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Skirmish, and the story so far

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First, noting the tags, I want to apol­o­gize for a number of things.

I did not intend to write a series of books that would break in the middle this way. What kind of an idiot writes a series that requires another entire series to be read in the middle? Appar­ently, me. Had I real­ized, when I finished Hidden City, that there would be three books that would cover one arc, I would have called the series some­thing else, and had one “early years” trilogy.

I like to believe that I learn from my mistakes. I promise that I will never make this one again.

It didn’t occur to me, while writing Hidden City, that people who hadn’t read The Sun Sword would actu­ally be reading these books. I am enor­mously grateful that they are — but it wasn’t some­thing that I consid­ered at the time. I know I should have. I am, I think, a clearer writer than I was when I first started writing The Sun Sword, but one of the things I’ve strug­gled to accu­rately under­stand is how much needs to be said for clarity’s sake. But when it became clear to me that I had new readers for this series, I was left with a large problem: How could I make the actual House War make any sense to people who hadn’t read The Sun Sword? I wrote several versions of a first chapter in Skir­mish in an attempt to cover the story-so-far in a way that wasn’t intrusive.

But I real­ized, with each variant attempt, that it was a lost cause. I couldn’t do it in the book itself unless I changed the start point, and I couldn’t do that because the events are written, published; they can’t be conve­niently moved or changed – and so, for better or worse, I didn’t, but instead, decided that I would have a summary, a story-so-far, for people who hadn’t read The Sun Sword.

When I approach a novel, I know what it’s going to be about. I have a plan. I don’t know it in every small detail; I know the world, I know the char­ac­ters, I know what they want — but there’s an alchem­ical reac­tion that occurs on the page when two char­ac­ters actu­ally meet and talk. Whole conver­sa­tions veer in direc­tions I hadn’t antic­i­pated, because people are like that. It’s like when you intro­duce two of your best friends to each other. You love them both; they love you. You natu­rally assume that they will love each other because it makes sense.

Except that they don’t, always. You know them. They know you. But what happens between these two people you know and care for is outside of your control, and often confounds your expec­ta­tions. Writing is like that, for me. I know a lot about things in stasis. But things in action (where action in this case means the actual writing) move or change in ways that surprise me while still remaining utterly true to what I know of the world or characters.

I sat down to write the story so far, and as usual, I had trouble summa­rizing. In part, I have trouble because what I know and what is in the text are not the same; the text is a subset of the knowl­edge. (The other part: I wrote six books when I thought I had two. I am so not the person to write a summary of anything). I dragged my heels. I worked on Peril and War. In my mind, it’s still the end of November. And yes, our Christmas tree is still up.

So: There are three parts of the story so far. The first is a simple point by point recount of events that involve House Terafin leading up to the moment Jewel leaves for the South. These events are largely contained in The Broken Crown and The Uncrowned King. I don’t think this will be of interest to anyone who’s read the actual novels: Skir­mish Summary 01

The second is a conver­sa­tion between Finch and Jewel on the night Jewel returns from the South: Skir­mish Summary 02

The third, and by far the longest, takes place in the kitchen, between Jewel and her den. In Skir­mish, Jewel does speak with her den in the kitchen; this is in some ways a longer version of that discus­sion. This actu­ally takes place before the conver­sa­tion between Finch and Jewel. It is the longest because it touches on the larger issues that affect Jewel and the Empire: the wild magics, the hidden paths, the gods. A much short­ened version does appear in the book. Because I’m so late with this, and because it is not finished, at 15k words, I am posting the first part of the third section, and will post the last part tomorrow (or possibly the day after): Skir­mish Summary 03.a

The reason parts two and three are written as if they were novel text, rather than point-by-point summary is selfish, in some ways. The first section recounts events that the den as a whole expe­ri­enced. But for the last four books of The Sun Sword, Jewel is not with her den. She is with Avandar Gallais, Lord Celle­riant, Kallan­dras and a number of other char­ac­ters. Her life is not polit­ical; the events she witnesses and partic­i­pates in do not reflect the increas­ingly dire situ­a­tion in House Terafin at all.

Jewel doesn’t see what’s happened in her absence; the den doesn’t know what’s happened to her in theirs. It made sense to write these sections as if the char­ac­ters were attempting to fill each other in on what occurred, when time is a constraint, but it also tells me what they know, and what they won’t say.

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  1. DeDe says:

    LOL — I wake up early because I have a million things to do today. I need to do them BEFORE my copy of Skir­mish arrives this after­noon — and I find this wonderful gift waiting for me…that cuts off just as I NEED to keep reading?! Arghh.… Now I’m left hanging — my copy of Skir­mish won’t be here for hours — and I still have a million things to do. (Thinking to myself…I wonder if I throttle Michelle will it drag more words out of her?) :-)

  2. Michael says:

    I have read the point by point, but not the other two sections yet, and a thought occurred:

    Shouldn’t Jewel’s attempted assas­si­na­tion at the hands of the Kovasachi be included here, mainly for what the Lady tells Kallan­dras after his interference?

  3. Paul Howard says:

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to the rest of Summary 3.

  4. Beanz says:

    Hi Michelle,
    thanks so much for your efforts. For some reason I hadn’t real­ized until I actu­ally held Skir­midh in my hands that I should have taken the time between House War and Skir­mish to read the Sun Sword series even though I had started to collect the books. I came to your worlds via Elantra so hadn’t read them before.
    Luckily I am on vaca­tion and basi­cally spent the whole time first reading the Broken Crown and now the Uncrowned King.
    Unfor­tu­nately most of the next four books have to be read when I am back at work so it will be a couple of weeks before I’ll let myself read Skir­mish now.
    Still I appre­ciate your “short versions” and will insert them as well at the appro­priate times:-)

  5. Klara says:

    Thank you for the summaries. After receiving Skir­mish (on the 4th of January) I had skimmed through the Sun Sword-books again and had read all the parts about Jewel and her den before starting the new book. The 3rd summary tells the story very well. I wish I had not yet started (and finished) reading the book before reading the summary. I will simply have to start reading the book again (just a bit slower).
    Thank you for the great new book.

  6. Betty Hyland says:

    I walked into my book­store and found skir­mish (which they had told me would not be out until late January) on the shelf, brought it home and opened it and found I had to go looking for the Sun Sword. I had all of the series to hand EXCEPT that one. Curses!
    I was there­fore glad to see your summary this a.m. I don’t like reading on the computer and in any case I have a lot of other things to do first but thank you for the signposts.
    It was inter­esting to see how your other readers handle this bump in the road and in some cases the routes they have taken.
    Is the Elantra series anywhere near the end? Not that I want it to end just curious.
    Thank you again for putting your vivid imag­i­na­tion into print.

  7. So sorry >.<.

    In part, the dialogue, or mono­logue, gives me the chance to give emotional weight to the summary. It also, unfor­tu­nately, adds words and it makes the writing choices more diffi­cult, so it’s (of course) longer, and it takes longer =/. But I know it’s late; it should have been up on the 3rd or 4th of January, so, ummm. Late, late last night, I linked the (not quite complete) summary so far. I promise late tonight or tomorrow the rest will be there!

  8. Alan says:

    Write a summary:

    Three Short Stories Later.

    Michelle, we love you. I don’t think any of your readers expect brevity; I know I don’t begrudge your longer than expected responses. No need for grov­eling apologies.

  9. @Michael: One of the diffi­cul­ties of summaries, for me, is an argu­ment can be made that all of the events are periph­er­ally rele­vant. Even the story lines that don’t involve Jewel in any obvious way contain infor­ma­tion about the world with which she interacts.

    In the case of the summaries, I chose the elements that I felt were more or less neces­sary to under­stand what was happening in Skir­mish. I left out a lot, because it would have been 60k words, other­wise. But, if I hadn’t left out a lot, it wouldn’t be a summary…

  10. Paul Howard says:

    I haven’t read the final book in the Sun Sword series but have read some of the early ones (I forgot some bits).

    I found the summaries “nice to read” not “neces­sary to read”.

    Of course, if I hadn’t read any of the Sun Sword series, the summaries won’t be enough. [Wink]

    I really doubt that you could please every­body. [Sad Smile]

  11. Kate Elliott says:

    You know what? This is actu­ally a bril­liant idea. I hate writing synopses or those “what came before” summaries at the fronts of books, which is why I don’t write them (although I prob­ably should). But I could totally do a dialogue between two char­ac­ters catching each other up on what’s happened.

  12. Kate Elliott says:

    And by “actu­ally” I don’t mean, “actu­ally, what a surprise, given that it came from you.” ;)

  13. The problem with a synopsis for me is it sounds — and feels — so dry. I *can* do it; I did it for the first two books, but in those, the events were scant enough, and the den was (largely) periph­eral. But for the four that followed, not so much. When I say “the” problem, what I mean is “a” problem >.>


    Dialogue and discus­sion gives me the ability to add texture and emotional weight to the events, because even if someone is recounting things to friends, they speak of it with awe, dread, contempt — with emotion. So it’s like a recap, but it’s also like writing, because the char­ac­ters are who they are, and they bring some­thing to the retelling and to the things they don’t actu­ally want to say. If that makes sense.

  14. @Alan: I laughed out loud at this. And then, I winced. I’m really torn here between the appro­priate reaction.

  15. Kerri Knorr says:

    Thank you so much for this. I read the Sun Sword series, but hadn’t real­ized how much I had completely forgotten. The sneak preview of Skir­mish you have up here had me so confused.

  16. Chris says:

    What kind of an idiot writes a series that requires another entire series to be read in the middle?”

    Who can claim to under­stand the ways of The Makers? ;)

  17. Chris says:

    While I have now read The Sun Sword and House War series (though not yet the two Hunter’s books or the short stories), I am still quite happy to see these summaries. There is, of course, quite a lot in Skir­mish that I enjoyed, but one of the few aspects that I was disap­pointed by was that there was not more time spent with the Den, espe­cially Teller and Finch. I love their pov’s just as much as Jewel’s. Sepa­rately, I also wanted to see more discus­sion amongst char­ac­ters and infor­ma­tion exchanged. The lack of such is both true to real life, and true to the extremely short time in which these char­ac­ters have to fit so much into. Still, despite what the mind under­stands the heart can still hope for.

    So, thank you for these chap­ters. I, person­ally, may not have needed them, but I did want them.

  18. Kate Elliott says:

    And, also, as the writer, one likes to spend extra time with char­ac­ters … I cut lots of small things I’d love to narrate that would other­wise bog down the book. I think it’s a wonderful and emotional way to remind people of what came before, as well as to allow the writer to spend a little extra time with the characters.

  19. Susan Shields says:

    No apology needed. I came to your writing through the Cast series. I am a rabid
    fan of those works. Late in September after rereading the entire series. I read book one and two of the House War Series. My book­store notifed me today books 3 and 4 are waiting for me. While waiting for Books 2 & 3, I decided to order the Sun Sword Series to tide me over. I finished Book 4 last week — Book 6 is sitting on my bedside stand — AND THE RIVEN SHIELD IS OUT OF PRINT — Anybody help please??

    Aside from my plea for help with the Riven Shield, the mean­dering point I’m making is that I’m mid-way through the House Wars, I started the Sun Sword series in the middle of the House Wars and I’m not having a bit of trouble with anything. I love the writing and the char­ac­ters too much to get overly muddled about what happened when. Now I have to order the Hunt books (chuckle)

    Thank you for making my world brighter and giving me wonderful worlds and words.

  20. hjbau says:

    Great summaries. I really enjoyed a bit of the den in the kitchen. I am a fan of Angel pulling sword on Celle­riant any day.

  21. hjbau says:

    Some­times it is nice to have more den perspec­tive just because it can be hard for me at times to see Jewel through certain people’s eyes. The conde­scen­sion in some people’s thoughts towards Jewel can be too much for me and there is never any of that in the den. I under­stand Jewel’s fear more then i under­stand the continued conde­scending thoughts toward Jewel espe­cially with her two days shy of becoming the Terafin. At least we can hope. It is always nice to see Jewel through the den’s eyes, trust and respect, just as a change of pace from some of the other perspectives.

  22. Chris says:

    Hi Susan Shields,

    I haven’t been able to buy Riven Shield either, though in my case I was very fortu­nate to find a library within 50 miles that did have a copy in stock. I’d have vastly preferred to have had my own copy, but as you’re likely discov­ering, they are now tough to come by. Here are the few facts that I was able to deter­mine whilst searching for it myself:

    We’ve been told in previous threads that ebook editions are being worked on, but we don’t yet know when those might be avail­able. It sounds like it won’t be too soon. At least one person last year had success in ordering it from Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto, but they currently don’t have any and don’t know if/when they might get more in. They signed me up on a wait list when I contacted them, which was almost three months ago. I also tried ordering from some other internet sellers, such as Deep­Dis­count & Lulu, but while they were selling the book, they didn’t actu­ally have it in-stock, and are no longer now offering it for sale.

    At this point, it seems ime as if the only copies that might be found are those from resellers, or, if you’re lucky, an inde­pen­dent book­store that doesn’t realize how high the prices are shooting up on this book. As you prob­ably know, House War Book 3 is safe to read, as it takes before the Sun Sword series. After that, you are unfor­tu­nately stuck with the obvious options. To wait on the ebook, to pay the resellers for a copy, or to read either Book 6 of Sun Sword and/or Skir­mish without having read The Riven Shield.

    If you go with the third option then I will say that the first 180 pages or so of The Sun Sword are where all of the Jewel/Terafin parts are, so you might read that, then these summaries, and then continue on to Skir­mish (Skir­mish doesn’t really spoil much of the non-Jewel/Ter­afin story from Riven Shield or Sun Sword as far as I could tell). Obvi­ously that’s not ideal, and reading even some of Book 6 before Book 5 will be a spoiler, but sadly this is just an unfor­tu­nate situ­a­tion. It seems doubtful that DAW will be printing new phys­ical copies of Riven Shield any time soon, if ever. Hope­fully you might be smarter or luckier in finding a copy then I was, but that’s the extent of my knowl­edge of the situation.

  23. Susan Shields says:

    Thank you very much Chris. I tried a library search — no luck. I’m going to check out the second hand book­stores this week.

  24. DG says:

    Chris pretty much covered it. I had a hair pulling expe­ri­ence getting “The Riven Shield”. I was resolved to just wait for the eBook (and Michelle has stated on this blog that she’s working on it), but I am a bit of a curmud­geon about eBooks. I under­stand the ease and the value of them, and I own a few, but I just must have the feel of a “real” book in my hands. It’s my own personal hang-up. :)

    I did manage to get a paper­back copy of the book from here: http://​www​.abebooks​.com/. I paid a wee bit more for it than the orig­inal retail price, but not the outra­geous (I’m talking $100) prices I was seeing on some sites.

  25. Paul Howard says:

    I may have *gotten* the last used copy of Riven Shield from Powell’s Books on-line. I went to Powell’s after I saw the price of a used copy on B&N on-line store.

    I say may because Powell’s hasn’t sent it yet (I ordered all the Sun Sword series and Sacred Hunt series) and they haven’t told me that it was unavailable.

    Powell’s now doesn’t have it available.

  26. Chris says:

    I think that I can under­stand where you’re coming from. As far as the conde­scen­sion goes, to me it seems real­istic in light of Jewel’s public persona since coming to the House and being given the Name. We readers under­stand and like her, but it seems to me that many others in that world might not, espe­cially given how hard they have likely worked in order to earn their places. As well, she has been ATer­afin long enough that many might feel that she should have better conformed to their soci­etal rules by now. Clearly this is not the read­er’s perspec­tive, but I can see it both­ering some other char­ac­ters that in a culture meant to be defined by merit and achieve­ment, she has gotten where she is by Talent, and then not worked as hard as they would expect to “better” herself so as to do a more effec­tive job of inte­grating in to that culture. In matters outside of her Seer-born ability it’s not been said that she has done anything partic­u­larly remark­able, so I’m sure that those char­ac­ters are aware of other candi­dates who could have fulfilled her other duties at least as well. In response, I can see why they might be condescending.

    We also know that much of what she’s done is not known outside of her circle, or to those whom she must report. And even when she does report to them, much can be omitted. **MINOR SPOILER** For example, in Skir­mish we see that her role when the demons came 17 years ago is not well known, and also, when asked by Sigurne and the Exalted, she admits that she met the Winter Queen, but she says nothing about speaking with the Oracle, or meeting any of the other First­born. **END OF SPOILER**. I think that there are quite a few instances, such as this, of how the powers outside of the Den do not have all the facts, or the full picture, of what’s going on with Jewel. Some of those omis­sions are prob­ably unim­por­tant on their own, but some aren’t, and taken together, they portray a very different Jewel to the world than the one that we see. That is clearly changing, but until it fully does, then the conde­scen­sion that you speak of strikes me as real­istic. As a fan of Jewel’s, I don’t like it either, but it does seem authentic to me of where this story is right now.

    I agree with you about the Den in terms of how it reflects Jewel, though for me, I like many of them quite a bit on their own terms. I don’t know how many fans might agree with me, but I’d be willing to read whole novels devoted solely to Finch or Teller. I love reading about the poli­tics of the Houses and their inter­ac­tions with various members of that society. It doesn’t seem like such will happen, the “Bigger Story” seems to be moving along, but perhaps someday there will be a chance for a short story or two.

  27. hjbau says:

    I do agree that the conde­scen­sion is completely in char­acter and completely real­istic espe­cially in light of what people think Jewel is; they think she is there based solely on her Talent and not on other qual­i­ties. The char­ac­ters do not see Jewel the way we do partly because they have never seen her through the den’s eyes and would not value the den’s opin­ions even if they could. That is prob­ably why i at times enjoy seeing her through their eyes. I think that there was a fine balance in this book. We still had some of Angel. And we saw respect for Jewel from Celle­riant as well as the chosen. I think that it is exactly that, as a fan of Jewel, i don’t like it.

    I actu­ally was very surprised about how big the story got in this book. I thought that Jewel would take the house in a polit­ical way instead of on the premise that she is the one who can best stand against the demons and what­ever is to come on that matter. I am sure there will still be plenty of polit­ical maneu­vering which i also love to read and i am sure we will get den perspec­tive there espe­cially since we are sure to lose some of them.

  28. carole lyons says:

    I loved skir­mish! I am a big fan of your cast series. And recently discov­ered your house wars series. I have also read books 1 and 2 of the sun sword series. Would love to see that series for the kindle!

  29. Carol Duffy says:

    Michelle, this multi-part “summary” ::cough cough:: is just wonderful! As I’ve read your work in order of publi­ca­tion I didn’t need it, but loved it nonethe­less as it both reminded and summed up beau­ti­fully. As you clearly have been gaining new readers to your “West” novels (perhaps from your Elantra series), might you consider inte­grating at least the dialogue scenes into future editions of Skir­mish? Or at least a refer­ence to the fact that it’s here?

    Which is not to say that Skir­mish isn’t perfect as it is…it’s just that when it comes to your work I’ve always been a “more is more” kinda reader :)

    P.S. Speaking to the conver­sa­tion above — concerning the infor­ma­tion we have versus the infor­ma­tion others have — you have finally made me feel the teen­siest bit sorry for Duvari.

    PPS. Devon again! Yes!

  30. Susan E says:

    half​.com has a copy as low as $21.95 and eBay $25. abebooks today has only 4 copies and the least expen­sive is in the $30s. used book­stores are prob­ably a better bet, as many still aren’t online and don’t keep up with the flaming compet­i­tive­ness that the online resellers partic­i­pate in. I wish I had an extra copy of Riven Shield to send you, unfor­tu­nately I don’t have Jewel’s gift and didn’t foresee they were better than gold

  31. Auraya says:

    Elantra is a different universe. Those books are entirely sepa­rate. They also are in a different style than the “Michelle West” books. So next time you’re looking for some­thing to read, you can start on Elantra :)

  32. Beanz says:

    I have been lucky enough to be able to order the Riven Shield online at a German book­store chain for just around 6Euros. The down­side is I now have to wait ca. 3 weeks for the delivery:-( Still better than not getting it at all.

  33. Onon says:

    Michelle, I have read every one of the series begin­ning with the Hunter duology. I absolutely loved every one. I am sat here in the UK waiting for DHL to get my book to me and getting more impa­tient every minute. Logging on to your website today and finding these three excerpts was manna from heaven. Then, when I read them, I was astounded at your kind­ness in creating these. They are wonderful as are you.

  34. bonnie says:

    i loved all your series and can’t wait for cast in peril.can you tell me what comes after skirmish?i got skir­mish at the holi­days and as my daughter chelsey had to work i got to read it first​.lol

  35. Genna Warner says:

    Just finished Skir­mish and love love loved it. I cannot wait for the next book.

  36. Rebecca says:

    Thank you so, so much for this. I was excited when Skir­mish was deliv­ered to my Kindle because I have really enjoyed Jewel, her story and this world. (I would love to someday read the middle six books of the story, and if they were avail­able for Kindle I would buy them right now. Vision issues make it hard for me to read paper books). After reading the first chapter of Skir­mish I wasn’t sure I’d be able to follow the story without knowing what happened during the time skip. Having these summaries will help me enjoy the book so thanks again for writing them. I really appre­ciate it!

  37. Joey says:

    Howdy Susan (and all),

    I have a copy of RIVEN SHIELD I’m willing to send out into the world. Would folks be willing to do a “read and pass on” kind of thing?

  38. Paloma Doveny says:

    I would be totally willing to borrow your copy of Riven­Shield and then repost it back on this blog for someone else and then send it on. Who knows maybe we could all read it. My email is palomadoveny@​gmail.​com let me know by email if you still have it and I can forward you my address etc. Thanks and happy New Year

  39. Susan Shields says:

    Just got home from work and your post made my day. What a wonderful idea.
    My E‑Mail address is FShie54686@​aol.​com. Email me with partic­u­lars. I would be more than happy to read it and pass it on to the next person on the list.


  40. Joey says:

    Will send email to you and Sue.

  41. Joey says:

    Will send email to you and Paloma.

  42. Heh. Just picked up the First Sun Sword book through Kindle after my reread of the Sacred Hunt. (In Dead Tree, yet; I bought new copies because it was easier than trying to find my old ones.) I guess I have to get reading.

  43. AK Kat says:

    Y’know, the funny thing is that at the time I read The Sun Sword books I was a some­what petu­lant teenager in the middle of her junior year of high­school who was stub­born and for some reason latched so strongly onto Jewel that I would skip whole chunks of book to see what she was up to. Then I read the book. Only, when I got to Riven Shield (I think that’s its name, it has the blue cover) I real­ized Jewel’s parts were shrinking. And I, in my youthful idiocy, stopped reading.

    .…yeah, I know, I mentally kick myself for being so…eugh. Well, I still have the books and though I never bought the last one (I was YOUNG! I guess I still am pretty young but well, at least I’ve matured and gained some patience and perspec­tive since then), I think now is a good time to go for it. I finally received #2 and #3 of the House books, and doubt­less I will have to order the last one of the Sun Sword books (B&N is very quickly earning itself a place on my dirty-look-as-I-drive-by list), but I think I shall.

    I am just so enam­ored by Jewel.

    But anyway the summaries are good even for people who read the books so long ago they’re having diffi­culty remem­bering what happened and who is who. <3 I am in awe of you, Michelle West, and I am so very glad you became an author.

  44. Jacob says:

    Crap. Library just told me my copy of Skir­mish is waiting at the front desk. And not only have I not read these summaries (not that I need to, having read Sun Sword multiple times, but I want to), I’m in the middle of another book… But I really want to start reading Skirmish…

  45. Mark Galpin says:

    Jusr wanted to say Skir­mish was great (I started it a bit late because with one thing and another, I was only on Sea of Sorrows when it arrived, and I like to reread the entire series before going forward … ) and cost me a bad day at work because I started it at 10 pm, and, as was true for the last one, couldn’t put it down ’til the end. When the next one comes out, maybe I’ll wise up and schedule a vaca­tion day.

  46. Sharon Murphy Karpierz says:

    Just wanted to clarify. I thought I had found The Broken Crown on Kindle, but rather than allowing our hostess to feel that someone has pirated her books, I actu­ally bought the paper­back and, once I found where I had stashed it, am enjoying it. I would much prefer to have it elec­tron­i­cally because it is phys­i­cally diffi­cult for me to read a big fat paper­back, and I would like to be able to read faster.

  47. David Y says:

    What kind of an idiot writes a series that requires another entire series to be read in the middle?
    The worse idiot is the one whose other series is out of print!

    (sorry, Michelle)

  48. Beanz says:

    How can one be happy happy happy and bereft at the same time?
    Easy, I have just finished reading Skir­mish and while still basking in the after glow I now have an inde­ter­minable long stretch ahead of me before the story will continue.
    After I held Skir­mish in my hands and real­ized I would have to read the six books of the Sun Sword series before I would allow myself to actu­ally start reading I was exas­per­ated (as why didn’t I do tha while waiting for Skir­mish to come out) but also happy because I now had seven books I could read in a row and totally immerse myself in this world. And even though I had to wait a whole week after finishing book four before the Riven Shield finally arrived, this was a wonderful time. And of course despite just having read the actual books I went ahead and took in the summary/extra kitchen scene you put up here.
    And now it’s over for now. I can’t quite imagine it…

  49. David Y says:

    another apology: according to the book­store chain’s computer, only one of the Sun Sword series is not available.

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