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I have just had word from DAW about Riven Shield: THE RIVEN SHIELD will be put out for distri­b­u­tion Friday, so that should start appearing at vendors in the next ten days or so. As I’ve mentioned previ­ously, DAW, while being distrib­uted by one of the ‘Big Six’, is actu­ally a small, privately owned publisher, with the atten­dant number of staff. Getting new books into produc­tion, cata­logues, and stores eats up about 140% of their time, and the other 10% (because no one expects to work in publishing at less than 60 hours a week) is left for things like digi­tizing the back­list. Hunter’s Oath and Hunter’s Death have started to appear as ebooks in the wild. Riven Shield should join them soon, … Continue reading 

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First, noting the tags, I want to apol­o­gize for a number of things. I did not intend to write a series of books that would break in the middle this way. What kind of an idiot writes a series that requires another entire series to be read in the middle? Appar­ently, me. Had I real­ized, when I finished Hidden City, that there would be three books that would cover one arc, I would have called the series some­thing else, and had one “early years” trilogy. I like to believe that I learn from my mistakes. I promise that I will never make this one again. It didn’t occur to me, while writing Hidden City, that people who hadn’t read The Sun Sword would actu­ally be reading these books. I am enor­mously grateful … Continue reading 

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House Name, the third of the House War foun­da­tion books, and the final book set in the early years of the den, is now in my house.  I would have posted sooner, but this partic­ular holiday season, we were visited by the very long and very drawn out cold bug (I’d call it a ‘flu, but it seems to have hit all the people who were smart enough to have ‘flu shots as well). When I say ‘we’, I mean everyone but my husband (which would include my visiting sister, my parents, my chil­dren’s godpar­ents – everyone). It was not an impres­sively produc­tive holiday season, but I am now returning to life and to work. And to email, which is so very, very backed up it would … Continue reading