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House Name is in the House, and an answer to the Kindle Question

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Volume 03 of House War: House Name

House Name, the third of the House War foun­da­tion books, and the final book set in the early years of the den, is now in my house.  I would have posted sooner, but this partic­ular holiday season, we were visited by the very long and very drawn out cold bug (I’d call it a ‘flu, but it seems to have hit all the people who were smart enough to have ‘flu shots as well). When I say ‘we’, I mean everyone but my husband (which would include my visiting sister, my parents, my chil­dren’s godpar­ents – everyone). It was not an impres­sively produc­tive holiday season, but I am now returning to life and to work.

And to email, which is so very, very backed up it would be funny only in a very partic­ular kind of black comedy.

Which brings me to the second impor­tant point, which neces­si­tates much, much grov­el­ling. A number of Kindle readers in partic­ular have written here or emailed me asking when House Name will be avail­able on the Kindle. Because of this, I wrote to my publisher to ask. The answer?

Ummm. The answer was: did you sign and send in the amend­ment to the contract the legal depart­ment requires?

The what?

You know those moments of Oh My God horror when the world shifts under your feet and you expe­ri­ence the dreadful sensa­tion of falling in the pit of your stomach, except you’re not actu­ally falling so you won’t hit anything that will end the sensa­tion anytime soon? Yes, this is one of those.

I mentioned the volume of backed-up email. The neces­sary amend­ment was in the backlog and I missed it. I didn’t know it was neces­sary or incoming, but that’s not an excuse, and as an expla­na­tion it’s very lacking, but has the single advan­tage of being true. So I have found it, printed it out, signed it, and overnight mailed it.

But I wanted to apol­o­gize and to grovel to everyone who’s been waiting for a Kindle release of this book, because this is entirely the fault of the author: me. It’s not the fault of my publisher, DAW, and it’s nothing that Amazon has any control over either, and I really wanted to make that clear: your disap­point­ment or (justi­fi­able) anger should be aimed at me, because I failed to notice the neces­sary amend­ment in time. I can promise you all I will never, ever do this again. (I now have a ‘pay atten­tion to this you idiot’ filter.)

As soon as the amend­ment reaches the legal depart­ment, the Kindle version will go live.

In the mean­time, and as an apology, if you email me at Michelle.​Sagara@​sff.​net, I can send a chunk of House Name itself so you can start reading, because I expect the book should be avail­able within the next few days. I think your email is logged when you post here, so you could also post here instead of sending direct email.

80 Responses to House Name is in the House, and an answer to the Kindle Question

  1. sascha says:

    Isn’t that the way it always goes? I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the ebook but have zero anger about waiting. Obvi­ously it’s not funny to you or anyone who is angry about waiting, but I can’t help but chuckle. Some­times things fall through the cracks.

  2. w-b says:

    Ok I was wondering … since you are so awesome about answering quesi­tons. Can you tell me if you will put your books in audio format? I love listeing to audio books and was just wondering. Thanks

  3. As my favorite comic illus­trator famously said — “twas ever thus”! Glad to hear that #3 is in the pipeline. That said I’d be really happy to hear that both the Hunter duo and the Sun Sword series we ebook bound. For that I’d actu­ally go out and buy a kindle! :)

  4. DG says:

    Glad to hear House Name is out. I’m actu­ally in the middle of reading your “Books of the Sundered” series. (No, I won’t post spoilers, but so far I’m diggin’ it). I’ll defi­nitely be getting to the House War series next, so keep em comin’. :D

    I also think it’s great that you took personal respon­si­bility for the Kindle inci­dent (lol). Handing out the books to folks via email is some­thing you didn’t have to do and I’m sure folks will appre­ciate the effort.

    Self-Proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Team Nightshade

  5. Emily says:

    AUGH! I somehow completely missed that House Name was avail­able! Christmas and being sick myself were distracting. I’m now going to my fiance’s Amazon Prime account (he’s a student, so he gets that free 2‑day delivery) to order it to read over the weekend…

    WHEE!! He was very enter­tained at how excited I was at the new book/upset I was at having missed having it at the earliest possible moment.

  6. w‑b
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 23:00:06 [Edit]

    Ok I was wondering … since you are so awesome about answering quesi­tons. Can you tell me if you will put your books in audio format? I love listeing to audio books and was just wondering. Thanks

    Audio books are sepa­rate rights, but someone has to want to produce them, and so far, I don’t think anyone’s expressed very much of an interest in them. In part, I think, because they’re very long. I’m sorry to not have better news =/.

    That said I’d be really happy to hear that both the Hunter duo and the Sun Sword series we ebook bound. 

    I know that’s the intent — and I know I have signed amend­ments for the earlier books, honest! — but there’s no firm date; they’ve been working through the back­list as they go, but the earlier books require more work than the ones in current produc­tion, since the produc­tion models have changed quite a bit.

  7. David Youngs says:

    Down in Orlando, I’ve had to order House Name; B&N appar­ently were not going to sell any here. It’s supposed to be in the store tomorrow or the next day.

  8. Hilda says:

    I’m old enough to worry about my future eyesight; it will be awful if I can’t read or listen to your books. I have read­C­cast in Chaos three times. I’ m about to start reading the second book in the House series and ordered the third. There has to be a way for your books to be auto­mat­i­cally converted. I can imagine the plea­sure for older people, as well as those with sight prob­lems, to be able to read them as wanted. You are a best seller; maybe that should be the stan­dard required for compa­nies to convert them. And if the want a nice voice to read it, I’m sure the home­less guy “with the golden voice” of recent fame, would be more than please to make that extra money.

  9. Erin says:

    They only sent one copy to my local store and I wasn’t lucky enough to get there first! I under­standing not having a TON of copies on hand, but one…just ONE?! Arg, but one is better than none…somebody is reading it.

  10. Your mention of the holiday season reminded me of a ques­tion I’ve had over the years since Hunter’s Oath; just what are the months (and number of days) in the year? What I’ve been able to track down are Scarral, Misteral, Corvil, Hendon (last month of year), Veral (first month of year), Fabril (second month of year), Lattan, Wittan, Seril, Emperal, Marran and Morel. Beyond the three that I think I’ve placed correctly, I’ve no idea of what order they come in— a little back­ground knowl­edge that would give me a better feeling for the passage of time…

  11. lavanya says:

    not to worry! instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion (i.e., kindle) ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. in my case, i’m in india, where books published in the US don’t get here till a year later..or i have to pay the dollar price in rupees (1 US$=47 INR) and wait one month for the ship­ping… so, kindle might seem a godsend, yes? NO! surpris­ingly, geograph­ical restric­tions apply even on the internet…which is some­thing I do not under­stand. so, i just keep re-reading the chap­ters you post, laugh sourly at the impa­tient “i want it NOW” readers in the US who have NO idea how lucky they are. Still, I’d rather wait a whole year for a Michelle West/Sagara book. You are one of the very few writers who turn fantasy tropes upside down, utterly absorbing stories with real, 3‑D char­ac­ters, and most impor­tantly, NO ANACHRONISMS … the most wince-worthy one is Aragorn telling Frodo to “GET SOME SLEEP???????” in the fellow­ship of the ring movie. get some sleep indeed!
    right, having vented, let me say, if i haven’t already said it, THANK YOU for books that I can read again and again and again and again and find some­thing new each time.

  12. lavanya says:

    PS: if you are giving away more chap­ters.… please, please?

  13. Krenn says:

    Well, that explains why i couldn’t find any form of E‑book or Kindle version when I checked last night.… Good to know one will avail­able soon; my local book­stores don’t carry the hard­cover versions of House War books, only the first two in paper­back. Hope­fully the e‑book versions will be ready before I break down and order a hard­cover version online, then have to wait while it ships.

    In the mean­time, if you’re emailing addi­tional chap­ters, reading those would be awesome: the first chapter you posted online was great.


  14. Genna Warner says:

    The fault does not belong with you Michelle. I would also blame the publisher for not following up with you on the amend­ment. I am actu­ally a little surprised that it is an amend­ment to do the ebooks. I would have expected at this point it would stan­dard in the contracts.

    I had decided to stop waiting on the ebook on monday and ordered the hard­back. When the ebook is avail­able I will also order it as I am finding myself having to have every­thing in ebook format.

  15. Hey there Michelle,

    Just finished reading House Name, and I loved it.

    I’m working in an ebook produc­tion capacity for another publishing house, and just wanted to point out that it can take up to a month from the day that we start work on producing an ebook and the time that it hits stores. And unfor­tu­nately, if we don’t have rights we don’t typi­cally start work on a title.

    My bosses tend to think that that it doesn’t take any time to make an ebook, but really, the shortest that I’ve ever seen it take is three weeks, start to finish, and a lot of that time isn’t under our control. For example, we try to deliver the final file to the vendor about a week before the ebook is due to go on sale or else we can’t always ensure that it will go on sale on the right day.

    You’re absolutely right that older books take more work though. Anything prior to 2000 typi­cally has to be scanned, and then some­times re-edited to ensure that there are no mistake.

  16. Glad to hear that ebooks on the older books will be coming in the future, even though I already have the books in paper­back and hard­back. I’ll now be able to have them in a portable form to carry with me. Loved House Name and already looking for more.

  17. Zanson says:

    Glad to hear its coming! Not all your fault, email back­logs happen, someone should have called when you didn’t reply.

  18. Katherine says:

    A happy dance at the books becoming ebooks. I ended up having to buy a second set of Sun Sword paper­backs for trav­eling as the orig­inal ones were falling apart. Having a more portable version would be a wonder and a delight. I will always love an actual book in my hands but those pesky scales at the airlines do not agree with me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of your work to be released in ebook format and patiently hoping.

    Only other silly ques­tion: all of the short stories you have in various antholo­gies that have to do with the Sun Sword world, any possi­bility of ever getting them in one place?

  19. w-b says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time out to answer my ques­tion. Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. sascha says:

    Soon? (in my tiniest voice and big puppy dog eyes)

  21. Katherine says:

    I’ll add a quiv­ering lip to the tiny voice and big puppy dog eyes. Possible a few tears if need be.

  22. Tanya M says:

    Looking forward to the Kindle version. I’m running out of book room. It is either move or go to elec­tronic books — so much easier to go to e‑books.

  23. Nova says:

    It happens. Sadly, it happens to me quite often because I have 3 different emails that I use so I wanted to say that I completely under­stand. I have been checking on the status on Amazon and they have not been gotten to it yet it seems. But thank you for trying to get it sorted out :)

  24. Holly says:

    Ah, I am so glad I googled “why isn’t the latest house wars book by Michelle Sagara avail­able on the Kindle” and was brought to your site with the expla­na­tion. It is still not there today but hope­fully soon.



  25. Sarrie says:

    I was just wondering, being a UK Kindle customer and being utterly unable to down­load US Kindle content, when Cast in Chaos is out in UK format for the Kindle. I’ve been waiting eagerly for AGES for it.


  26. Theresa says:

    Yay! Thanks so much for the update! No worries about missing the amend­ment for the ebook. Consid­ering you have chil­dren and they had prolonged expo­sure to illness in your house­hold, it’s not surprising you missed it.

  27. David Youngs says:

    Having special-ordered (and now read) House Name, I noticed 2 copies on the shelf in Orlando.

  28. Pharaby says:

    I’d seen your name pop up as recom­mended several times, but it wasn’t until we got a snow day on Friday that I bought the first of the “Cast in…” books.

    Thank you so much — I hadn’t had a series suck me in in a long time, and I sucked them all down this weekend and started on the “House” books yesterday, to the detri­ment of my grading.

    I’ll be looking for the Sundered series in paper­back, and would love the first chap­ters of the 3rd House book until I can get to a book­store this week — I appre­ciate all the action, but I have to admit, I am a SUCKER for char­ac­ter­i­za­tion, and I sorely want to see how Jewel and her crew accli­ma­tize to the rari­fied world of the Terafin.

    Although I admit, my grading and lesson plans are prob­ably better off for the delayed grat­i­fi­ca­tion, my “gimme more words” more jones is not. (I have empathy for the word-eating Devourer…9 books in 2 1/2 days; head­chey bliss.)

  29. You should also read Hunter’s Oath and Hunter’s Death. Then comes the Sun Sword series. Jewel/Jay appears in those as well as a large cast of char­ac­ters, all them fascinating.

  30. Sabine Wiem says:

    I’ve just checked but Amazon still does not have the kindle version avail­able. What­ever will I do with my weekend now:-)
    I guess I have to further expe­ri­ence the joys of antic­i­pa­tion like most others here. At least with your books one can be sure that the even­tual fulfil­ment will be all that it has built up to be.

  31. Shahrazad Ali says:

    Is there any update on the kindle version of House Name? My fingers are itching and reading the first chapter made them itch worse . . .

  32. Shahrazad Ali says:

    Wait, what extra chap­ters? -alis1930@​live.​com

  33. sdb says:

    Um, so I read all 4 recently released e‑books of the Sundered while I was waiting. I can haz House Name e‑book now? Normally I’m pretty zen about e‑book release dates since they’re all over the board still and you never know when they’re coming out. But then you told me it was coming, AND you let me read half of it. So I’m all out of zen. Any ideas when we might see it?


  34. Theresa says:


    Any word of a release date for the next Cast In book? I got my friend hooked on the series (she read the entire series while teaching/sheparding college kids around Ireland for 3 weeks). We are both dying for the next one.


  35. Wim says:

    Dear Mrs. Sagara,

    I love your work! I love the Sun Sword series and I love the Jewel books. I’ve been eagerly antic­i­pating House Name. I thought I could wait for Amazon to put it online, but it’s been nearly a month and the wait is starting to do phys­ical damage. I broke. You said that you’re sending people parts of House Name until it becomes avail­able on the kindle. I would like to avail myself of your generosity, if you’re still doing that.

    By the way, you’re the first author I sent an email to. Thank you for being approachable.

    Wim Dowers

    PS: This is the email I sent to Michelle.​Sagara@​sff.​net little over a week ago, slightly edited to make more sense. It might have gotten lost in the backlog, so I thought I would try again on the blog. The kindle version is still unavail­able and the antic­i­pa­tion is getting unbearable.

  36. Thomas Niemasik says:

    Hi there,

    I know my girl­friend is eagerly antic­i­pating this book’s release on Kindle, and I was heart­ened to read the post about the snafu and immi­nent Kindle version; however, it has now been over a 5 weeks since you said the book would be released on Kindle “in the next few days.” Is there any update to when the Kindle version might be out? Has some­thing else gone wrong?

    Thank you,

  37. I’m sorry I haven’t answered the ques­tion about ebook release — I’ve been trying to get an answer, and so far, am still waiting =/. I was told that it was ready to go and waiting on the addendum when I sent it in — and given that it was my screw up in the first place, there is no Michelle Goes Nuclear option, unless, you know, I blow myself up.

    But I will call on Monday, and cry, and hope­fully have a real answer.

  38. Jennifer says:

    I’m very glad to see that the e‑books will be published. (Hope­fully avail­able on bn​.com, too!) I love buying new books, but shelf-space is limited because I am unable to throw out or give away books. (I’ll admit it, with seven book­shelves in the house and count­less books in storage — I’m a book hoarder.) I try to buy e‑books when­ever possible. I was this­close to caving in and buying the hard copy edition, but I’ll just wait until it pops up on bn​.com or Amazon!

    Thanks for the hours of enter­tain­ment! (I’m reading the Cast of series for the first time now, and I’ve read the Sundered series twice…)

  39. Robin says:

    Can’t wait for the next one! And hope­fully I will be able to get it in ebook – hauling around the hard­cover is no fun! :).


  40. Angel says:

    LOVE your books, and though I have been waiting a while for House Name, I can wait a little longer for the ebook version while I read some of your earlier stuff (I simply don’t have any more room on my shelves, which is why I have a Nook). Speaking of… when the Kindle version comes out, will the Nook version come out too? (Please)

    Thank you!

  41. Sarrie says:

    Ms Sagara-

    Does that include UK kindle edition of Cast in Chaos?


    Sarrie x

  42. Does that include UK kindle edition of Cast in Chaos?

    That I’m aware of, Cast in Chaos was not published in the UK — a deci­sion of Harlequin/Mills & Boons in the UK. I don’t believe that the US divi­sion will publish a UK Kindle edition if there’s no UK pick-up of those rights.

    The Kindle/ebook in ques­tion is for House Name, and I should hope­fully have an answer about the delay this week, possibly tomorrow.

    But at the moment, any deci­sion about the dispo­si­tion of the UK Kindle is not in my hands, I’m sorry =/.

  43. Roy says:


    Can you please, please email me a couple of chap­ters to hold me over until the Kindle version comes out.



  44. Sarrie says:

    Ms Sagara,

    That’s fine. I’ll buy the book because I love your books so much :-)


  45. jessica says:

    would it be possible to post any deleted chap­ters and what not from the Elantra series. Its a long time to wait for the next book to come out. :)

  46. Roy says:


    Do we have any new infor­ma­tion about the Kindle release? I ended up buying “A wise mans Fear” I want to buy your book, its killing me.


  47. Tickle says:

    Hello Michelle,

    Please send me a a few chap­ters of House Name (if you are still doing that). I’ve been patiently waiting for it to be released in ebook format. I love your books and Jewel is one of my favorite characters.

    Much Love,

  48. Michael G says:

    Michelle, your books are beau­tiful, and your char­ac­ters are alive, full of passion, and very easy to live in.

    Kiriel, is without ques­tion one of my all time favorite char­ac­ters in any book. (And I’ve read 1000’s) I can’t wait to see her show up in your stories again!

    I’m excited for House War to hit ebook format, and I’m greatly looking forward to seeing Jewels den continue to evolve!

    PS: Will the warlord ever being showing up again?(Preferably in a kick lots of ass format)?

  49. Sascha says:

    Any word on the ebook release? I just checked Amazon and it’s still MIA.

  50. Sora says:

    I know that’s the intent – and I know I have signed amend­ments for the earlier books, honest! – but there’s no firm date; they’ve been working through the back­list as they go, but the earlier books require more work than the ones in current produc­tion, since the produc­tion models have changed quite a bit.

    Woohoo! I have to say, I am super-excited to hear this. I love both the Duology and the Sestet to pieces, but, ah, bringing them when I travel is a little awkward right now, since I’m a very fast reader. ;) Being able to load them onto my Kindle would make me a very happy girl.

    Thanks very much for letting us know that they’re in the works!

  51. Edward says:

    Any word on if the old books will become avail­able for kindle as well? .. I’ve just been working my way through the Sun Sword, finished 1 – 4.. picked up 6..but found out that it’s going to take over a month to get a copy of Riven Shield from the States shipped over this side of the pond. Which is.. a little bit annoying. :) It would be so much easier to get the ebook to read while I’m waiting for the dead-tree to arrive.

  52. I’ve been informed that there was a delay (which was clearly obvious), but that the ebook of House Name will be avail­able in two weeks (by the person who went down the long corri­dors of the publishing house and stood in front of some­one’s desk, peering over the piles of every other bit of work that has to be done yesterday). I’m sorry that it’s taken so long, and this is not some­thing that should ever happen again =/.

  53. I have no word, on the other hand, about when the other books will be produced as ebooks. It involves a bunch of things, not the least of which is scan­ning and OCR correc­tion, because the early books weren’t done digi­tally, and — having read, among other things, Lou Anders comments on over­seeing the digi­ti­za­tion of his own back­list (he’s the publisher of PYR, so when I say ‘his own’, I mean the books he publishes), I think it’s much more time-consuming than I’d initially realized.

  54. Edward says:

    Well I look forward to when it happens. It’ll be nice to slide a copy onto a Kindle for travel.
    Heh, as it is trying to get hold of the dead tree version is being a night­mare on its own. I’ve had several book­sellers cancel the order when they find they don’t actu­ally have it, and Amazon has a 1 – 3 month wait before it’ll even post, luckily I’ve found another who might get it to me before April ends… Which is bloomin annoying while book 6 is waiting on my book shelf. :) And whilst I might be impa­tient for it.. I can’t bring myself to spend £50 that a seller in the UK is charging for Riven Shield.
    Still, enough of that since none of that is your fault or problem. I shall conclude with thanking you for writing some darn enjoy­able reading. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens with Jewel and the Den.

  55. Sarrie says:

    Ms Sagara –

    I’ve been speaking to my local book­store. You told me earlier in this thread that your UK publishers weren’t publishing anymore. My book­store told me to write to them to ask why, since the cost of importing through them is extor­tionate (I imported Cast in Chaos) so, could you please tell me who they are?

    Sarrie x

  56. Theresa says:

    Woo hoo! Amazon has a “page” for the Kindle edition up (currently unavail­able). But that’s got to mean it’s coming soon! So happy!

  57. Sascha says:

    Can’t find it on amazon, but it’s actu­ally for sale at bn​.com. Yay for iphones and all the e‑reader apps in one place!

  58. Liza Ismail says:

    i love your books and cant wait to get house name. re your reply to edward, perhaps if you assign someone you trust to do it for you (i know i know i’m not a writer and prob­ably don’t know how diffi­cult it really is) but i feel that there must be loads of your fans who will jump at the chance of owning all your books in ebook format (i would and hang the expense) and it might be worth the effort in the long run.

    p/s does it have to be amazon and kindle

  59. Auraya says:

    I’ve always loved the Cast books, but because you said they’re very different from the West novels, I hesi­tated picking them up. Last week, it seemed a good idea to change that. So I went through the Sacred Hunt in two days. Now I am wondering whether it would be best to start to start the Sun Sword first or maybe the fist two House books, then the Sun Sword and House Name after that. Any advice?

  60. Edward says:

    The internal “time­line” of the different books can be a little jumpy. They all pretty much cross “time streams” at different points in the books, showing several of the same scenes from different char­ac­ters perspectives.
    I’d start with the House books which actu­ally start the earliest and follow Jewel from orphan on the streets to den leader to member of the Terafin in House Name.
    The Hunt duology kicks off around the same time period as the end of the second House book and shares some events in House Name.
    The Sun Sword series really kicks off about 15 or so years after the events in those books.. so I’d save them for after you’ve worked through those ones. :)

  61. Auraya says:

    Thanks. I like to read things in more or less chrono­log­ical order. Which means the House Wars are next. Since I’ve been at a loss what to read these books are just what I need.

  62. Under the right circum­stances, we would all read slowly enough such that a certain person we all know and depend on would have done her part and even better inspired the edito­rial folk involved to move fast enough so that by the time you are finished with the existing 3 volumes of the House War and have gone on to read the 6 volumes of the Sun Sword, volume 4 of House War would be ready (actu­ally all of this might happen by the time you are through reading this sentence!) Ignoring all of that, Edwards advice is correct. Read the 3 volumes of House War next. And do it soon enough that you remember much of Hunter’s Death to better enjoy the overlap in House Name…

  63. Edward says:

    Dang it. No way can I read that slow. I finished the first four Sun Sword books in a couple of days.. It’s too damn painful to force myself to read slowly.
    Waiting over a month for book 5 to arrive is awkward enough.

  64. I don’t know if this will work for you Edward, but I’m on my third read for all published thus far. And that is only in the last year. Read all of it as it was published the first time around— been a fan of both the West and the Sagara fiction since the get-go, so didn’t even have to think about purchase, just did. The advan­tage to re-reading is that you notice things that you might have missed the previous time. As an example without detail, I picked up a great deal about Evayne in the Duo that I had either forgotten or not noticed; and since she is for me such a major char­acter, this was extremely helpful/exciting! And then there is a certain tall very ‘dark’ denizen who becomes far more impor­tant to the story­line than I had orig­i­nally thought :) What do I suggest? Read some, then go ‘back’ and read again! Can’t lose, the canvas is very large…

  65. Sascha says:

    Do you have a link for the Amazon kindle book? I still don’t see it although I see it on bn​.com. I’d prefer kindle since I share books with my mom that way. I guess if it’s not avail­able though I’ll get it at Barnes and Noble.

  66. Theresa says:

    I found the link via the amazon app on my iPhone. I have been busy getting my house ready for the birth of my first baby’s, so I haven’t had a chance to sit and try and down­load it yet.

  67. hjbau says:

    I think that you should always read books in the order they are written. I think that infor­ma­tion becomes known to the reader in that order on purpose. I do under­stand why Michelle suggests reading Hidden City first because i think that Hidden City is a better book then Hunter’s Oath. I think though if you have already began and read the first two Hunter books that you should continue on with the Sun Sword and then to the House Wars books. The first three House Wars books are going to connect to the last two of the House War books or however many there actu­ally are in the end.

    I think that the meaning in learning about some of the deaths exists only in knowing a bit of the future and the rela­tion those deaths mean to the char­ac­ters in that future. It is clear in House Name that some of the scenes will connect to what the den will become in the future for Jewel. To not know Jewel’s future in part as of the end of the Sun Sword series i think is to lose some of the connections.

    I say read the books in written order always. At least i certainly feel that way on your first read through of the series.

  68. Michelle N. Dempsey says:

    Hoping House Name will be offered in Kindle format soon. I love your work and will frequently go back and re-read each series. I love that you can pick up all sorts of small details that might other­wise be over­looked the first or second time through. I do wish that some of your short stories like “Warlord”, “Hunt­brother”, and “The Black Ospreys” were avail­able in a collec­tion or were for sale indi­vid­u­ally in e‑book format, since most of the antholo­gies in which they were orig­i­nally published are out of print.

  69. Here as near as I can tell is the current bibli­og­raphy for the SSC (Sun Sword Cycle):

    Michelle West. Hunter’s Oath. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 1995.
    Michelle West. Hunter’s Death. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 1996.
    Michelle West. The Broken Crown. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 1997.
    Martin Harry Green­berg, editor. Battle Magic. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 1998. Contains Warlord, a story about the origin of Jewel’s domicis, Avandar.
    Michelle West. The Uncrowned King. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 1998.
    Michelle West. The Shining Court. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 1999.
    Martin Harry Green­berg, editor. Assassin Fantastic. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2001. Contains Echoes, a story about Kallan­dras’ early years.
    Michelle West. Sea of Sorrows. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2001.
    Betsy Wolheim and Sheila Gilbert, editor. DAW 30th Anniver­sary Science Fiction Anthology. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2003. Contains The Memory of Stone, a story about the head of the Maker’s guild, his appren­tice, and her creations.
    Michelle West. The Riven Shield. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2003.
    Martin Harry Green­berg, editor. Sirius, the Dog Star. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2004. Contains Hunt­brother, a story about Cynthia of Maubreche that takes place after Hunter’s Death.
    Michelle West. The Sun Sword. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2004.
    Alexander Potter, editor. Women of War. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2005. Contains The Black Ospreys, a story about The Kalakar and the forma­tion of the Black Ospreys.
    Martin Harry Green­berg, editor. In the Shadow of Evil. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2005. Contains The Weapon, a story taking place in the time of Veralaan and the Blood Barons.
    Michelle West. The Hidden City. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2008.
    Michelle West. City of Night. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2010.
    Michelle West. House Name. DAW Books, INC., New York, NY, first edition 2011.

    It is sorted by year, author/editor and title. If my hazel wood wand worked, they would all be kindle :)

  70. Philippa says:

    This is odd. With some diffi­culty, I did get to a Kindle page for House Name on amazon​.com — but with a message saying that it was not avail­able for customers in the US. (No sign of it in the Cana­dian store, either). Is this simply a delay in amazon’s processing, or a mistake on their part?

  71. Roy says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Do you know when the release date for the Kindle version of House Name? Its been three weeks.



  72. Roy says:

    I finally have “House Name” on my Kindle! The world is a much better place.

  73. Brian says:

    I live in New Zealand and I am unable to get the ebook version of house name on my iphone (tried kindle kodo ibooks to no avail). Any idea when inter­na­tional release for the ebook is going to be?

  74. Renae says:


    I’m from Aus and and would love to know if a release date for the Kindle version has been decided on??

    Thanks :)

  75. Hilda says:

    I’m like Edwards and others, waiting for book 5 of the Sun Sword series which I ordered some months ago. Did all the Cast first, did them all again, and went to Michelle’s other books. And waaai­i­iting. However, I would like to see, in future Jewel’s books, some­thing more of the “great House of Hander­nesse”. It was mentioned so much, by some key char­ac­ters connected to Ararath Hander­nesse, undoubt­edly one of the most inter­esting char­ac­ters in Michelle’s books. It has me wondering what happened or will happen to the House. Will Jewel ever be connected to it? We know Rath grand­fa­ther died, we know his sister is the Terafin, but what of Rath’s father? What will happen to the House? Will Jewel, who loved Rath, have anything to do with it?

  76. Hilda says:

    Michelle, I just received an e‑mail from Amazon. After waiting some months, they are cancelling my order for Riven Shield because they can’t get it. Do you know where I can obtain a copy? Thank you.

  77. Riven Shield. I just checked around (Alibris, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, UK) and the cheapest used book I saw was $26.50. Good luck on your search.

  78. Wait, does this mean that there will 100% be ebook versions of the Sun Sword series at some point in the future? This just made my day!!

  79. Mike Schooley says:

    I saw your post about putting out your short stories in stormer, and I was wondering if you were ever going to put out the sun sword and hunters oath series on amazon.

  80. shubado says:

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