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State of the Author, April 2022 edition: I have news

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I have spent the last day doing my taxes (in Canada, the dead­line is the end of April. Except appar­ently when that falls on a weekend, in which case it’s the first Monday after the 30th).

But, I have bits and pieces of news. My new editor is Leah Mol, new to the Mira team. Like me, she’s a Toron­tonian, so I got to meet her in person. I am feeling vastly more comfort­able now.

First: I have been invited to be a Guest of Honor at the UK’s East­ercon in 2024, which will take place in Telford, between the 29th of March and the 1st of April.

Second: The audio­book for Riven Shield is now avail­able.  It’s narrated by Eva Wilhelm, as all the West novels are, and (some) of the links to audio­book venues are on the book page.

Third: I have sold the rights to two more novels set in the Cast universe to Mira Books. Cast in Eter­nity has been finished — for now — and submitted to my editor; my next novel is a Cast adja­cent book that takes place in the Acad­emia — or as I call it, the Magic School book. This idea was suggested by a Twitter reader. Or rather, he asked if I could maybe write more about Robin from Cast in Wisdom. A novella, maybe?

As my single Severn novella had become two novels, I…said no, because at that time I owed 2 Severn novels and two Cast novels, and had zero time or brain space for anything else.

He then said, “It’s just that I have a weak­ness for Magic School novels.”

And Michelle’s brain said: wait, waaaaaaaait. I have a Dragon chan­cellor. I have Barrani students — and two members of the cohort. I have library space. I…have a magic school! And I have Robin’s as yet unwritten friend, and and and…

But I had to shelve this, although my brain was firing on all cylin­ders, because I had four books to write. So that’s the book I’ll be working on, bar unfore­seen difficulties.

And after that, Cast 18.


It’s been a more than hectic April. I spend much of it doing my least favorite writing activity: revising to cut words. I missed my target. I wrote West words, and deleted West words, and wrote more West words which I’m keeping.

I did my taxes. I feel as if I’ve been doing my taxes for eter­nity, and it was only three days.

You know that feeling you have when you think you meant to say some­thing and you can’t remember what it was? I have that. I’m looking at this post certain that I’ve forgotten something >.<.

42 Responses to State of the Author, April 2022 edition: I have news

  1. Peter says:

    A novella, maybe? 1200 pages later…

  2. michelle says:

    @Peter: I would like to disagree with that. I would REALLY like to disagree with that. And to be fair to me, it was *two* novellas. “Severn joins the Wolves” or “Severn gets his weapon”. I cannot argue about the page count, at least in manu­script, though T_T

  3. Bryan Chauveau says:

    Already pre-ordered the Cast in Eter­nity book, and can’t wait to devour it like I do all your novels.

  4. Kimberli Spiehler says:

    Wow, super busy! I dare ask as I must have missed it, what’s the plan for books past the War finale? I just finished it and of course wishing more.

  5. Merie Roberts says:

    Dear Lady, your writing is wonderful. My only wish is that, when you finish with all this. That, you again write a series in the form of the novels “The sun sword “the writing was so beau­tiful and different. It didn’t have a hurry feeling. It took a little longer and a little more concen­tra­tion to read, making it so wonderful. Congrat­u­la­tions on all your endeavors. The deepest thankyou for sharing your wonderful gift.

  6. Andrea D Smith says:

    Congrat­u­la­tions on selling the rights for two more books. I’m looking forward to reading them. The Magical School book has the poten­tial for a great book, we learn so little about magic from Kaitlin’s point of view. I look forward to learning more about Robin, magic, and the secret “shadow” preventing meet­ings on campus. I’m also curious who from the Cast series will be drop­ping by. 

    Ms. Michele, I hope with your enthu­siasm towards writing about Magical school makes the words flow easilier. Thank you, to the fan who suggested this idea. ❤️

    I already pre-ordered Cast in Eter­nity. Anyone else wondering what Kaylin did to earn desk duty?

  7. Shyia says:

    This post makes my day! Thank you for all of the words that you have shared over the (let’s not say how many) years!

  8. Tchula Ripton says:

    Yay! More books is always welcome news! And congrats on being done with taxes! I always breath a sigh of relief when it’s finished every year. ;-)

  9. marinamoon says:

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you so much for the update! I am super excited about Cast in Eter­nity. Will pre-ordered it later. I love your books so much. They keep me spell­bound! 0.0 I never want these series to end.

    I am thrilled about this possible novella about Robin. Love the magic school theme too. It’s the Harry Potter nerd in all of us i think. =0p What­ever you write I know I will love. Thank you for all your hard work. Hugs.

  10. Aëlynn says:

    What great news! I’ve never had a reason to visit Telford. Guess I need to start looking into it now. ^_^

  11. Joyce says:

    Yay, magic school! I, too, have a weak­ness for magic school books. Also, I am sure I would not be the only reader miffed if Mira didn’t buy more Cast books. I mean, the story isn’t finished! Please take care of your­self, none of us are getting any younger. Cons are fun, wish you were coming closer though.

  12. michelle says:

    @Bryan: Thank you!

  13. michelle says:

    @Kimberli: long story short: There’s a final arc set in this universe which I am writing now, thanks to Patreon. So: the plan is to finish it :)

  14. michelle says:

    @Andrea: Thank you :).

  15. michelle says:

    @Tchula: I feel relieved when I’ve sent the money I owe to the govern­ment… which I can do once husband has done his taxes.

  16. michelle says:

    @Marinamoon: The novella about Robin is actu­ally the novel — I have very little luck with writing novellas and keeping them at that length =/. But the idea grew out of some­one’s request *for* a novella, if that makes sense.

  17. michelle says:

    @ Aëlynn: I know it’s 2 years away — but, it gives people time to plan. I think.

  18. Aëlynn says:

    Consid­ering how things have been for the last two years, I’m thankful you’ve given me some­thing to look forward to, on top of more books! It’s also much easier for me to plan a 2‑hour drive than a flight to Toronto (although I would very much like to visit the book­shop one day).

  19. Aquilegia says:

    I am so glad to hear that things seem to be doing alright. You sounded so stressed in your last post that I was getting concerned when you were silent for several weeks. 

    I know that we don’t truly know each other, and can’t be friends in the tradi­tional sense of the word. But we do care about you, and wish you the best part of content­ment and joy.

  20. Vicki LENOIR says:

    I am squeeeing in joy at the bit on “magic school”. But a part of me is going, “evil woman! So many books and I am a hope­less addict…”

  21. Mary E Wyss says:

    I pre-ordered Cast today. Michelle, I can up the tax return count. We are US citi­zens who receive a Cana­dian pension. Our most complex year included U.S, British and French. It is fortu­nate that the employer paid the preparers bills. All 3 need some­thing changed. My husband’s first year in England he only needed to pay 50%. He paid the full amount before we met. It was refunded after the correc­tion was made. My husband speaks French but not accounting. I am still stuck with the Cana­dian return which is written in proper English and still end up calling the Revenue Canada about some thing new every year. This year everyone got an extension. 

    Cie la vie

  22. Jazzlet says:

    Glad for so much good news about future books, and espe­cially that you feel comfort­able with your new editor, I gather that rela­tion­ship is absolutely key for authors so it must be a profound relief.

    Can’t help but squee about a Robin book, just knowing it is on your schedule cheers me up!

  23. Jazzlet says:

    Cast in Eter­nity does not yet seem to be avail­able for pre-order in the UK.

  24. br60103 says:

    If you visit the store, best plan to return by steamship with a trunk (or more) full of books.

  25. Mary Allen says:

    So thrilled about more books. I hope there will be another Severn book too. I am greedy. Since you mentioned the final arc do you have any idea how many books you are thinking about to finish the Sun Sword world?

  26. Aëlynn says:

    That is a given.

  27. Elizabeth Olson says:

    Wonderful to read your news! Looking forward to the books.

  28. michelle says:

    @Mary Allen: I am hoping for six books. But length has always been my Achilles heel =/. So the actual answer is: as long as it takes T_T

  29. michelle says:

    @Jazzlet: I will send email to my editor noting lack of UK preorder ability T_T

  30. michelle says:

    @Aquilegia: I … have been a bit stressed, yes. I’m hoping that things settle down and the new normal has the usual level of stress, not the height­ened one.

    I still have revi­sions to go when edito­rial letter arrives, but that’s normal.

  31. michelle says:

    @Jazzlet: Ques­tion: were you trying to order the ebook? And from where? (ques­tions editor just asked me in email — I have to run to the book­store today, but will forward replies when I get back)

  32. Fyreink says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Just wanted to say I loved Sword and Shadow!! I hope we get to meet Ellu­vian, An’Tel­larus, The Wolf Lord, the Wolves and some of the Barrani met in the Cast books at some point. 

    Person­ally I would love​.to have another Severn book, like a book of short stories. It would also be great to see the reac­tion of the events of the
    Cast books and their reac­tions told from Ellu­vian, the Wolf Lord and Cediela point of view.

  33. michelle says:

    @Fyreink: The Severn novels started out as a novella (in theory). I’m just… terrible at judging the length of a story until I’ve written enough of it =/. So short stories are not some­thing I’m looking at right now.

    As for the rest? Prob­ably at some point, but not in the imme­diate CAST future, as that book is already written :)

  34. Fyreink says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for info/update!! I’m looking forward to the Robin novel! And I look forward to seeing them in future future CAST books.Though a part of wonders what Elluvian’s/Cediela’s reac­tion to the events of Courtlight/Peril/Sorrow/and Oblivion.

  35. Phil Boswell says:

    I was just able to pre-order Eter­nity on Amazon UK for my Kindle, don’t know whether that relates to Jazzlet’s question…

  36. michelle says:

    @Phil: thank you for the extra information :)

  37. Gretchen says:

    @michelle: I now have Auntie Tellarus with the “bless your heart” southern lady drawl in my head 😆 

    In the Cast books Severn is always stating that he has no magical gift or sensi­tivity, but the Wolf books indi­cate other­wise. Is that just a “he was born of magical circum­stances in the Green, so it’s not quite the same as anyone else”?

    If you do a sepa­rate Robin novel instead of inter­spersing in the Cast books…
    …can Miccha Jannoson from Peril be found there?
    …can Night­shade and the Chan­cellor become research buddies?
    …can Spike come to visit?

    My brother and I have been compiling a spread­sheet for referencing…
    When is Kaylin’s birthday? She changed age some­where in there, and I was surprised it was glossed over.
    How long is a year? Kaylin constantly mentions that every­thing always seemed to happen in the winter, but it’s only been a few months total for the series.

    I can’t wait for the next book!

  38. Aquilegia says:

    @Fyreink I too would love to see how the char­ac­ters from the Severn novels react to the happen­ings in the main series. Not even a short story really, just a few random scenes. It is unlikely to happen. Such a thing would be very hard to sell to a publisher. But one can hope. 

    @Gretchen I love the concept of Auntie Tellarus. I have been calling her that since I finished reading, because it’s is so funny. I imagine that Barrani don’t make soft cuddly rela­tives. Or soft cuddly anything, really. I am trying to picture any of them wrapped in a patch­work apron and smelling of cookies and it isn’t working. She could prob­ably get closer than any of the others we have met. (Serralyn might be able to, but as an excitable sister not fright­en­ingly compe­tent aunt.) It would absolutely baffle everyone else, and she would prob­ably like that. She seems to like keeping people off balance.

    If I remember correctly Severn said that he couldn’t light a candle or make a light. Not that he wasn’t magical. It is implied that he tried. Maybe his magic is different. Maybe he just didn’t have the time to learn more than chan­neling what­ever he has through his weapon. We will need to see. And I thought that Miccha died with the rest of the mortals spir­ited away from the fiefs. I don’t remember it being confirmed so I suppose that there is a chance that he got sucked into the Acad­emia instead

  39. Jazzlet says:

    So sorry not to have replied in good time Michelle, I was trying to order the e‑book on Amazon, and it’s there now.

  40. Kimbrah says:

    I was looking for the preorder everyone was talking about and couldn’t find an audio­book preorder (my vision is poor so I can only “read” your books by listening). I do hope there is one planned for book 17! I do so enjoy your writing and the world of Elantra!

  41. Mary Allen says:

    I was just looking at the books on order on the hcplc​.org book site (Hills­bor­ough County Library coop­er­a­tive serving Tampa, Florida) and they are ordering Oracle, Battle, Skir­mish and City of Night. The library has had a copy of Hidden City since it first came out. They also now have all your Cast books on Hoopla here in Tampa.

  42. Joyce says:

    Hi, Michelle, It has been some­time since we had a state of the author and I find myself wondering if all is well in your world. My best good vibes are heading your way in case you need them. Take care.

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