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Sun Sword audiobook & sundry

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I think I missed an August update =/.

Life has been a bit busier than usual, with the usual blend of good and ugh. Good: My father cele­brated his 88th birthday. We had a private room at a restau­rant, but it’s the first time since February 2020 that I’ve eaten inside any restau­rant whatsoever.

Less good: I devel­oped a retinal tear; it’s been fixed (laser), and yester­day’s followup appoint­ment was all posi­tive – but it took twelve hours for the dilating eyedrops to wear off.

Usual writer variant less good: the Magic School book which I was so looking forward to writing has been eating my lunch, but appar­ently leaving me with All The Calo­ries >.<. I have several chap­ters written but think I have to nuke the latest one. Which is better than serial attempts at Chapter One.

Hunter’s Redoubt, the first book of the final West Arc is 205k words and not finished. Which would be fine if I had at least hit the final arc in the novel, but I haven’t. It’s going well, it just hasn’t hit the tipping point. For these books, “hitting the final arc” can, on the other hand, start at Chapter Four of War. It’s not so much “now I have only 20k words left to write” as a sense that all of the plot threads have gath­ered and now I weave them together as the boulder I’ve been pushing uphill suddenly hits the down­ward slope.

And now for the the audio­book announcement.

Eva Wilhelm finished narrating The Sun Sword in audio, and it’s been making its way into the retailer wild. I have links to the audio­book at several retailers on the book page here, but it’s not yet live at Audible. ACX uploads seem to take a vari­able, but longer, amount of time, and I know a lot of readers do listen at Audible, or through it.

The final three books in The Sun Sword arc have been completed, so all six are avail­able in audio­book now, thanks to my Patreon supporters. A couple of readers have written to ask if Sacred Hunt will be published in audio­book, and the short answer is: not right now. Right now, all Patreon money is going toward the publi­ca­tion of Hunter’s Redoubt, which I intend to have avail­able in audio as well. So possibly in the future, I can return to the two Hunter books.

I hope you all had a good August, and that you’re having a good September. The rest of my month includes a dental checkup and store inven­tory. And writing.

10 Responses to Sun Sword audiobook & sundry

  1. Joyce says:

    I’m happy for your whole family to be able to cele­brate your father’s birthday. I hope he is able to enjoy many more. I deeply sympa­thize on the eye problem because eye trouble sucks, big time. I don’t read the West books but am glad for good, posi­tive news on that front because I know others care deeply.

    On the other hand, don’t let that Magic School book beat you up too badly; there are many of us eagerly awaiting it. I know you will give us the best words when it is done so take care of your­self. I am resolutely counting weeks until November.

  2. Joey says:

    Yay for your father’s birthday cele­bra­tion! Yay for the patched-up retinal tear! Yay for the audio­book announce­ment (though I rarely buy them)! Boo that I missed you by a day! Next time, I’ll try to plan my book­store visit a little better. Yay that I’m now mostly recov­ered from my Toronto trip followed closely by my Chicago trip!

  3. SueM says:

    Happy Birthday to your father! My FIL turned 88 earlier this year too. I’m glad you took rapid action of your symp­toms (floaters and flashes?) and got your retinal tear fixed quickly so that laser was able to do the job. Laser treat­ment isn’t fun but it’s so much better than the treat­ment required for a retinal detach­ment. I will look forward to another lengthy read with Hunter’s Redoubt but in the mean­time, I’m waiting eagerly for Cast in Eter­nity in November. I’m always happy to read what­ever you write. :D

  4. Kari says:

    I’m sorry about the eye thing, but glad it ended up well for you. I had some­thing similar and sympathize!

  5. Mary Allen says:

    I too am sorry about your eye. Getting the situ­a­tion taken care of fast was such a smart thing to do. I am dealing with glau­coma and don’t know if you are like me but losing my eye sight is prob­ably up there as one of the worst phys­ical things I could have happen. I have already pre-ordered and am really looking forward to Cast in Eter­nity. With every­thing on your plate I hope you continue the Severn books. I also look forward to Hunter’s Redoubt.

  6. michelle says:

    @Mary: The current Cast-related but not Cast novel is the first of the Magic School books — it’s the Acad­emia. I don’t have a Severn story I want to write right now — the only story idea I had is kind of painful and I wasn’t certain about it. 

    Of course the new book has been causing intense hair loss (from me pulling it out) so… =/

  7. michelle says:

    @Joey: I would have been there when you visited but had to go to the hospital which has the emer­gency ophthal­mology depart­ment =/. So, absent unfor­tu­nate eye prob­lems, your visit would have been perfectly timed =/.

  8. Mary Allen says:

    I am so glad you are going to be writing more in the Elantra Universe. I espe­cially enjoyed the Robin char­acter so look forward to seeing more of him if the setting is current Acad­emia. I am sorry it is so diffi­cult to write these books but am eter­nally grateful for your books. I cannot tell you how often I reach for one to escape from current events and settle into one of your worlds.

  9. Vicky Johnson says:

    The Sun Sword is finally avail­able on Audible. Yeah!!

  10. michelle says:

    @Vicky: Thank you for pointing that out! I have been checking, but it’s been more sporadic :)

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