Harvest Moon

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Devon, in the previous post, asked Where, in your eyes, does Cast in Moonlight fit into the grand scheme of things?

It seemed like the right time to answer.

Harvest Moon is a collection of three stories, one by Mercedes Lacky set in her 500 Kingdoms universe, one by new author Cameron Haley which is, I believe, a prequel to the just released Mob Rules, and one by me.  The publication date is, in theory, the first of October, 2010.

My contribution is “Cast in Moonlight”, a novella of 39,000 words.

Cast in Moonlight fits in at the beginning, sort of.  Kaylin is thirteen years old when she first meets the Hawklord, and the story starts just after that first meeting and continues from there, as Kaylin meets the Hawks:  Marcus, Teela, Tain, Clint and the Hawklord himself, with one surprise appearance by a Dragon whom Kaylin doesn’t recognize as a Dragon because she’s not familiar with them.

It features her very first case as a not-quite-old-enough-to-be-Hawk.

There is, however, no Nightshade and no Severn.  Sorry…

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  1. Aaron says:

    Please stop apologizing. I think it’s wonderful that you give characters just as much screen time as they need and not a whit more. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be anything delicious to gossip over, nor 7000+ posts in the Yahoo discussion forum.

    I hope you have the opportunity to relax this Fall and holiday season.

  2. Aaron says:

    Sorry to double-post but:

    If 39k words is all it takes to reveal Kaylin’s history, then perhaps you’ve been a bit lenient with Jewel, eh?

    Which is the more difficult character for you to write (at the moment and all things considered), Kaylin or Jewel?

  3. Sandra says:

    I think its great you wrote about Kaylin when she was 13+. When I was reading the other six books I really wanted to know more about how she learned how to be a hawk. How the first meeting with Marcus went and what the Hawklord did after Kaylin went to him.

    So thank you very much. I can not wait to read the story.

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  4. Wendy Good says:

    This is a post from a long-term fan who simply can’t wait for the next Elantra story. I re-read the whole series after reading Cast in Chaos (and then read Cast in Chaos again to keep the successession (sp?) complete), and loved every minute. I have things in my past that are hard to deal with because I didn’t want them to happen to me, as well as things I have done that I am not proud of. Spending time with Kaylin helps me focus on, as Severn said, “the choices you make when you aren’t afraid or in pain”. I also have a 6 month old son who keeps me in the now. When I look at his dear, precious self, I feel, like Kaylin, that I will do whatever I have to do to give him the childhood I never had. Safety, love, boundaries and wings – all these things are parts of the home that I am daily learning how to build for my son. Thank you for the fun, the struggles, and the joy. Oh, and the steady diet of sarcasm.

  5. Genna Warner says:

    Just pre-ordered this for the Kindle.

    I would not expect Nightshade or Severn to appear in this story but I have a question. Has there been any thought given to writing a short or novel about Severn’s back ground or will that be covered when the book on the Wolflord is written?

  6. Hilda says:

    I received Cast in Moonlight yesterday and finished it. I won’t spoil for others but wonder if, in future books, we will see “green eyes” again. He is so evil. Kaylin will have an enemy for life. it is an incredible good introduction of Kaylin to the Hawks. I love Teela there, she disappears some times.
    Michelle, I have read and reread your Elantra series; I have the other series but can’t get into them yet because Kaylin et al keep raising questions in my mind, and I keep going back and back to them. I wonder if you welcome questions about possible futures. I’m the kind of reader that write and rewrite alternative futures in my mind. For example, I know that Kaylin will never have a future with Nightshade, which I want, while he is a “crime Lord”. I also know he is a very rich man. Andellen wonders how Tiamaris is going to pay for all the repairs. So, he knows it’s an expensive proposition for Nightshade. Thus, Nighshade must show that he has his hands on some very prosperous legitimate businesses. I think the Hawklord knows he has legitimate businesses when he made Kaylin go to the fief for her protection. Is Nightshade the one who provided money to Marrin’s orphans after the baby leontine went to her; after all, the bunch of children were from Nightshade?
    Here is one of my questions with a few branches. Elantra has a huge harbor with huge ships. (1) Does Nightshade owns some of them and has an import/export side; or does he own mines or businesses in Elantra; he is always busy. (2) Where these ships go? Without trying to make you draw maps, which are not needed: are the other worlds outside the reach of these ships; do they exists in other times; (3) this world has only the groups of diverse people we have seen so far, no one different travels into Elantra in this world, except the newcomers who look like Barranis, so who are the people they do business with?; the newcomers could not reach Elantra in ships, so they could have come from other times not worlds, they are almost Barrani.

    If Kaylin helps Nightshade to reach the heart of the Castle, I hope you make this Avatar or genie a very interesting character, a funny one. He should be able to teach Nightshade a thing or two on how to handle women; either he wants to be Kaylin’s grandfather or he wants to be her lover. I go for lover (or rather Consort, she will never be his Erenne, she rejects it all the time it’s mentioned, but seems to accept Consort). She needs to ask Nightshade whether he is going to kill her, now that he invited her to his castle heart; he forgot he threatened her.
    Kaylin can’t continue thinkig that he is a real bad character with a black heart. Even though he seems always to be teaching or correcting her, he is always helping/saving her, and is very tender and gentle.
    The detailed use of magic in Moonlight and Kaylin’s reaction to it is excellent; I hope to see Nightshade doing lots of magic next; he seems to be a very strong, knowledgeable and skillfull mage, better than any other.
    Thank you for these wonderful books; they fill my days with happiness.

  7. Michelle Jager says:

    I just picked up Cast in Moonlight a few days ago and get to start it today. Thanks so much for publishing these brilliant stories. You’re an amazing writer!

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