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State of the Author: January 2023 edition

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First: December. I finished the first draft of Hunter’s Redoubt on the 24th of December – in time to panic about Christmas tree & presents & Christmas eve dinner. It’s 303k words long, so… the longest first book in any series I’ve written T_T. It has gone off to the editor. Hope­fully, it will go off to artist, too.

I did not finish Shards of Glass, but I’m working on that now, in the lull between submit­ting a draft and getting edito­rial feedback.

My hope was to work on both books at the same time – as I do for most of a book’s life. But usually when I hit the end of a book, I put the other on pause. I even­tu­ally had to do that with this one, because the end of a book eats all of my creative brain, and it took me four hours to turn that brain around and work on anything else >.<.

On Christmas day, our fridge died. Just before Christmas, our dryer died. Both are older, and both require expen­sive repairs. So: Boxing day sales, which meant the 26th was not a relaxing day. Our dryer arrives tomorrow. Our fridge arrives the day after. In the mean­time, we’ve been using a large picnic cooler on the back porch – but I really miss having an actual fridge.

And, to add to that: we’ve had repairs done on the dish­washer and the washing machine, but those were within reason; we’ve had a leak from the upstairs bath­room repaired – and the hard part for that one was finding what was leaking. But: bath­room not leaking anymore.

So I’ve been a bit absent as things are breaking down, and I really, really hope that 2023 does not have any more appli­ance deaths.

But: we are all healthy at the moment; we had our usual Christmas day with family & found family; we had a lovely, quiet New Year’s Eve with a few friends.

I hope you all had holi­days with less things breaking down :).


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  1. hsmyers says:

    As an apart­ment dweller, the only appli­ances I own are my washer and drier. The rest came with the apart­ment. They are all tittering on the edge of AD (appli­ance death) but as long as the temps stay low and the microwave holds out, I’ll be fine. Glad you made it through…

  2. Melanie says:

    My appli­ances are all old too. Happy New Year

  3. tsnor says:

    It’s 303k words long, so… the longest first book in any series I’ve written” Nice.

  4. Aquilegia says:

    Having multiple appli­ances die right at Christmas is a horrible thing for the fates to do you and your budget. 

    On the spoiler thread someone asked about a time­line. I remember from a conver­sa­tion I had with you on the old forums that you are not always the best about remem­bering to take notes. If you want to crowd­source it, I would be happy to send you the notes I have taken, and I am sure that others will as well. (Unless I am the only one hyper-focused enough to analyze that much, in which case it will be only me) Just let us know where to send them

  5. Susan Cook says:

    I’ve had a fridge die just days before Christmas and one year our gas bottle ran-out (our stove runs on bottled gas) as we were cooking the Christmas roast. It can be a hectic time and that is increased with every­thing shut­ting done early and stores being closed) so this year I insisted on my husband buying a second bottle of gas to have on stand-by. We had to replace our fridge just over a year ago but our chest freezer is getting on in years so hope­fully it will give us a few years more. Thanks to slow or non existing ship­ping during Covid, parts for appli­ances are scarce and many servicemen are unable to source them. I selected my new fridge on brands that parts could be obtained for, just in case.
    I am sure that your family is well used to your erratic and busy writing schedule and arranged the tree and Christmas dinner without your input.
    Glad you survived the experience.

    Susan Cook

  6. br60103 says:

    We had a bath­room leak some years ago. (feed pipe blew off the toilet). When I bought a new pipe, the salesman suggested calling insur­ance. That was good because it had leaked over the floor and onto the ceil­ings below. Insur­ance paid for mois­ture miti­ga­tion and repairs to ceil­ings. Did not cover the pipe.
    Someone suggested that we not buy the fanciest appli­ances as there are more features to go wrong.

  7. Kathy Scappace says:

    So sorry about your appli­ances. I hate when they do that. They’re like babies; every­thing happens on their time­line. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope they were filled with love, promises, and hope.

  8. Christina Grykuliak says:

    Just to clarify, Hunter’s Redoubt will be inde­pen­dently published? And if so, will it be avail­able in Kobo, Nook, as well as Amazon? Please and thank you :)

  9. michelle says:

    @Christina: Yes, HUNTER’S REDOUBT will be inde­pen­dently published; it will be avail­able on all plat­forms (rather than as a Kindle exclu­sive). But — it’s not going to be imme­diate because: editing, copy-editing, proof-reading all still take time.

  10. br60103 says:

    Does that mean that it won’t be avail­able in paper?

  11. michelle says:

    I will try to make at least a PoD version avail­able — it’ll be like MEMORY OF STONE, but almost three times longer.

  12. Mary Allen says:

    My son has an older clothes drier which died. He was able to figure out what was wrong with the drier and after watching a youtube video fix the drier himself. this might help with future appli­ance problems.

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