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Full Cover & another Indigo promotion

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I have the full cover for the new novel, Shards of Glass. I assume most people see the front cover at various retailers, so, as usual, post the cover when I have the full version.

The cover design was done by Kath­leen Oudit, who I adore. I’ve stopped calling this the Magic School book because it turned left almost imme­di­ately. I don’t usually have to start the CAST novels multiple times; I sit down, I start. Maybe I’ll start a second time if the first attempt doesn’t hit the right tone, but the CAST novels have a tone.

This book had to be started many times, and the even­tual begin­ning of the book was not the one I’d envi­sioned on any of the prior attempts.

It’s not neces­sary to have read the CAST novels — in theory. My editor hadn’t. (This makes perfect sense. It does not upset me. There are seven­teen and a half CAST novels, plus the one I’m working on now, and editors are always hideously over­worked. Asking someone to read all of the previous canon before she edits is… it’s a huge ask). Part of working with the new editor (Leah Mol) was figuring out what won’t work for new readers because it relies too much on the knowl­edge gained from previous books.)


If you missed the previous Indigo promo­tion, you are not – where my book is concerned – out of luck. Indigo has started a “Most antic­i­pated Science Fiction & Fantasy” preorder promo­tion (as of yesterday, but I’m a tiny bit behind). It runs until the 12th, so I’m sorry to be a day late in mentioning it.

Shards of Glass is here, if you don’t want to scroll down :)


16 Responses to Full Cover & another Indigo promotion

  1. Juanita Barbro says:

    I have already pre-ordered the book. Looking forward to it. I have all the other books and am re-reading the previous ones to be ready for this one. I love this serious. Always looking forward to all the different ideas you have. Thank you so much for your hard work

  2. Sharon says:

    Well said, Juanita. The same from me too, and I hope we can look forward to many more Elantra books. Thanks again for many years of enjoy­able reading and re-reading.

  3. michelle says:

    @Sharon, Juanita: Thank you both so much <3

  4. Julie M Wilson says:

    I legit try not to look at upcoming stuff because I love a surprise. THIS IS SO COOL! Can’t wait to read it. Thank you!

  5. Starr perry says:

    When the new Cast novels come out, like so many of us waiting with antic­i­pa­tion — the contin­u­a­tion of a powerful saga with all the vibrant char­ac­ters and their fami­lies and connec­tions is pure delight! 

    (Is there annny chance Kaylin and Severn get together as a couple? Every book release I hope so! I may be the only one, but I’m rooting for them — those two deserve happi­ness with each other!) 

    I even wish Night­shade was part of a couple — just sooo NOT with Kaylin. 

    Thank you for beau­tiful stories. those in the creative arts follow
    the Muse wher­ever she leads, and you write such dynamic and compelling tales brim­ming with action and emotion, a reread of earlier books is a precious with beloved friends and sweet soul companions.

  6. Mary says:

    I so wish Shards of Glass was avail­able now. I have had it pre-ordered on Barnes and Noble since it became avail­able to pre-order. As we near November I will reread Cast in Wisdom to get back to the Acad­emia. I am looking forward to learning more about the Acad­emia and Robin. I am hoping after Shards of Glass that we don’t have to wait a whole year for the next Cast book. I know you did your job and finished Shards but the Publisher pushed it out in the schedule. I hope the rest of 2023 finds you healthy relaxed and rested.

  7. michelle says:

    @Mary: the current pub date for CAST IN ATONEMENT is August 2024, so not a full year :).

  8. michelle says:

    @Starr: Thank you so much <3. I admit the past month has been trying =/, but I’m writing CAST IN ATONEMENT now :)

  9. Aquilegia says:

    @Michelle: Huzzah, we have a title now, and I am so excited and happy that you seem to be feeling some­what better. So grateful for all that you do. 

    @Starr: I also want to see Night­shade happy and fulfilled, and with some­body other than Kaylin. He is not utterly despi­cable, he is not evil incar­nate, he is a product of the culture he was raised in. He is dong the best he can to survive and stay sane. As long as he tries to improve and become the best version of himself that he can from now on, I am happy and well satis­fied. I will say, again, for all the vocal Nightlin ship­pers out there, that you need more than good chem­istry and repressed passion to make a good rela­tion­ship. You need to actualy have some inter­ests and life goals in common. I keep trying to imagine what they would talk about on a quiet evening at home or over break­fast and all I see is awkward silences, anger, and disdain. Maybe my imag­i­na­tion is inad­e­quate, I am not the author and certainly not the ulti­mate authority. But I think it would be a horrible way to live, they both deserve better.

  10. kristal says:

    Starr, I have been wanting Severn and Kaylin together since the begin­ning. He was so patient and I hate him having to wait forever. I love seeing the Dragons doing things that don’t have to do with a crime like the school, running a fief (can’t wait to see how Bele­su­do’s differs from Tiamaris’) and the new Arkon running around.

  11. Thomas Hauser says:

    The cover looks beau­tiful!! My mom and I have really enjoyed discov­ering and reading your books together as an adult mom-son fantasy book club:).

  12. michelle says:

    @Thomas: One of the things that really tickles me is the parent-child fantasy book club :)

  13. melanie says:

    I order Shards of Glass, and reread the first Steven novel again, I love every­thing you write, hope you know we support you, take care

  14. Rhonda says:

    Firstly love your work. I own all of Kaylin’s adven­tures so far in different media as well. Can I respect­fully disagree with editing out all the need for prior knowl­edge of the Cast world? You have written a multi­di­men­sional world worth the journey, ‘newread­er­splainkng” it with every new book takes up valu­able space. It takes over a year of your efforts to get a new book out, each page is valu­able real estate for those of us that have waited around since after book 1. Again much respect and full of love for all your talent.

  15. Aquilegia says:

    @Rhonda: Lore and keeping track of back­story can be handled in different ways, and there are posi­tives and nega­tives to each. 

    The first is how Michelle is choosing to handle it. Trying to make sure that readers can pick up any book in universe and be able to read a mostly self-contained narra­tive. The posi­tive is that is is easy for all readers, but as you said the nega­tive is that it takes more time and makes the book longer. 

    The other option is, the author could just dump us all in the deep end and pick up where they left off. There is no filler and can (possibly) be written and edited faster. But, it is quite intim­i­dating for new readers. They get a bit confused while reading the new book, and see that they need to read well over a dozen other books to figure out what is going on. Quite a few would prob­ably just quit reading and move on to some­thing easier. 

    A compro­mise between those two is to have an authors note at the begin­ning telling people to come to the website where there would be a glos­sary and brief char­acter descrip­tions and bits of lore. The author still has to write all of that and tweak it with each new release. Which can be quite daunting. But it does mean that the books them­selves might be shorter and easier to write. 

    Person­ally, I like how Michelle handles it. If it has been a year since I had read the previous book, I really appre­ciate it when the author helps to jog my memory. I read a lot of fictional universes, and I don’t always keep the details straight. I read for fun, I don’t want it to turn into a home­work assign­ment. (Unless that is where my hyper­focus has taken me today, then I need to try and figure out how many people could live in a square mile of non-indus­trial city and how much farm­land is needed to feed those people. Because I don’t need sleep, I need answers. Those answers are about five to ten thou­sand people and anywhere from one to eighty square miles depending on what is grown, climate, and how effi­cient you are.)

  16. Elizabeth G says:

    @Aquilegia — I love you and that you answered the hyper­focus ques­tion before i could hyper­focus on it myself!

    i too appre­ciate how the Michelle handles the recap. There are some things in the early books my hyper­fix­ated brain has latched onto in hopes of getting more knowl­edge (such as orig­i­nally she said there were 6 races but the 6th was so reclu­sive as to not exist and then we didn’t hear about a 6th race though more have been intro­duced) and throw­away state­ments like a lost great library have been brought into fruition. Some­times i main­line the entire audio of the series before release. Right now I’m casu­ally enjoying the Audio of Eter­nity for the first time (though i did read the print prior, i don’t have that much restraint)

    I’m hoping we learn about the vampires from Eter­nity going forward as well as some of what Severn was up to during that time.

    Re: people discussing rela­tion­ship — I really want the Severn/Kaylin rela­tion­ship to be revis­ited. One of my friends, though, is Non-Binary Asexual and they ADORE how absolutely Ace and Obliv­ious Kaylin is. I also want Kaylin and Night­shade to finally have a tete-a-tete about the mark on her face as well as the “painting of the white haired Barani” in the castle.

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