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I am dead­line pressed in multiple ways at the moment, so this is a bit late (every­thing is a bit late T_T), and I have to run back to the optometrist to get my eyes re-eval­u­ated because the new glasses aren’t working well with one eye. That’s this morning at 11:30. In the mean­time: This is a SPOILER thread, where people can discuss the actual book and events in it, so if you haven’t read the book and also hate spoilers, avoid the comments. 

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I try to put these up a week after a book has been released, but I was so focused on trying to finish Cast in Eter­nity that this did not happen. So, late, but: this is a discus­sion thread meant entirely for people who are not me to discuss Sword & Shadow. As the title suggests, it’s a spoiler thread, and while I ask people not to spoil a book in the main publi­ca­tion day thread, I’m obvi­ously not going to ask people not to spoil things in this one :). DO NOT READ if you haven’t read the book, unless you don’t mind spoilers.