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Cover Preview: Cast in Eternity

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I real­ized belat­edly that I have a full cover for Cast in Eter­nity, which I did not actu­ally post. And as I’ve been a bit absent — I really didn’t realize that it had been three months since I last posted — I thought it would help compen­sate for lack of news.

As usual, the art director is Kath­leen Oudit, and the artist, Shane Reben­schied, long may they continue!

14 Responses to Cover Preview: Cast in Eternity

  1. Mary Allen says:

    So happy to see you post some­thing. May try to pre-order Cast in Eter­nity at Barnes and Noble tonight. Just reread both Severn books and am hoping for a third book? Just reread an inter­view you did years ago about having to start books over and over and am wondering how Broken Crown is going?

  2. michelle says:

    @Mary Allen: if by Broken Crown you mean the new West novel, I hope to be finished first draft by the end of October :).

    But the new Cast-related novel, the Acad­emia book, is still in iter­a­tive begin­ning stage =/.

  3. Asia says:

    Love the cover!

  4. JamieW says:

    Beau­tiful cover as always! I can’t wait to read what Kaylin (and these myste­rious spirits) gets up to in this next book.

  5. Tracy Alexander says:

    I can’t wait!!!

  6. Melanie says:

    So exciting, I will buy them!!!

  7. Mary Allen says:

    I did mean the next West novel. I will purchase it as soon as it is avail­able in any form. I have read the whole series from Hunters through House Wars and Sun Sword five or six times. Reading Hidden City at least once a year. I love the cover of Cast in Eter­nity and like the artist not showing Kaylin’s face so I can imagine her look.

  8. Elizabeth Krentz-Wee says:

    I love the Elantra covers. It was great to read the blurb. I do love the partic­ular subgenre, police proce­dural in a fantasy world, and of course the the char­ac­ters, new and old. I’m always hoping for the old friends, including Helen. And will the Emperor appear?

  9. Janet V Kordell says:

    great cover, can’t wait for the book

  10. Kathy says:

    I love the evolu­tion of Kaylin on the Elantra covers. Good job, Shane in main­taining Kaylin’s phys­ical growth! Also, I love the way the Kaylin’s intel­lec­tual and emotional growth is going. One thing I’ve noticed is that the image of Kaylin seems to match that growth quit well. Does Shane get previews to base his art on? Can’t wait for this book!

  11. Joyce says:

    Thank you! It makes November more solid and certain now. It’s not, come November; it’s after Thanks­giving, like and early Christmas. Take care and be patient with yourself.

  12. Florida Kat says:

    Read the Elantra series years ago, and enjoyed them, but absolutely LOVED the Severn books. They inspired me to reread the entire series, and I have to say I’m enjoying them more and getting more out of them the second time around. Can’t wait for Cast in Eternity!

  13. KathyS says:

    I’ve been wondering,since this post came out, would you ever do a short story about the char­ac­ters searching for Kaylin? Not just one or two but the halls of law, the palace, and the high court all trying to find at the same time?

  14. Skyee says:

    Reading the blurb I am wondering if there even is a “good” kind of Barrani history to get involved in 😅
    But seri­ously, I can’t wait for the book to be published :)

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