Cast in Oblivion cover

Posted in writing.

I believe the front cover has gone live in some places, but: this is the full cover.

I meant to post it yesterday, but yesterday was the optometrist appoint­ment, after which I couldn’t really see. It’s actu­ally the worst reac­tion I’ve had to eye drops — and the most persis­tent — since I was, oh, eight years old. I managed to miss the street I normally turn up to come home, and only noticed when I passed a long stretch of brown building that I could mostly iden­tify as a church. (ETA: I was on foot, as I don’t drive, and wouldn’t try after an optometrist appoint­ment even if I did >.>)

Also, because I had eye drops, it was gorgeous and incred­ibly sunny. Unlike the day before.

But: enough whining! I think I’m about four chap­ters away from the end of Cast in Oblivion, but… the cover is done :). Kath­leen Oudit continues as art director, and Shane Reben­schied as artist.

ETA (again, clearly this is not my most orga­nized day >.<): According to Amazon, the pub date is January 29, 2019 — so a year after Cast in Decep­tion.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Great looking cover as usual. Can’t wait for the story. Hope your eye gets better

  2. Crystal says:

    That’s is beau­ti­fully done. I love all the covers and I don’t usually look at covers :). I can’t wait for this book. I have strong reac­tions to having my eyes displayed as well. 12 hours later I’m like oh look there’s lines in the road again.

  3. Tanya Shively says:

    Hate it when they dilate my eyes so I can relate. Love this series and can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Akeru Joyden says:

    So long… too far in the future… but at least I can start off the new year right… I love the cover.

  5. Judy says:

    Have the same problem with eyedrop­some. Reversal doesn’ work on me either. Usually takes 2 day before my pupils can constrict.
    Thanks for the publi­ca­tion Date for Castle in Oblivion
    Love this series.

  6. Toni says:

    The way this year is blowing through, it will be here soon enough. Looking forward to this. Thank you.

  7. michelle says:

    My eyes are much better today. The annoying thing is that my left eye recov­ered more quickly than my right eye.

    @Earle: Sunglasses are not required here, but while I have been attempting to actu­ally get prescrip­tion sunglasses, all of the current glass frames are large, glasses appar­ently being part of fashion and moving with trends =/.

  8. Anna says:

    I totaly love your covers, the are astound­ingly beau­tiful. Can’t wait to read the story. I’ve already read and re-read Cast in Descep­tion about 10 times.…as I said, can’t wait!

  9. David Youngs says:

    Michelle: as someone some­what older than you, I’ve found cataract sunglasses which wrap around and are sized to go over the regular glasses.
    They may not be for someone concerned about appear­ance.

  10. Paula Lieberman says:

    Jody Lee does DAW covers for the Michelle West books (Hunter duology, most of the Sun Sword books, the House War books…), the Elantra books are from Mira [part of Harle­quin which sold a year or two ago to is it Harper Collins? The series started off as the Harle­quin Luna imprint, which got folded, then went to the HQN imprint, and then the Mira imprint – so three different imprints, all from the same parent…] ].

  11. Asia says:

    Cover looks great! Can i ask if there is any feed­back around Severn story?? I mean will it be short story or longer book? ;)

  12. Agustine says:

    Awesome cover, Michelle, i really can’t wait to read the book. Oh January, may thou come quickly. =D Is it my eyes, or it seems that Kaylin’s left hand is touching a light resem­bling a human (or hands with blade / sword)? i’m so excited! =)

    Thanks for the update, Michelle. =D

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