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Cast in Sorrow, Chapter One

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It’s that time again. Release day approaches, and readers begin to look at the empty spaces on my web-site for some signs that the author (that would be me) is even aware that her new novel is about to be released.

(And to be fair, when things are hectic, I often forget just how close release day is because I finished the book in ques­tion many months prior, and the book ahead of it is demanding all of my atten­tion. Or giving me ulcers.)

So: I have Chapter one of Cast in Sorrow for you!

Cast in Sorrow

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  1. Debbie Holcomb says:

    Thank you so much for this chapter. I am counting the days for the book release. This is one of my very favorite series. Thanks for the many hours of enjoy­ment they bring!

  2. Vicky says:

    Michelle, you are tormenting us. Can’t wait til the end of next month.
    Thank you.

  3. Eva says:

    Thank you.

  4. Carol Duffy says:

    Hooray! Thank you so much!

  5. Tyronne says:

    I am going to pass on reading your first chapter because if I read it, I will basi­cally go nuts waiting for the release date which is still set for my birthday!!! Happy birthday to me! It’s a great gift and I couldn’t ask for anything better than a new novel from my favourite fantasy author.

  6. Lesa says:

    Thank you. You are so good!!!!!!! I an barely wait until the end of next month.

  7. michelle says:

    I never read teaser chap­ters, either >.>. The page that should in theory follow the end of Chapter One starts with “Chapter Two” and not with “read this book next month”, and I am — when it comes to reading — the least patient person I know.

    But I’ve learned with time that all readers approach things differ­ently, and that some people actu­ally do appre­ciate the opening chapter or two, so I post them :)

  8. Sue Galos says:

    I have to tell you, I’m grit­ting my teeth and waiting for the book to come out so I can devour it in one bite.

  9. Hugh Myers says:

    I’ll wait for the ‘real’ thing :)

  10. Amanda Toop says:

    I think I’ll also hold off on reading the teaser chapter until its at least a little closer to the release date other­wise its just torture. I always enjoy your work and look forward to each release. Thanks again!

  11. Robbin Coane says:

    I don’t want to read it, but i can seem to help myself. It’s a large problem, i have no patience.

  12. Kimberly says:

    Fantastic begining!! I’m so thrilled and excited for it to be released! You are truly one of my favorite authors.

  13. Hilda says:

    I won’t wait!!! I will read, and read, and read. I haven’t yet. I left my house a few minutes before this was posted; I came back and here it is. If I had known Michelle was waiting for me to leave the house … I would have left my house yesterday and the day before yesterday. Thanks, Michelle.

  14. michelle says:

    LOL! Entirely a coin­ci­dence! I promise I would never try to drive anyone out of their home :)

  15. Salty says:

    I’ve only 3 words. “YEA AND HOORAY!!!” Oh…and another 2 more “THANK YOU!!!”

  16. Liza i says:

    I have been reading battle and silence very slowly because I dread having no sagara west book to read but yay now I can slowly finish one of them and replace it with cast of sorrow. Can’t wait for war and touch.

  17. Hilda says:

    It’s more, much more than what I expected. I’ll go back; I have to reread again. I won’t give spoilers, but…I’m back to check events. It goes to show: we readers must keep previous books in mind all the time.
    Thanks a lot, Michelle.

  18. Kate says:

    I <3 you Michelle :)

  19. dr susan says:

    When the Chron­i­cles of Elantra first came out, I was grieving the loss of a dear friend, and had little interest in fantasy worlds or even reading. I was an avid reader all my life, and started reading again 4 years ago. I had so many books from which to choose that Elantra slipped by me, which means I now get to enjoy all 9 books plus Moon­light in about 10 – 14 days instead of 8 years. I have read Moon­light, Shadow and Court­light, and absolutely love them. Books like these make me wish I were a slower reader. Thank you so much.

  20. Debbie Holcomb says:

    I had to re-read a couple of times — will also re-read the whole series before the end of August. Thanks.

  21. Andrea Finbow says:

    So good! as always! Can’t wait for this book to come out. I am following my usual ritual before a new book is released — reading every book in the series up to the new one . I like to have the series fresh in my mind when i read the newest instal­ment. Michelle, you and L.e. Mode­sitt Jr are my all time favourite authors! always have one of your books with me wher­ever I go.

  22. Jenna says:

    Ahhhh! I really should have not read your spoiler as now I can not wait for the book to come out! I feel invested in the char­ac­ters and can’t wait to see what the West Marsh has in store for them… Waiting with baited breath.

  23. Agustine says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaa.… so excited after reading the teaser!! It just makes me want more and more; now I really can’t wait for the real thing! Thank you so much, Michelle, for the chapter one. <> wish that August release date isn’t that far away. <>. Thanks again, Michelle! You’re my most favorite author until always; I can’t wait to meet up kaylin n severn in the next book. ^^

  24. Jane says:

    …people actu­ally do appre­ciate the opening chapter or TWO…”??? I would love the second chapter…:-) 


  25. Julia Coldren-Walker says:

    SUN SWORD Vol 6 was avail­able today on AMAZON as e‑book.


  26. Tyronne says:

    Sun Sword Vol 6 is avail­able today on Kobo as well!!!! Yay!

  27. Kel says:

    I waver on whether or not to read teasers… With yours, I read them because it reminds me that I need/want to go back and read all the books leading up to the current release. :)

  28. Kel says:

    Teaser chapter *fangirl squee*… I haven’t got words excited enough to explain how much I enjoyed it. I’m firmly on the “Read teaser chap­ters imme­di­ately” side of things; Of course, I’m also in the “Read the book more than once in the first week” subgroup, so it might be me…

  29. ddurham says:

    Ha Ha very good first chapter. I love reading your books. thank you

  30. wonderful;i can’t wait to get the book.this is one of my all time favorite series

  31. Debi Siler says:

    As a high school teacher you’ve put me in a dilemma this year … I want August to come because I can’t wait to read Cast in Sorrow, but I usually HATE turning the calendar to August because it signals my return to the “hormone-chal­lenged” world and all the drama it entails!

  32. Alan Witty says:

    I’m glad August is so close , I do reread the Cast books all the time and I have been waiting.….

  33. Christine Chen says:

    Expo­si­tion VERY well done!

  34. Lacretia says:

    I can’t wait I love this series

  35. Dawn says:

    Thank you so much for posting chapter one. I loved it and can not wait for the book. I am so excited!! :-D

  36. michelle says:

    I do this with Terry Pratchett books, too. I don’t, of course, do it with books I write because before they see print (or release) I’ll have read them over and over until I almost can’t see the words :)

  37. michelle says:

    I’m sorry for the loss; I’m self­ishly happy that when you did get through the long, grey tunnel of grief, you did find my books.

  38. michelle says:

    Thank you both for pointing this out!! I’ve added links for Uncrowned King, and will work on the Sun Sword ebook links as well.

  39. michelle says:

    Do you teach junior high, by any chance? I’ve never been a teacher – I admire the profes­sion enor­mously – but my expe­ri­ence as a student on the other side of the fence was that the hormone-chal­lenges were greatest in that 13 – 15 strata.

  40. michelle says:


    Chapter One as it now exists was the third attempt at Chapter One. Because Sorrow is the second half of two, I needed more “story to now” in the first chapter. But the start of a CAST novel is all about the tone, and “story up to now” is gener­ally a lot drier. I usually start a Cast novel in the Hawks’ office, because the office has a tone and voice, but for obvious reasons that wasn’t an option here.

  41. Chris G. says:

    I noticed that Amazon has the “Search Inside” feature up for this book. I had to resist reading the later random pages that came up, but I liked the earlier ones. :)

    I know that I shouldn’t read random groups of 3 – 4 pages here and there, but, well, you know. :) I liked the foun­tain btw.

  42. Hilda says:

    That jungle has a clear tone and a loud voice. The third attempt was just perfect. I won’t mind one or two more starts there, espe­cially if Kaylin gets closer to Night­shade. (Member of the forgotten Team Nightshade).

  43. silentmum says:

    Have just been diag­nosed with an ovarian tumour and the dtae for initial consult is Sept.….so am focusing on August 27 as a vey posi­tive note.….someting to read in hospital — mind you I have just re-read book 1 to 8.….

  44. Tyronne says:

    Excel­lent mindset and atti­tude silentmum! I’ve two family members that went through this and are still here to cele­brate life. So will you!!! All the best.

  45. Naomi says:

    Nope, not just you. I do the same.

  46. astha says:

    thank u. waiting for the book is hard.

  47. Snapdragon says:

    Thank you! The List made me laugh.

  48. Kate says:

    Thank you for this. I am currently rereading the series getting ready for the release date. Love your stories.

  49. Tanya Boser says:

    Michelle, I have to say I have been trying to slowly re-read through the Elantra series again hoping I could make it stretch until Sorrow is released. I love the depth and realism in your char­ac­ters, and how you keep your plot lines fresh. Yes, we know there will be a battle/fight and great peril, but in each book we learn so much more about the world and the char­ac­ters. I LOVE this series! I hope your well of inspi­ra­tion never runs dry!
    PS: I am not gonna read that chapter! Ok, maybe I will, after I finish Peril… I am a glutton for punishment!

  50. Ariel says:

    Ahhh! I read them a little too fast. Have just finished a re-read and still weeks to go before the new release. I’m nervous for what Kaylin and Teela will find (expe­ri­en­tially) in the West, but very hopeful. And Severn’s great and all, but there’s some­thing about Nightshade.….

    I love how Kaylin is slowly, painfully maturing book by book, and emerging into a real force for good in Elantra. I did read the chapter, and thanks for sharing it! From where I sit, it’s feeling like a very long couple of weeks before I can read the whole, and this defi­nitely helped. :)

  51. Rachel says:

    Are the e‑book and the paper­back really going to be release on the same day this time! :) Last year I hounded the people at our only local book­store till the truck came in with my reserved copy. I had to go back two or three times waiting for that truck.

  52. Jacob says:

    Chapter 1 was amazing, can’t wait the next 2 weeks until it comes out. Will we also be able to see an early look at chapter 2?

  53. DebbieH says:

    Does anyone know when the audio version of Cast in Sorrow is coming out?

  54. Hilda says:

    I hope Amazon remember I paid for next day delivery. I’m in the middle of Peril for the 4th time, and it always amazes me how many things/clues/phrases I find that are new or makes me wonder what will be next. For example, I’m wondering if Kaylin will remember to name the familiar before they get to the recita­tion, and how will she do it. She is not even thinking about it, and she is not getting any help except that she is being told to do it and do it soon. Unless she finds a name in a lake/fountain (as the Barrani), how can she be sure is the right name.

  55. Debi Siler says:

    The only time I taught Junior High was part of my student teaching and that was enough! When one of us complains that their students are driving them totally insane we always say, “At least you aren’t teaching junior high!” Our mantra is A BAD DAY TEACHING HIGH SCHOOL IS BETTER THANGOOD DAY TEACHING JUNIOR HIGH. :)

  56. Debi Siler says:

    I know I’m in the minority, but I’m rooting for Severn. I noticed when I reread all the books getting ready for SORROW that he has a really strong voice in the first books and then slowly goes silent. I think there is much more to him than Ms. Sagara is letting on … like his time with the Wolves. Night­shade is the type who is edgy and seduc­tive but SO bad for you (why are we always drawn like moths to bad guys who will cause us to crash and burn??)

  57. I think the audio book will be released on the same day as the ebook — which is what happened last time. I find the “upcoming releases” hard to find on audible, which is why there are no links >.<

  58. HILDA says:

    I don’t know if you are in the minority, previous messages in the last 3 years show a lot of support for Severn There could be several reasons for why some of us prefer Night­shade to Severn as even­tual romance for Kaylin. Maybe it’s because seems logical following Michelle’s narra­tive; she created him that way. I think the main one could be because we know every­thing about Severn, except for the period he was with the Wolf and we know what he did there except for the specifics. And, like you say, he really is a good guy. Night­shade, has lived so long that his life is a mystery good for a few books, some­times bad, some­times good. Now we also learn he is a singer, good enough for winning Amer­ican Idol. Her interest in Kaylin is clear and obvious; she is his and he keeps and protect what is his (I want to see if before they leave the West he will punch Evarrin). And he is finally friendly and approach­able, joking with Andellen, protecting Kaylin, friendly with the Lady. He seems able to do every­thing. Besides, Kaylin is clearly attracted to him, while Severn remains her good friend/brother. Kaylin has no reser­va­tion with Severn, and what is worse she thinks she owes him some romance; Severn knows it and doesn’t want it. Michelle has to resolve, however, the issue of Kaylin’s short life versus Night­shade’s forever. But not yet: I want many more books with them.

  59. Tyronne says:

    I’m not sure I completely agree with you. Night­shade does nothing without a reason. Although I do think he has come to care some­what for Kaylin, by no means do we know why. I would also only say that Night­shade releases nothing that he claims as his which is not the same as protecting what it his. There is far more meaning to Kaylin’s title than ‘consort’. We also do not know why Night­shade marked her to begin. Night­shade in the past sees the mark on Kaylin and so marks her in the future at first oppor­tu­nity is not an answer. The ques­tion Michelle has not answered is “What did Night­shade learn in between these two events that would cause him to mark Kaylin?” Night­shade is ancient in years on a level with the Librarian. Night­shade plays a game of some type.

  60. Debi Siler says:

    Yeah, that’s why I’m “Team Severn” (although I hate to borrow from Twilight … it’s like comparing a Raphael painting (Sagara writing) to my stick figure draw­ings (Meyer writing)!). Night­shade is obvi­ously fond of Kaylin, but in the end she is just another Barrani power game he wants to win. I get the feeling he would destroy her before he let anyone else have her .. whereas if Kaylin CHOOSES Night­shade over Severn, Severn loves her enough to let her go. Plus, we still don’t know why Night­shade is an outcaste .. I’m sure what­ever he did doesn’t put him in the warm and fuzzy category!

  61. Tyronne says:

    I admit I’m Team Severn. Inter­esting writing analogy — LOL! You raise an inter­esting point about why Night­shade is outcaste. I think that Outcaste (in Barrani terms) also has a different meaning than we normally asso­ciate with the word. We are led by Michelle to think that Outcaste means ‘having been expelled from a caste and thus have not place or status in society’. However, this is obvi­ously not true as Night­shade obvi­ously has a status — he is Outcaste. He may no longer have ‘a place’ in Barrani society but he still has a status — what­ever that may be. I’m even willing to bet ‘with my own money or at least yours’ that the reason for Night­shade being outcaste ties into why he took Castle Night­shade in the first place as opposed to Tiamaris’ Tower and why he marked Kaylin. Am I on the right track Michelle?

  62. Alan Witty says:

    Are you sure she is going to have a short life there was a comment about that. and with every book she gets stronger and stronger.

  63. Tyronne says:

    Perhaps Hilda should have said a mortal life as opposed to a short life when she spoke of Night­shade and Kaylin’s lifes­pans. That’s what I inferred. An inter­esting ques­tion as to whether Kaylin will live a mortal lifespan or perhaps have a form of immor­tality as she grows into, comes to under­stand and control her magic. It has been hinted that in past those who bore the marks either came to an inter­esting end or disap­peared. One of many mysteries that need to be cleared up in future.

  64. AmelieS says:

    Hi everyone,

    We are hosting a give­away for Cast in Sorrow at http://​fansofmsw​.com/​c​a​s​t​-​i​n​-​s​o​r​r​o​w​-​g​i​v​e​a​w​ay/ If your inter­esting in partic­i­pating, you only need to tell in the comments what you think of one of the subjects list in the rules.

    We also discuss the Chron­i­cles of Elantra on the site and list all the fanfics and fanarts that we know about the series. If you’re inter­esting, please don’t hesi­tate to drop by and partic­i­pate in the discussion :)


    Person­ally, I prefer Night­shade to Severn. I don’t think that he only wants to use Kaylin but that he really cares for her. Being Barrani, he of course has other reasons as well as they would never do some­thing unpolitic, but I don’t think that it is irrec­on­cil­able with him having feel­ings for Kaylin. 

    However, Kaylin can’t yet think of anyone as a possible lover, there­fore she ignores entirely any sexual advances or mark of inter­ests from both Severn and Night­shade. For example, in Cast in Secret, Night­shade kisses her but she behaves as if nothing happens. In addi­tion, Kaylin is quite prej­u­dice against Night­shade and Barrani in general. There are some things that she refuses to see and she doesn’t believe that Barrani are capable of love despite having seen evidence to the contrary with the High Lord, his Consort and their brother. As we see the story through Kaylin’s eyes, I think that what we get is a subjec­tive perspec­tive and not the exact truth. 

    Night­shade being Barrani of course won’t openly declare his feel­ings as it would be seen as a weak­ness, even if such a decla­ra­tion was made privately. He might also be afraid that Kaylin would try to use it against him, if only to get some favours or influ­ence the way he rules his fief. Yet, he has made a lot of subtle impli­ca­tions that the feel­ings are there and, given that Kaylin hold his name, he may start to get a little annoy that she didn’t pick the signs :)

    I find curious that Kaylin feels attrac­tion for Night­shade but not for Severn. I like Severn as a char­acter, but I only feel that Kaylin considers him as a brother. As she doesn’t want to hurt him, I fear that she would be tempt to accept to change the nature of their rela­tion­ship and have sex with him only because of that. There­fore, I fear that if she ends up with him, I won’t believe that she didn’t do it because she felt pres­sure into it.

  65. AG says:

    I did not know Severn was the minority. Has the thought not crossed some­one’s mind that essen­tially Night­shade is a different species? just because Barrani look like humans, it doesnt make them so.

  66. AG says:

    I think the way Michelle is writing makes us feel as if we know every­thing about Severn. Besides the time with the Wolves, we do not why he attached himself to Kaylin when they were chil­dren. We do not know why he was called “dark­child”? Why he was able to take the test of name along with Kaylin? I dont think someone who can kill, as Severn has ( for what­ever reasons) can be termed as “nice”.

  67. Adenike says:

    Just wanted to say that amazon and B&N are doing pre-order sales. Cast in Sorrow is discounted as an e‑book from both in case someone has not ordered it yet. If you already have it pre-ordered like I do, amazon is matching anyway. 10 more days!

  68. Jacob says:

    Google Play is showing up to Chapter 6 as a preview if anyone needed some more to read before the real thing is out. :)
    Here’s the link to it or you can just go to google books and search for cast in sorrow.


  69. Debbie Holcomb says:

    Thank you. Can’t wait!!!

  70. Jennifer says:

    I think there is plenty we don’t know about Severn and I would guess there is some­thing very unusual about him. There have been several hints about his blades not being a normal weapon and I believe a vision of an odd teacher. He also fared better then should be expected for a mortal at the end of Cast in Peril

  71. Kel says:

    For the curious, Kobo just sent out an email that they’ve added my pre-ordered e‑copy of Cast to my library… of course I’m at work, so won’t get to read it for a while…

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