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Spoiler thread: CAST IN ETERNITY

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I am dead­line pressed in multiple ways at the moment, so this is a bit late (every­thing is a bit late T_T), and I have to run back to the optometrist to get my eyes re-eval­u­ated because the new glasses aren’t working well with one eye. That’s this morning at 11:30.

In the mean­time: This is a SPOILER thread, where people can discuss the actual book and events in it, so if you haven’t read the book and also hate spoilers, avoid the comments.


50 Responses to Spoiler thread: CAST IN ETERNITY

  1. Anjali says:

    This is the first book in the entire series that has no Night­shade appearance.
    Missed seeing how Belusdeo is settling in as a fief lord as well.
    I wish there could be some first person thoughts of all the major char­ac­ters. Like we saw Teela’s in Cast in Deception.
    Actu­ally if I’m wishing … might as well wish for more books as soon as possible. The waiting is terribly agonising.

  2. Seana says:

    I hadn’t thought about it until I read Anjali’s comment, but yes, no Night­shade…! It was nice though, for this book to be very specific to Kaylin’s work rather than her friends, and lovely to see Helen get a new friend. I too, had hoped to hear a bit about how Belusdeo was doing with the tower (and Emmerian!)
    Defi­nitely second the comment about more books soon!!!
    No pres­sure on you Michelle – take it as a compli­ment that your writing, story lines and char­ac­ters are so compelling that readers are always eager for more :)

  3. Joyce says:

    I have ques­tions but I’m having a lot of trouble being coherent in framing them. Do the events in this book provide some needed back­ground or infor­ma­tion we will need later as, for example, the Aerian book did? It seemed a bit off the main sequence. Also, what is Severn up to? You wouldn’t have mentioned it if it wasn’t important.

    I truly sympa­thize about the glasses. Mine are not working at all and I must wait for a new year so the insur­ance will pay for at least some of it. Plus I need new computer glasses as well. Hope your problem is solved quickly.

  4. Tom Hauser says:

    I loved the new book!

    I’m ready for Severn to open up about his past to Kaylin!!! When they started talking about the Green, I was like, “come on Severn, tell everyone why you know so much about the Green!” I’m ready for both Severn and Kaylin to over­come some wounds and get together, which would bring a show down with Nightshade.

    I agree I’d love other char­acter perspec­tives. I’m pleased though that Kaylin finally got to talk to an Ancient One!! I’m hoping she’ll find encour­age­ment from the inter­ac­tion that will unlock her ability to read her marks. But what about Spike? How does Spike get back to the story in the future without a corpo­real anchor? Kaylin didn’t even say “goodbye, thanks for all the ways you’ve helped me.” Between youth and her past, Kaylin is defi­nitely the kind of person that is a bit stuck in her head. I guess I just want her to be more outgoing and more heroic. 

    I really hope the ghost couple make future appear­ances in the story, possibly as students at the academy! 

    I was a bit confused as to why there can be no more baby Wevarans. I know their race is 99% enslaved to shadow, but I don’t think it’s been explic­itly stated that the Wevaran are male and female, with the only free Wevaran being male. Or there being some other expla­na­tion given as to why the Wevaran birthing space could be occu­pied by Azoria for hundreds of years uncontested.

    As always the jokes, banter, and witty come­backs make the narra­tive fun and light hearted. 

    Please take care of your eyes Michelle!! This season will not last forever.

  5. Therese says:

    This was such an inter­esting one! Kaylin seems more confi­dent in herself in this one, which I appre­ci­ated. She’s come so far since Book 1. I’m curious where this goes next. I really want to know more about that Ancient(?) she healed at the end of the book.

  6. Carrie says:

    I loved this one. I loved that the char­ac­ters didn’t treat Kaylin like such a child, and we got to see her solidly manage a case more or less on her own. I missed some of the secondary char­ac­ters, but I appre­ci­ated the focused time. I, too, would love to see some move­ment forward with Kaylin and Severn.

  7. Natasha Forest Brown says:

    This story was weirdly very unex­pected. I absolutely loved it. But it was more tender than I thought it would be and brought out a side of Helen that was endearing. I can’t wait to see what escapades Imelda and Kalyan get into. I’m wondering if Michelle will delve into the “vampire” report­ings at some point. Hmm…

  8. Geoffrey Cooper says:

    In regards to the glasses, it is not uncommon for the lens manu­fac­turers to screw up the prescrip­tion. Have your optometrist check them for inter-pupi­lary distance errors as well as the corre­spon­dence to the prescription.

  9. Candace Bird says:

    I loved this latest installment.
    I secretly hope that even though Kaylin is mortal, she will live a very, very long time with her immortal friends (not trapped like ghosts; but favoured because she’s chosen). Death is certainly ambiguous here.

    A few things I really liked: Kaylin seems to be growing in power. Healing an ancient at one time would have knocked her out for a day or two, if she could do it at all. She’s also gaining in wisdom; this case was really her case. I like to see her driving the bus but I did miss a few secondary char­ac­ters like Night­shade. I’d like to see how a rela­tion­ship with Night­shade would go. Although Severn makes much more sense, a rela­tion­ship with a Barrani (espe­cially an outcast one) would certainly throw every­thing in a tail­spin). What can I say, I love chaos :)

  10. Julie Wilson says:

    Another banger! I love seeing how the other char­ac­ters constantly evolve around Kaylin. She seems like a joy and irri­ta­tion depending on who (or what) she is inter­acting with. It feels like she collects family every­where she goes. 2500/10 would recom­mend. I always suggest Michelle to readers that love in depth stories, char­acter and world building, and scenes that provide a true texture to my imag­i­na­tion. The antic­i­pa­tion is real when awaiting the next adven­ture. Thank you for the wonderful enter­tain­ment and creation of Kaylin and her constantly changing world.

  11. Aquilegia says:

    Excel­lent book as always. Far too short, of course. I wanted more. I always want more. 

    I had assumed that there wasn’t really much of an after­life in this universe for mortals, or at least if there was one it was completely discon­nected from normal reality. Barrani go back to the lake of life, and I assumed that other immor­tals were similar. Kaylin has always seemed to have the atti­tude that she wasn’t worried about anything happening to her. If it did, she’d be too dead to care. But now, we have actual legit­i­mate ghosts. Confir­ma­tion that some­thing persists for mortals too. It makes me wonder about actual gods and the rest of the this universe’s theology. 

    My one complaint is that, she was back in the office, and I was hoping to see more of our old friends there. We had a bit, but I thought there would be more. I was even expecting Mallory to rear his ugly head since she was out in the front office. Unless he did us all a favor and retired. One can hope. The office and the Hawks were defi­nitely more central to the plot than they have been for a while. But it still felt like she was on the fringes and not in the thick of it. It is a bit of a picky, picayune complaint. Which means that the rest was excellent. 

    There was a bit of Ynpharion. I didn’t realize it but you guys are right. There was no Night­shade, now that I think on it. It reminds me… Will we ever hear back from Kaylin’s newest name bound, Edelonne? Did she die and I missed it? Or will she be like the Lord of the West March and won’t intrude? 

    I also thought it was inter­esting that Severn was gone in meet­ings for so much of the early book. And I wonder what he was up to. Some­thing I think would be fasci­nating is to have two books running parallel to each other. One Kaylin’s POV and one Severn’s. It would prob­ably be a gigantic pain to write, since you would have to do them both at the same time and take very careful notes to keep every­thing straight. So, Michelle, this is not an actual request, or even a serious sugges­tion. Just idle musing. Though I do have one request in that line… If you ever do write another Severn book set before the main Cast series, could we please, please see the moment when Severn real­izes that he is attracted to the adult Kaylin? Not the adora­tion for the child that she was, not the devo­tion to his oath to protect and shelter her, but full on mature adult feel­ings of love. But not too much of the lust, since you don’t write those kinds of books. I have the feeling that it would be hilar­i­ously awkward.

  12. Kimberli Spiehler says:

    Hoping it all comes together for you easily with the dead­lines chasing you down the street. Reminds me of Kaylin being hunted in the early #fife­life.

  13. Andrea says:

    I really enjoyed this one! I espe­cially liked seeing Kaylin as more mature and confi­dent. She really handles things well!

    I loved the haunted house vibe. It was really fun and such a different take. I’m looking forward to learning more about the two out of phase people. Helen is really getting a lot of guests!

    I noticed the lack of Night­shade and found it refreshing. I know he’s a key player but ugh.

    As I said else­where, I would have liked more of Kaylin/Severn. I kept expecting Severn to do some ‘splainin! I’m thinking that might be coming up, since the part about the weapon was very minor in this one. I’m curious why he’s never told her.

    Finally, did anyone else get the feeling that this book is setting up a future book? There were so many little threads in this one that were only briefly touched on, like the Shards and the myste­rious meet­ings and the vampires. I’m so excited to see what’s next!

  14. Therese says:

    @Andrea I agree it does feel like a setup to a future book. I’m really curious where the story’s going next.

  15. BradV says:

    Loved the book, and am intrigued by all the different seeds for several future stories it holds, maybe even some indi­ca­tion of how to resolve the Shadow/Ravellon/etc threat/story.
     — ghosts of SOMETHING that can posses dragons (could Kaylin do for them what she did for the Ancient?)
     — rumors of vampires (I initially thought these MIGHT be Azoria feeding on mortals more frequently, but doesn’t look like it)
     — a resur­rected Ancient who is now spending some time with spike (who just finished spending some time with the Adver­sary — I see a future meeting in the works for the three of them)
     — Severn being side-tracked in meetings
     — Mrs Erickson : a human that can commune with (and command) the dead
     — an updated defi­n­i­tion of DEAD that may be more … flex­ible than previ­ously under­stood in this world.

    Speaking of death, I wonder several things, now there are clear indi­ca­tions of an afterlife.
    If we combine that with what we know of immor­tals in that there is/can-be a distinct sepa­rate­ness between the WORD at there core from their conscience/sentience/personality, does this mean that the SAME after­life is also for immor­tals? At least for their personality/conscience (though not the word at their core)?
    Azoria existed, and Mrs Erickson was able to command/control her after her name returned to the lake, as she can for mortal dead…
    Not indi­cating the after­life is just ONE world, as there could be many options — just wondering if they are the same options regard­less of mortality/race/immortality?

    I have no idea of how many more books Michelle has in mind for this world/story/arc, but can’t wait and see what happens next…

  16. Mary Allen says:

    I loved the book and am going to reread on my trip to Alabama. There are so many direc­tions to go in with this World. I’m wondering what happened to the other new room­mates at Helens. I also wonder if An’Tel­larus is still checking in on Severn? Is Ellu­vian still training Wolves. It seems like there should be more than just four or five wolves. Will Kaylin ever master any more magic lessons. Are the towers and the high halls and the Acad­emia talking to each other yet.

  17. Aquilegia says:

    I am rereading the series and it reminded me of another frus­tra­tion. Not with Michelle or anything with the writing of the book, but with the idiot mage who tested Mrs Erickson. So he didn’t think she was a typical magic user. That’s fine, she isn’t. But, at the very least he should have referred her to the orac­ular halls. 

    A small child who hears and sees things that other people don’t and who knows things that she shouldn’t is an obvious candi­date to be an oracle. The new Arkon needs to /carefully/ review the Impe­rial Order admis­sions guide­lines. Possibly dig that guy up and cremate the corpse.

  18. Mathew Foster says:

    Very much enjoyed the Book as usual. Deep grat­i­tude to the fact we never exactly know which direc­tion the story will go. Opens up new stories and the possi­bil­i­ties extrap­o­late. I fully get that the cast of char­ac­ters is growing and that you can’t get to them all. Happy for you to plod along and slowly give us glimpses of the lives of as many of these char­ac­ters as you can.

    Absolutely love Terrano playing chess with the Avatar and the Adver­sary. Answered one of my ques­tions about what the Adver­sary was/was not doing. Looking forward to that little chess club growing? Maybe Evanton, Lanna­garos, the Archon or even the High Lord. Even better would be a chess event in the city and the awesome sauce of the Adver­sary wandering in to sign up. The utter chaos would be hilar­ious. The Swords on the other hand would be less excited. Keep it up Michelle!

  19. Jim says:

    I had actu­ally forgotten this book was coming out soon (I delib­er­ately don’t keep track of such things) and decided to reread the series, so it was a very nice surprise to finish that rereading with a new book.

    The thing I noticed in this one was some­what of a return to the earliest books, where it felt more like a detec­tive series. Of course it’s more enjoy­able reading all of them (espe­cially because I’m more inter­ested in char­acter than plot), but I think it’s the first time in at least the last ten books where one real­is­ti­cally could read it as a singleton and have enough clue what’s happening.

    It’s not neces­sary for my enjoy­ment, but I do appre­ciate the skill it takes to write for all of us who read (and reread) them all and for someone completely new.

  20. Mathew Foster says:

    With the Archon’s posses­sion by the ghost, Hope stated “I’m not a God Kaylin” implying the possessor had God like power so he cannot inter­fere. My suppo­si­tion is that normal “ghosts” cannot just randomly possess a dragon, does this link that this specific ghost — was the ghost form of the Ancient? Or do we feel it was the inter­ac­tion of the table powering up the ghost? Any thoughts?

  21. Therese says:

    This book more than the others make me want to buy some sticky flags so I can book­mark specific scenes, since Kaylin travels a little more and different things happen each time. I had to flip around to find the scene with the Arkon. I think you’re right, it sounds like it would take a lot to possess a dragon. But since it was an Ancient that created the dragon race, maybe an Ancient’s blood is enough to influ­ence one.

    On a side note, I kind of really, really want Mandoran and Kaylin to share names!

  22. Frances says:

    I have to say that there are many good points here in these comments. I love the books and have read them each several times. I find Kaylin and Severn and well written, intriguing and funny. I also found glimpses of Queen of The Dead in this story (which I loved and found very satis­fying!) I look forward to more and hope ther will be more inter­ac­tion with Lord Sana­balis and the Lord of the West March. Thank ou again for the on-going plea­sure of reading your stories.

  23. Aquilegia says:

    @Therese That is part of why I read ebooks. I like the trade paper­backs on my shelf, but the ebooks make it so much easier to take notes, search for specific parts, and cross reference.

  24. Aquilegia says:

    Some­thing I noticed last time, I wanted to pay extra atten­tion to on this reread. I am not very far in, but I am becoming increas­ingly convinced that Kaylin has ADHD. On top of her unre­solved trauma from sexual abuse and prob­able PTSD from her child­hood. That poor girl needs a ther­a­pist and a caffeine fix. Does this universe even have coffee?

  25. Anjali says:

    Adding to my earlier remark … is it possible to know what the time is like in this universe? I mean what’s a year like … from what I remember being mentioned in book 1 … it was 1213 months because of the deaths of those kids. while soooo much has happened we haven’t seen a single winter season despite the mention of winters. Nor has the Barrani high festival come back. And Kaylin seems to be a forever 20. And no birthday either.

  26. Louise Kobuck says:

    I guess I am the only one who misses Night­shade. I have so many unan­swered ques­tions about him. I keep waiting for some clarity but it never comes. He has been removed from the story it seems. I had much diffi­culty finishing this book. I felt it didn’t add much to the series. I realize I am alone in my thoughts. I hope the next book is more inter­esting to me because I have always loved the series.

  27. Aquilegia says:

    I had a thought this evening. I don’t know how accu­rate this guess may be. It is pure spec­u­la­tion. Many people have observed the absence of Night­shade in this book. I wonder if he might not be here, because he will be present so much in the Acad­emia book. While it is true that he could make an appear­ance in both, espe­cially with tele­pathic (or what­ever) commu­ni­ca­tion. It is not always easy to keep track of things like that in the writing process, and I don’t know about Michelle, but I would want to avoid outraged fans complaining about contradictions. 

    @Anjali I would also like a time­line. Not only of events in the novels, but in the world’s history. When was the empire founded, when were the Draco-Baranni wars, when did the towers acti­vate, when were they constructed, etc…? The main series it might be less than a year, but it might be almost two. Prob­ably not more than that, but maybe. It’s so hard to know with what is mentioned in the text

  28. laura says:

    love love love! i thor­oughly enjoyed this story, and am intrigued by all the crumbs left that might lead to more books. the epilogue made tears leak from my eyes with mrs erickson and the chil­dren. i love your char­ac­ters and your world building. i love the way i can sink into your books and into your world and the outside world just disap­pears for me. your world is so well described and real for me. i am the kind of person where reading a book is like watching a movie in my head. and you write so well that its effort­less to drop into it. as always, i look forward to more from you.

  29. Gail Halsted says:

    I would like to start that this is only my personal opinion. I have thor­oughly enjoyed all the Chron­i­cles of Elantra series and own all these books. Am currently re-reading them. However I didn’t enjoy the aspect of necro­mancing, ghosts or allu­sions to vampires as these do not interest me at all and hope that they are not appearing in future books. It was only when reading other people’s remarks that I real­ized how much I enjoyed the other char­ac­ters. Their absence made the book feel flat and one dimen­sional. I really, really like Michelle Sagara as an author and her ability to build the world of Elantra and people it with such a diverse range of characters.

  30. kristal says:

    Love the book and the case was fresh and inter­esting. I’m in the group that can’t wait for Severn and Kaylin to move further in their rela­tion­ship and her to find out his connec­tion to the green. I am prob­ably in the minority in that I didn’t miss Night­shade at all but really wanted more of Bella­sudo and the cohort. I totally agree with the one that wants Kaylin to get Mando­ran’s name (don’t think she will give hers to anyone but Severn). Hope we don’t need to wait long for the next book or Wolf book. Great addi­tion to the series

  31. Aquilegia says:

    I am in Peril on my reread. And I had a slightly terri­fying thought. Bertolle said that they stand sentinel against the return of the ancients. And when his brothers woke, the first thing they asked about was if they returned. Like it is a very, very bad thing. 

    And in Eter­nity, Kaylin just cleansed/partially healed the ancient used by Azoria. Is he a lord of law or chaos? Is he going to help fight against the shadow, or help the shadow to fight against the living? I mean she had to cleanse them in order to defeat the psycho spider lady, but is it just setting up more prob­lems for the future? I mean, I know they are OP, but this is a literal god that just joined the game, and the Hallione are scared of them

  32. Nathalia Hjordt says:

    Hi.. so I am newish to the series and was wondering about the eye colors of the different races.. the mean­ings and such, and found some old post that said there should be a list but I can’t find it..?

  33. Aquilegia says:

    @Nathalia Michelle posted a list on the old forums about ten years ago. It wasn’t on the main sites, as far as I know. The forums were shut down, so that is lost. I don’t have the orig­inal anymore. But I do have that list, edited to add all of my own notes. Only parts of it are offi­cial, and I can’t really tell you which parts I added for certain. This should be fairly complete and accu­rate, but…. Fair warning. 

    Green: happy, calm, neutral.
    Pale Green: child’s eyes/innocence
    Blue: Anger/fear
    Pale Blue: regret
    Sky Blue: Desire
    Violet: domi­nant desire/possessiveness
    Deep Purple/amethyst: grief, deep grief
    Brown: Approval/Respect
    Gold: Surprise
    (Me: I have no idea what the differ­ence is between sky and pale blue)

    Gold: Normal, content
    Red: Death.
    Orange: as in the Leon­tine case, the irri­ta­tion in the middle, which is not always death.
    White/platinum/silver/ Ancient magic/surprise
    Copper: Sadness 

    Gold: normal/content.
    Red: angry.
    Orange: that shade in between which means what it pretty much implies.
    Blue: resig­na­tion and accep­tance in a partic­ular context.
    Grey: Despair.

    The Norannir:
    Brown: happy/peaceful
    Blue: worry/fear
    Green: surprise
    Gold: awe

    Amber/Honey: normal, calm
    Hazel: between shade
    Green: angry

    The Aerians:
    Ash-grey: normal
    Grey/Coal Grey: bad
    Blue: anger
    Pale blue: sorrow
    Purple: surprise

  34. Christina Davis says:

    Loved the book but was sad that there was no Night­shade! Would like to see a possible love interest in the future (not Severn). Also would love if you created a glos­sary of char­ac­ters on your website.

  35. susan says:

    I reread the entire series before allowing myself to read Cast in Eter­nity. Quite a few 3 a.m. reading marathons, even the second time around. And then, the new book. It was beau­ti­fully written and thought provoking, as is the entire series. I enjoyed it immensely but I was disap­pointed about the lack of reso­lu­tion to any of the previous story­lines. I’m getting old and I’m terri­fied I’ll die before I find out if Kaylin and Severn finally get together, if she decides she wants the tattoo removed, or if Bellusdeo has chil­dren. Or if they find the Oak Island trea­sure lol. Michelle, I’ve been reading more than a book a day since the pandemic started and you’re my favourite author ever but you have to write faster!

  36. michelle says:

    @Susan: If the book coop­er­ates — and often they really don’t T_T — Bellusdeo should be more of a focus.

  37. Alethea K Ford says:

    It seems like almost everyone loves Severn and Kaylin, but I miss Night­shade. I wanted to see where they went, but it does look like he has been phased out. Is this the end for Nightshade?

  38. Kat says:

    I also prefer night­shade over severn

  39. Ugh @Kat, Night­shade is the man who would talk you into doing degrading things, he’s cruel, enti­tled, jaded and like being hypno­tized by a cobra . Severn is strong, honest, coura­geous and loyal to a fault. One would be an owner, the other a partner.

  40. Louise Kobuck says:

    I don’t think we really know what Nightshade’s inten­tions are. It remains a mystery.

  41. Kimberly E. says:

    I started reading Michelle’s books with Into the Dark Lands before my first child was born…she is 30 now. Sun Sword Series is a masterpiece.
    I count the months for the next Cast book release. Having said that, Cast in Eter­nity is the first of her books that I strug­gled to finish. I walked away from it several times and then forced myself to finish so I could mail it home and get it out of my suit­case (extended retire­ment vaca­tion travels). I can’t explain it but there was just some­thing lacking. Not so much previous char­ac­ters (I too miss Night­shade) as an under­lying depth, tight­ness, coherency that just wasn’t there. The cohort are a boring distrac­tion trailing along in the recent books.
    I really enjoyed the two Wolves of Elantra books.
    I plan to reread the Sun Sword and House War series while waiting for Michelle’s next book to be released.
    Thank you Michelle for all the hours spent in the wonderful worlds of your imagination!!!

  42. Aquilegia says:

    @Louise: We don’t know specif­i­cally, exactly what Nightshade’s inten­tions are. Since we so rarely get a glimpse inside his head. But, the opinion of Teela, Annarion, and every other Baranni who has mentioned it should count for some­thing. Everyone who is not directly serving Night­shade is violently against any rela­tion­ship. Helen’s opinion has a bit more weight, since she can some­what read his mind and inten­tions. He shields his thoughts most of the time, but I suspect that Helen was rifling through what­ever she could while he was having screaming matches with his brother and his control slipped. And Helen said that he thinks of her like he thinks of his sword. A tool, a weapon, not a person with thought, inter­ests, and desires of her own. Hope… Hope is extremely violently opposed. Tried to breathe on him once and bit him the other. He is protecting his owner/pet. But, the most telling of all is his eyes. Nearly a decade ago on the forums here, which are gone now, I asked for a list of eye colors and their mean­ings. Michelle told me in that list that violet eyes meant domi­nating desire or posses­sive­ness. We learned in later books that sky blue means lust/desire. Of the three times Night­shade has attempted to become inti­mate, only once were his eyes sky blue. The other two were violet. Meaning that his domi­nant emotion at those times was a desire to domi­nate and possess her. Not lust, not love. I think we have enough infor­ma­tion to pretty clearly infer his inten­tions, even if it has ever been explic­itly stated.

  43. Andrea says:

    @Aquilegia: Exactly. It’s not spelled out, but there are clear signs from the first book that his inten­tions are not from a place of love. We could maybe argue there is desire, but it’s not a desire for her, herself. Person­ally, I think he wants her power or to control that power by control­ling her.

  44. Aquilegia says:

    @Andrea: He defi­nitely has a heart hiding some­place under all that arro­gance. He certainly loves his brother. He obvi­ously cares for the Consort. He surely has some affec­tion for Kaylin. He is not irre­deemable or pure evil. I don’t hate him. I think he is an inter­esting char­acter. I just don’t think he should be in a rela­tion­ship with Kaylin. They just want very different things out of life and have nearly polar oppo­site ideas of what rela­tion­ships and fami­lies should be. Even if he did love her with all of his brittle, manip­u­la­tive, self-centered heart, they would be completely freaking miser­able together.

  45. Aquilegia says:

    * Stan­dard disclaimer that this is all in my opinion, Based on what I consider to be suffi­cient evidence. I do not and cannot know what his feel­ings, hopes, and dreams are for certain unless and until he very clearly says it in one of the books. Through the name-bond, so he can’t lie. Etc… Etc…

    If I am wrong, I will freely admit it and be grateful that he is a far, far better person than I am being led to believe. I hope that he can find both joy and peace in his heart. After he learns some humility and mellows for a few decades.

  46. Jessica says:

    @everyone, Night­shade is a weird polarity. He is what all the people who don’t like him says he is. But, I think this is the image he want’s everyone to believe, and I mean everyone because it is safe. I also think that when he met Kaylin the fate of the whole world became his burden to bare. Every­thing had to happen to make sure the future of Elantra happened and that Kaylin would become chosen and not under the command of shadow (that would be the end of the world, or the universe possibly) That is an insane burden to bare that absolutely no one seems to mention in the book and/or care about. He also doesn’t go around flashing that in every­ones face, because he knows that it was the right thing to do. He spent centuries designing his life so that Kaylin could make it back in time and become the woman he met in the past, in the future. When he “tricked” Kaylin into saving Annarian it wasn’t a cause she would have disap­proved of, where she and Annarian got mad at him was he couldn’t be humbled enough to just ask. He could have killed Ynpharian for being to “weak” to stop himself from kissing Kaylin, Night­shade knew she would have hated that, he didn’t kill Ynpharian because Kaylin DID NOT WANT THAT. I can name more then a few Barrani who would not do that and would have imme­di­ately killed Ynpharian. He has had his iden­tity wrapped up in Kaylin for so long that I really don’t think he knows how to exist without the idea of her. His eyes have been pale sky blue twice, once in his castle after Kaylin was tested by the water elemental, second in the past when they were flying on Tiamaris’ back when they were in the past and he first met her. I think his biggest char­acter flaws are 1: not letting go of his fear, meaning allowing himself to be vulner­able in the sense of allowing himself to love and care about people (he can only feel this for his brother) 2: real­izing that the world is not worth saving if you cant love the people in it, why would the world be worth saving if nobody is worth anything/sacrifice whoever as long as the world still exists? 3: Having an iden­tity outside of Kaylin because of the freak time travel situation.
    I really think he see’s Kaylin as the key to saving the world and that it is very likely she will die in the process of that and he doesn’t want to have the pain of loosing some­thing he care’s about, so he pretends/behaves in manor in which not even she knows how he feels, but I do believe he loves her and that Kaylin wouldn’t believe him even if he told her but it still goes back to not wanting the pain of that loss. Annarian was hard enough, but Annarian proves that he is capable, more so then a lot of other Barrani to not only hold that love but act on it.

    My other side thought is that he is an accom­plish of Makuron and Shadow and has been working as a minion of Ravellon since day one and helped facil­i­tate the marks on Kaylin and we will find out the truth and depth of his treachery in the final ark of the story and he was playing everyone all along. It would make a great plot twist, or it ends like the fifth element with a confes­sion of love that saves the world 🤣

  47. Joyce says:

    Jessica, I agree with so much of what you say. I’m not one to fangirl out over romantic entan­gle­ments for the sake of romance; but I am a fan of romantic tension as another driver in rela­tion­ships. I’m very fond of Severn but I’ve seen enough anime to know he is on a very hard road. He’s the stoic support who will never let Kaylin fall but he won’t push himself at all. Whether or not she ever finds that she loves him beyond the love she already has he will be content. Kaylin needs both Severn and Night­shade to fulfill what­ever he destiny as Chosen brings.

    As for Night­shade, it has always been clear to me that he is much more than most Baranni and is very entan­gled in Kaylin’s life­line. Her path is both guarded and guided by many ancient spirits/souls/beings, i.e. Dragons and Baranni, who won’t be concerned by Kaylin’s outbursts anymore than we would when a toddler has a tantrum. That rela­tion­ship is fascinating. 

    We still have no clear picture of why Kaylin, a human, was chosen and what part the humans will play in the endgame. I truly don’t think Night­shade is an agent of Shadow (nor do I want to if I’m honest) but I do believe it is possible that the humans, who were also immi­grants to Elantra, have been suborned by Shadow. They are always in the majority by numbers and yet the weakest of all the races with nothing special about them, hanging on the edge of things. That has to burn, they are human, and they would easily be turned by a promise of glory. That would possibly explain why the Chosen is human. The fight to come will involve a basic human trit that the Chosen must understand.

  48. Valerie J Sanders says:

    As a tech­nical writer, I hear you about dead­lines. As a life­long fiction reader, please step up night­shade. So far, Severn is very unin­ter­esting and like a brother. My opinion is that any romance there is unbe­liev­able at best. I like your books quite a lot, I hope you can advance plot points more quickly.

  49. Grace says:

    Guess I’m part of the gang who really likes Severn as a char­acter and I look forward to some point in the series where he does open up to Kaylin more. I also didn’t miss Night­shade at all — I don’t need to see Kaylin and Severn get together (I’m totally alright if the series ends without her getting into a rela­tion­ship, romance isn’t a must), but Night­shade with Kaylin is a no for me. This was a really good read, can’t wait for new books in the series!

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