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State of the Author, January 2022 edition

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Happy (very late) New Year! I survived Christmas stress. I’m pretty certain the imme­diate family survived my Christmas stress as well >.>.

I admit that I was taken by surprise, because in general I would not be consid­ered an opti­mistic person by nature, and as I mentioned else­where, I had not real­ized just how much I had been looking forward to a “normal” christmas, until Omicron hit and that went right out the window.

But! After just over a week of writing holiday, I found my writing feet again, and have been getting myself back on track.

First: Sea of Sorrows has finally made it to audible​.com. I’ve updated the link on the bibli­og­raphy page. This is the first time I’ve done things on my own, so I have no idea whether or not this long delay in processing audio­books for audible is normal or a backlog. Sorry for that =/.

I am working on Cast in Eter­nity. I had intended – as I often do – that this would be a slightly more humorous book, but the book imme­di­ately turned left instead of contin­uing down the road, and the driver clearly has a knowl­edge of teeny, tiny back alleys and general geog­raphy that… I appar­ently lack. I know the end, but in the middle I am staring at it and wondering how where I am and where it is match up. It’s an Adventure!


I have broken the 100k word mark (again) on Hunter’s Redoubt. The book – and my inter­ac­tion with it – is in a good place, and things are clearer to me now than they were when I was strug­gling to keep every­thing contained in a smaller space.

But, as usual, I’m scram­bling to catch up to with every­thing I’m behind on. I’ve managed to write my books, but have … been less consci­en­tious about, oh, every­thing else. My email inbox is a fright. Among other things. So, I’ll just be digging myself out over here.

I hope you all have a wonderful year.

18 Responses to State of the Author, January 2022 edition

  1. Sam N says:

    ahh Sea of Sorrows is just in time to listen to during my week off~

    have a safe year!

  2. Therese says:

    Congrat­u­la­tions on surviving Christmas! I’m really curious now how Cast in Eter­nity turns out. Have a good year!

  3. Tchula Ripton says:

    Cast in Eternity…interesting title. I like it!

  4. Melanie says:

    Awe, I wish you a happy new year! I made it through another golden year. Hope everyone is staying healthy. Exciting to hear of the books in the works.

  5. Sue Ivey says:

    Ah yes, so glad to have Sea of Sorrows on Audible! I just finished the first three (again) in anticipation! :-)

  6. Emily Pritchard says:

    Oh, I’m so looking forward to Cast In Eter­nity. Glad you all had a great Christmas 😊❤

  7. Peter says:

    Cast in Eter­nity is up for preorder already on Amazon. September 27, 2022 expected delivery date. (TY for putting it up for pre-order with a long lead, even if the pub date later changes)

  8. Paula Lieberman says:

    Sea of Sorrows in audio will be good news for a friend I hooked on the Essalieyn [spel­lling] books who’s blind, by reading aloud to him a long extended passage in one of the House War books of the three large winged cats.…

  9. Genna Warner says:

    Cast in Eter­nity sounds so final. Are we nearing the end of the series?

    And thank you once again for doing the audio book for Sea of Sorrows. I have purchased it off of Audible. :)

  10. Joyce Ronquillo says:

    I have pre-ordered Cast in Eter­nity and I am so very curious about what has created that title. It does sound like the end may be near. If t is, would you tell us? I am eagerly watching my kindle for Severn’s adven­tures into the West March.

  11. michelle says:

    @Genna: Thank my Patreon patrons :). It was way more successful than I thought it would be — but not enough to cover offset print run and ware­housing and fulfill­ment. As people have been asking about the rest of the audio­books for SUN SWORD, I’m currently in a posi­tion to do those. My current intent is to have audio­books for the new books going forward.

    ETA: No, it’s not the end. It does sound final, but titles that involve ghosts, the dead, the not-quite dead, didn’t work for marketing.

  12. michelle says:

    @Joyce: No, it’s not the end :). As I said to Genna, it’s the title the stuck while we tried to go through titles rele­vant to ghosts, etc.

  13. michelle says:

    @Peter: the pub date is the publish­er’s deci­sion — Mira — but I will pass it on!

  14. michelle says:

    @Sue: I’m hoping that the logjam that prevented SEA OF SORROWS going live at the same time every­where won’t be a problem for the next book =/

  15. Elizabeth G says:

    Super looking forward to Severn’s 2nd book coming out in just over a month.

    I was wonder if we would get a first chapter preview ahead of time? I still have the ebook preordered, plan to pounce on the audio and my husband has the calendar marked to stop on his way home at the book store that friday before to see if it it might have been shelved early.…

    but I <3 severn and can’t get enough and am eager for all the answers — and bring on even more questions!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination!

  16. Andrea D Smith says:

    I joked that you’d name the next Cast book after Covid lock down. Cast in Eter­nity fits. I’m Looking forward to reading it and Severn’s 2nd book.

  17. michelle says:

    @Andrea: Yes, I remember — and I remember also thinking that the guessed at title was the first title I had submitted :)

  18. michelle says:

    @Elizabeth: You are absolutely right. It is January, the book is published in February, so it is, in fact, Preview Chapter month.

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