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News about Lady of Mercy and Chains of Darkness

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Hi, Was wondering why there seems to be a major prob in getting hold of Lady of Mercy? I have the other three books and didn’t want to start reading htem until I had a full set but I can’t get a copy of this book unless I am willing to pay £400.00 or more for second hand …. Are there going to be any more published at all?

Thanks for your time xx


A couple of people have asked this, so I thought I would pull it up out of comments and answer the ques­tion here.

The publisher, BenBella books, changed distrib­u­tors, which meant shifting all existing stock out of one distrib­u­tor’s ware­house and carting it to the new ware­house.  The books that went out of stock during this period of tran­si­tion were not reprinted, prob­ably because it didn’t make a lot of sense to reprint boxes of books and move them into a ware­house only to pay to have them moved to a totally different ware­house a few weeks later.

However, the tran­si­tion between ware­houses has now been completed, and the lovely person in charge of produc­tion did get back to me; the files for those books are now heading to the printer, and there’s a minimum turn around time of two weeks.  They should be avail­able for order from BenBella (and I assume, in theory, from other on-line venues) within a few weeks and hope­fully they should then remain available.

Apolo­gies for the delay in my response, espe­cially to all the people who did ask, and who got, for the most part, my very unhelpful silence =(. 

– Michelle

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  1. Gemma says:

    Thanks for this … will keep a look out for it !!!! Really enjoy the Cast novels at the mo — eagerly awaiting cast in silence to land on my doorstep!

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