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Firstborn mass market release day

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Today, the mass market paper­back edition of First­born has been published and released into the wild. The links will be on the book page here, but just in case, I’ve copied them into the body of this post.

Mass Market published February 2020 by DAW Books
ISBN 9780756415549 • Cover art by Jody A. Lee
Find it at Amazon •  IndigoIndiebound
Books A Million •  B & N •  Powell’s • Book Depos­i­tory

My brief in other news update is: I have finally, on the seventh attempt, achieved new chapter one for the first book of The Burning Crown, which is as yet unti­tled. I have started, and am working on the also unti­tled Cast 16.

I have received mass market page proofs for War, and copy-edits for The Emper­or’s Wolves (and I’ll have a cover to share at the begin­ning of March, when every­thing non-new-words related is also due.) And no, the page proofs and copy-edits haven’t been finished yet >.<

My Australian alpha reader said the most surprising thing about being an author to him was the amount of time required on things that were not, strictly speaking, related to the actual writing of the book itself. Sadly, this is some­thing I forget myself when consid­ering writing time and novel-writing time in specific. Every­thing I finish will return to me multiple times: Revi­sions, copy-edits, page proofs and a host of other small things. And while it absolutely doesn’t take as long to do these things as it did to write the book, they… eat a lot of time.

7 Responses to Firstborn mass market release day

  1. Joey says:


    Also, do you plan to attend any conven­tions this year?

  2. michelle says:

    @Joey: I am unde­cided re: conven­tions. Possibly Ottawa in October again? I’m not sure about New Zealand; I want to go, but it’s in July, which is not the best dead­line time to miss =/

  3. Tchula says:

    Sounds like you’ve made lots of progress. Yay! I’m defi­nitely looking forward to seeing cover art for the wolves’ book. Can’t wait!

  4. DeDe says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see the cover art for Wolves.

  5. Melanie says:


  6. Eclipse Cocuzza says:

    So excited! Can’t wait to see the cover for the first Severn novels.

  7. Elizabeth Fiorentini says:

    The cover for FIRSTBORN is beau­tiful but I am confused. It was Carver who carried the leaf. I don’t recall Andre having anything to do with that. Am I wrong? I can’t wait to get my hands on a print copy for my collec­tion. Also, I recently went back to revisit the Sunsword. You are an amazing author.

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