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State of the Writer, May 2019

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This month saw my thir­tieth wedding anniver­sary.

I finished, and then revised for submis­sion, Cast in Wisdom, and it is, until copy-edits, at Mira. I finished a novella of ques­tion­able length (49k), which was one of two short story prompts for the pixel project charity over two years ago T_T. Speaking of short story prompts that were even less short, ahem.

Today, I opened the unti­tled Severn novel, and the unti­tled first book in The Burning Crown arc. Between the two, there’s 100k words, but I had to put them aside to write Cast in Wisdom and reread all the other West words (which, to be honest, I have not quite finished yet. There’s some­thing vaguely like home­work about this, and … I’m not sure I enjoy turning the work into home­work T_T. Yes, there is whining in this house­hold. It is not pretty).

These two books will occupy the next several months of my writing life.

War outside of NAI have added pre-order links to the War book page. Or rather, I have added the non-North Amer­ican pre-order links for the ebook of War. There are no audio book links at the moment because, while I assume the audio book is coming by the publi­ca­tion date, I haven’t found it on audible​.com yet.

(The design of this cover is done by Jenn Reese of Tiger Bright Studios.)

33 Responses to State of the Writer, May 2019

  1. S.M.F. says:

    Congrats on the anniver­sary!

    And here’s to the whining not stop­ping you from working. ;)

  2. Darbie says:

    Wait I thought the cover was jewel with her orb done by Jody lee

  3. Stephen says:

    Congrat­u­la­tions on 30 years, that is great!!!
    I will have all the House War books re-read by the time War comes out. I am very excited as I look forward to that date. :)

  4. Kim says:

    Happy anniver­sary!!! I just finished First­born and am anxiously awaiting War! Thank you for all you do!!!

  5. Congrats indeed!! And thank you for what you do… 🙂

  6. Andrea says:

    Congrat­u­la­tions on your anniver­sary! As I’m maturing, I’m learning to prior­i­tize me time for myself and we time as a couple. It’s easy to get lost in our busy life and kids stuff.
    I’m looking forward to Cast in Wisdom and the Severn noval. Is there a punish date for either? Glad to hear from you and sounds like you are doing well… Less stressed.

  7. Carol Duffy says:

    Happy happy anniver­sary!

  8. Jo-Ann says:

    West words (and Sagara words) Always welcome. So excited and Cannot Wait for War — though as I write that, I realize that’s prob­ably the Only time I will Ever say That…
    Trying myself to get all of what-has-come-before read before mid-ish June and just won’t. I find I’m reading your words even more slowly than usual, just savouring the complex­i­ties and letting myself ponder about this-and-that concept or char­ac­ter­i­za­tion and enjoying myself thor­oughly. So much that I have once enjoyed reading doesn’t stand up so well to re-reads and I can say with resounding delight that every­thing you’ve written does for me.
    One ques­tion — that I may have asked before? or perhaps just thought repeat­edly, but if I have forgive my spotty memory — have you consid­ered putting all the novellas together into a paper-published version…Omnibus?…thingy? I ask because you’ve quite a few that I haven’t read simply because I just don’t read fiction in tech­no­log­ical format. Just don’t find it conducive to the sort of plea­sure I get from my reading habits (which are in bed if I risk getting too personal and) in paper-book format. I know that I would purchase — and appre­ciate.
    Congrat­u­la­tions on your anniver­sary and a produc­tive period and your ‘series’ on writing tech­ni­cal­i­ties and publishing year that given me more joy than I can adequately describe.

  9. Congrat­u­la­tions on your anniver­sary. We hit our 30th back in February this year and it both felt like quite an accom­plish­ment and was a run of the mill day. Very excited about all your upcoming projects. You keep writing and we will keep reading 😄

  10. LaraB says:

    Happy anniver­sary to you!

    I am very much looking forward to War, and also to “what comes next”.

    Rather than do my usual “read them all before starting the new book” habit, I have decided to read War when it arrives, and *then* go back and read all the way through. That way I am less likely to suddenly feel bereft when I finish the last page of War.

  11. Kari says:

    Happy anniver­sary!

    I’m so looking forward to *War.* Other projects too, but espe­cially that book. Thank you for the many hours of joy I have expe­ri­enced exploring West Worlds.

  12. Kerry aka Trouble says:

    Happy Anniver­sary!
    Is that the e‑book cover? I thought you had already shown us a Jody Lee cover for War. Have already pre-ordered War and looking forward to Cast in Wisdom as well as the Severn “novella” LOL

  13. chibipoe says:

    That cover is for the non US cover, it looks like.

  14. Happy Anniver­sary, thank you for all the years of enjoy­ment !

  15. Donna says:

    Happy Anniver­sary. And best wishes for editing things!
    Thanks for writing more books for us.

  16. michelle says:

    @SMF: Whining is prob­ably one of my “skills”. If whining stopped me from working I would … never have finished a book. I *try* to keep most of it on the inside of my head, but some­times it spills — and my long suffering husband was well aware of my inner whiner before he married me. And yet, still did.

    @Darbie: the North Amer­ican cover is possibly my favorite cover by Jody Lee :D. But… it’s the North Amer­ican cover. I can’t just use it on the ebooks for the rest of the English speaking world — so the UK/AU/NZ cover is entirely different for those.

    @Andrea: I believe Cast in Wisdom will be out at the end of January 2020, which is one year from the publi­ca­tion of Oblivion. I don’t have a date for the Severn book — it’s not finished yet.

    @Jo-Ann: All of the Essalieyan short stories are avail­able in a print version — that would be the six story collec­tion that is avail­able now, Memory of Stone.

    If you mean: the new 49k word novella, yes, it’s being consid­ered. I admit that when writing it, I wasn’t consid­ering external markets — or markets — at all.

  17. Joyce Ronquillo says:

    Congrat­u­la­tions of the anniver­sary! May you retain your balance forever.

    I am so looking forward to Cast in Wisdom, which is already pre-ordered. Are we nearing the end? It occurs to me that there hasn’t really been a human-centric book yet or am I mistaken. I know Kaylin keeps things human but her stories mostly involve her rela­tions with the other races. That is not a complaint, just an obser­va­tion.

  18. Denise says:

    Happy belated Anniver­sary! Home­work at my age would make me whine too.

  19. Darbie Mathys says:

    also many congrat­u­la­tions on your anniver­sary, very excited for War I am a terrible fan I read the ending first and then start the book, cant take the suspense. thanks for writing

  20. michelle says:

    @Darbie: I don’t think this is terrible at all. But… I might have been known to do this as a reader as well.

    (My very first editor said, “Michelle, don’t you think if you were meant to read that FIRST, it would have been called Chapter One?” with some disap­proval.)

  21. Tchula says:

    Don’t know how I missed this email, but congrat­u­la­tions on cele­brating 30 years! Dave and I just cele­brated our 20th. It sure goes by fast! (Which is much better than feeling like it’s drag­ging on and on, I suppose) ;-P

  22. Peter Moore says:

    Yea and Hooray for your anniver­sary! Massively looking forward to War. One week 6 days and 15.5 hrs. But who’s counting? Do you have any idea when the short story will be published?

  23. michelle says:

    @Tchula: the hours can drag, but the days fly.

    @Peter: I have no idea at this point when the story will be published. It’s exactly the wrong length at 49k+ — too long for novella programs, too short for novels. I wanted to get it done for the person who donated for that partic­ular prompt — Augus­tine story — but as that was the driving force, I wasn’t really thinking about what I would do with the story once it was finished T_T.

    I have it out to editor now as part of a possible collec­tion of the 3 Augus­tine stories, but publishing is always slow in that regard.

  24. Peter Moore says:

    Didn’t there used to be a cate­gory called novel­ette? I remember reading novel­ettes back in the day when Ace publishing was putting out a signif­i­cant number of short(er) spec­u­la­tive fiction antholo­gies. I remember seeing both novellas and novel­ettes being mentioned.
    One ques­tion: did the Augus­tine stories come first or did the oracles in the Elantran novels come first? I haven’t read either of the Augus­tine Painter stories, just the reviews by Amelie on the “Fans of Michelle West” site hosted by word­press. I’m now in the process of trying to find them. BTW I’m also a BIG fan of Julie Czerneda, editor of the “Summoned to Destiny” anthology.

  25. michelle says:

    @Peter: The cate­gories are, from SFWA, as follows:

    <7,500: Short story
    <17,500: Novel­ette
    <40,000: Novella
    40k+: Novel

    But no one publishes 40k novels, much.

    The first Augus­tine story was before any of the Cast novels. The second might have been around the Cast novels, early. The Oracles in Elantra are very different from the Augus­tine Painters, though.

    Ummm, I think the first story is long out of print — it was in a DAW anthology. I am not sure about the avail­ability of the Czerneda anthology.

  26. Peter Moore says:

    Thanks for the break­down of the various cate­gories. I had vaguely remem­bered novel­ettes being longer, but it’s been since forever that I remember reading anything described as a novel­ette.
    I found both antholo­gies on Amazon. I came up blank until I added the editor names. The “Summoned in Destiny” anthology was actu­ally included in my prime acct so I didn’t even have to pay ship­ping. The other anthology “Appren­tice Fantastic” wasn’t prime so I had to pay for ship­ping, and according to Amazon it was the last copy. Both antholo­gies were basi­cally $5 USD, plus tax and a $4 ship­ping charge for the Appren­tice Fantastic anthology. I’m a happy camper! Stuff to read, in fact some of it even Michelle West stuff to read before War comes.

  27. Tracy in Texas says:

    Very exciting! Congrats on the engage­ment, comple­tion and new stories. We’re so blessed to have you! :)

  28. Mira says:

    So very excited for all of the upcoming books!!! Is there any chance you’ll be on the road to promote any of them?

  29. michelle says:

    @Mira: I am going to the Dublin worldcon — which is middle of August, in Dublin. That will be some months after WAR is published, though.

    I’m the type of person who is rela­tively content to live under a rock, though. I used to go to a conven­tion in Pitts­burgh which I really liked, but I admit that I have avoided crossing the border since the last US federal elec­tion =/.

  30. Tchula says:

    Don’t blame you for that, one bit. Nov. 2020 can’t come soon enough imo.

  31. Taen says:

    This isn’t exactly a reply to your post, but I’ve just finished reading War, which Is the ending I’ve waited for ever since I first started with Jewel’s story so many years ago. It was perfect. I think I cried through half of it. Thank you so much, Michelle, for your incred­ible work.

  32. michelle says:

    @Taen: Thank you <3.

  33. Marie Roberts says:

    Not sure how I got to this page, I’m sure I won’t be that lucky again. So here goes. Finally get to read War. Just finish Cast in Oblivion. This one I enjoyed as I was able to follow, a small time with my favorite char­acter Nighshade. Really appriceated the time, he really gets to me. . Thank you for all your work. Third read of the Sun Sword series. Enjoyed them each time. Please keep writing, your work is so easy to read

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