While I have always appre­ci­ated my publishers, I swear, I have never appre­ci­ated them quite as much as I do now.

Third: If there are prob­lems with any of the ebooks, please let me know. In this case — as opposed to any prob­lems there might be with my novels — there’s a reason­able chance I can do some­thing to fix it.

And now, on to the ques­tion.

The short story project is an ongoing effort, and because it’s required so much time to climb the learning curve, it’s obvi­ously of interest to me. I’m not as certain it’s of interest to all of my readers, most of whom are prob­ably looking to this site for infor­ma­tion about the novels, and many of whom don’t read ebooks.

I’d like to be able to post about the short stories as I release them, but I don’t want to flood anyone’s RSS or mail­boxes with infor­ma­tion they don’t want. (One of the reasons I want to do this is the covers. There’s some­thing about a cover — possibly the fact that I didn’t have anything to do with its creation, beyond a few flailing words here and there — that makes me happy. If someone was pulling all their hair out and cursing creatively at their computer to create those covers, it wasn’t me.)

I can create another blog for the short story infor­ma­tion, if people would prefer that. In order to get the hundred ISBN block, I am a small press of one, so I could create a ‘Rosdan Press’ blog, at which I would post infor­ma­tion about the ebook singles.

Would you prefer that?

19 Responses to Yet another question time

  1. Ann Kopchik says:

    I would think this blog would be the place for those posts… what you’re doing with the short stories is still about you as a writer and of interest to your fans. (Well, at least to this fan!)

  2. Jacob says:

    I’d prefer the infor­ma­tion here as well. Just seems more conve­nient, and I appre­ciate finding out when I can get more from the Sun Sword universe, as I think I’ve only read one of these short stories…

  3. Sam says:

    Count me as another in favor of posting about the short stories here, though it doesn’t make much of a differ­ence to me as long as I know where to look. Regard­less of where the infor­ma­tion is posted, I look forward to more ebooks being released.

  4. Vicky says:

    I agree with the three previous comments: continue posting to this blog. I don’t know about other readers but I have really enjoyed reading about the process and have gained a new appre­ci­a­tion of the effort involved in epub­lishing.

  5. Hillary says:

    I want these stories when they’re done and I don’t mind hearing about it here…of course if you start a new blog, I’ll just RSS it too!

  6. Aaron says:

    My expe­ri­ence with your short stories came well after I started reading your novels. Even so, I [insert obse­quious cringe] some­times think that you’re a better short story/novella writer than you are a novelist.

    So yes, you should defi­nitely post infor­ma­tion about your short stories here. In fact, you may draw a bigger audi­ence to your West novels (which some my find a bit diffi­cult to pene­trate) through your short stories; indeed, we just had this topic come up on the Yahoo group.

  7. Sascha says:

    I disagree that she’s better at one or the other. What I would say is that her short stories are WAY BETTER than so many others. If I see an anthology with a Michelle West story, I jump on it. This includes the Valdemar antholo­gies which I would not bother reading other­wise. Her Valdemar shorts and Echoes really show how well she knows how to package and present a short story. I read Echoes thinking, oh this is a nice story, then I got to the end and burst into tears.

  8. Estara says:

    Casting my vote with the “here” crowd. Truly, you don’t really post all that often compared to other authors — it comes in spurts ^^.

  9. DG says:

    I’m not an ebook reader, however, I person­ally come to this blog to see what you are working on, ebook, printed, or other­wise. Who knows, I might be inter­ested in down­loading an ebook if one catches my eye.

    So, I’m with the masses on this deci­sion. Post infor­ma­tion about your short stories on this blog. No need to make another blog. Just make sure you cate­go­rize your blog posts within Word Press and post away. I don’t think people will get flooded with useless info at all. That’s what mail filters are for. :)

    Self-Proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Team Night­shade

  10. Sarah says:

    I would prefer you post all your publishing updates here :) You’ve stated in a previous post (some­where) that you wanted this blog to be for your publi­ca­tions. Given that, it seems the perfect place to give us updates on your short stories. Cheers :)

  11. shauntel says:

    I like knowing that this site has all your current stories and short stories, I always read the comments and check your down­loads. Even though I may not post alot of comments.

    I am one seri­ously happy fan with your current site, please don’t change :)

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