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Quick, quick update

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I have just had word from DAW about Riven Shield:

THE RIVEN SHIELD will be put out for distri­b­u­tion Friday, so that should
start appearing at vendors in the next ten days or so.

As I’ve mentioned previ­ously, DAW, while being distrib­uted by one of the ‘Big Six’, is actu­ally a small, privately owned publisher, with the atten­dant number of staff. Getting new books into produc­tion, cata­logues, and stores eats up about 140% of their time, and the other 10% (because no one expects to work in publishing at less than 60 hours a week) is left for things like digi­tizing the backlist.

Hunter’s Oath and Hunter’s Death have started to appear as ebooks in the wild. Riven Shield should join them soon, followed by Broken Crown and then the rest of the series in order.

When I real­ized Riven Shield was no longer avail­able, I asked (where asked is the euphemistic form for ‘begged, pleaded, whined, cried, demanded’) that it be the priority in the Sun Sword universe, and I’m happy to say that it was bumped up in the “omg we have no time” queue.

ETARiven Shield will be avail­able in ebook format; I real­ized that I had not made this suffi­ciently clear. At the moment, there are no plans in the near future to reprint it =/

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  1. Oh huzzah! It’s the one I’m missing. (Since I came to reading you late in the game, so to speak.)

    Thank you so much, Michelle! And happy and produc­tive writing to you. :)

  2. Hilda, says:

    I have it, thanks to you. But I’m so very happy for so many others. I think the whole series is tops, but Riven Shield I believe is the best.

  3. Paul Howard says:

    Great!! Now when are the ebooks going to be avail­able? [Wink]

  4. Tim Bowie says:

    It’s impor­tant to know, also, that DAW only accepts and prints the very best. I am simply happy to have a steady stream of good books to read crafted by the best authors.

  5. DG says:

    Thanks to this blog and the commenters here I was able to get a printed copy, but thanks so much Michelle for pushing this!

  6. Dani Sigman says:

    Yay! I’m so glad because I was having a horrible time trying to find it. This is a great relief and I’m so anxious and excited about starting the series and will be able to read all in a row without a huge wait. I’ve held off until I knew i would be able to get all of them. Thanks so much!!

  7. Paul Howard says:

    By the way, _Hunter’s Death_ and _Hunter’s Oath_ are avail­able in the Nook store and the Kindle store.

  8. Laura Foxworth says:

    AWESOME!! Just went to B&N and purchased Hunter’s Oath and Hunter’s Death. Eagerly awaiting the rest of the eb0ok releases. Yeah!!

  9. Tyronne says:

    I was intro­duced to Michelle the Elantra series. Having read them all a few times, I decided to try the House War series. WOW! I get to Skir­mish and then learn I should read the Sun Sword series. I lucked out, there’s a little second hand book­store on the Lakeshore at 5th street in New Toronto. All second hand books, floor to ceiling and they had the whole series!!!!!! As an added bonus, they also had the Sacred Hunt Duology! I’ll have to go back to see if they’ve the Sundered Series. I am so looking forward to the hours of sheer enjoy­ment ahead of me! Thanks Michelle.

  10. Yes, Sacred Hunt Duology over­laps The Sun Sword which begins the House War and come to think of it, read the avail­able short stories as well. While not all of them are directly connected if memory serves, at least 4 of them are and they are all good. Enjoy!

  11. Deege says:

    Yes, you should read the short stories. Fortu­itouslly, I read The Warlord before begin­ning The Shining Court, other­wise it would have been extremely confusing and hard to accept an unfet­tered Avander.

    I also plan to read the Black Ospreys- read it in Women of War, but can’t recall the story. Think it was rather grim- before I go further with The Shining Court
    Yea for Riven Shield avail­ability. I may stop payment on my order of the Riven Sheild bec I think they lied when they said they had it. It’s been 3 weeks! Boo on Books-A- ______

  12. DaiyoukaiGeisha says:

    I agree. I would defi­nitely recom­mend reading The Warlord. It really sheds a lot of light on Avandar and why/how he ended up with Jewel and her den. The House Name only gives you a little insight but the short story really puts things into perspec­tive. I fully recom­mend reading that story before reading The Riven Shield.

  13. Evenstar says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I’m in the middle of book 3, and I read fast so was expecting to need Riven Shield by the end of the long weekend. I was hoping I’d be able to find it in a local library, but an ebook will be great. I may just have to take a short break and read Hunter’s Oath and Hunter’s Death while waiting for it.

  14. Onon says:

    Going to buy all the ebooks and down­load them in time for my hols in May. I read every single one of your books Michelle from the very begin­ning. Strange really because I live in Manchester, in the UK. However, Water­stones on Deans­gate used to be the best book shop that I had ever been in and had the Hunter books and the follow ons from the date of publi­ca­tion in the US. With Skir­mish however heaven alone knows what happened. I had to buy the hard­back from the US and still cannot buy the ebook.

    I have loved every single minute. Carry on writing and imag­ining please.

  15. ANMOD says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been begging B&N to beg the publisher to put the entire Sun Sword series into ebook format so I can read them, but I wasn’t aware that the knowl­edge within would affect the House series. Now I feel like I should wait to read the entire Sun Sword series before attempting to read Skir­mish. What do you suggest?

  16. Bette McKown says:

    Is it possible to get audio versions of the Elantra books for Nook users? I have the ebooks, but would like the audio books. Maybe I’m not asking the right ques­tions, but they don’t seem to be avail­able. Thanks for any help.


  17. Dani Sigman says:

    Well I finally found an actual copy of The Riven Shield. So happy! And it didn’t cost me my soul :D Can’t wait to finish this quarter of school so I will have some more reading time. Thanks for keeping us all updated.

  18. Audible has audio­book versions of the Elantran books, is that what you’re looking for? I have no idea if they’re compat­ible with the Nook.

  19. Aaron M. says:

    Skir­mish picks up right where Jewel’s thread cuts of in The Sun Sword (last book in the Sun Sword series). You can get a gist of the events that lead up to Skir­mish by reading the plot summaries that Michelle has written, but you’ll miss out on a few impor­tant elements:

    1. Evolu­tion of Jewel and Avan­dar’s relationship
    2. The intro­duc­tion of the “new” members of Jewel’s den
    3. Tons of ancient lore about the Kialli, First­born, Gods, Wild Elements, Evayne, and mortals
    4. Diora, Margaret, Kiriel, Teresa, Yollana, etc. — some of the best real­ized female char­ac­ters that I’ve ever seen in fiction
    5. The real­iza­tion that the plot in Hunter’s Death/first House trilogy was *nothing* compared to the insti­ga­tion, evolu­tion, and climax of the war in the South
    6. Isladar — ’nuff said

    At the end of House Name, we had a bit of a denoue­ment. While satis­fying in its own right, you you’ll be missing the sense of urgency building from the Sun Sword.

  20. DG says:

    All good points…I would add:

    7. A really good under­standing of the lands to the south, clansman vs. Voyani, the Radann, the Sword of Knowl­edge, etc.

    Ahh, Isladar. I wish you had your own book.

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