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ORACLE Cover & Michelle update

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Jody Lee art

Jody Lee art

In the words of Granny Weath­erwax, “I Aten’t Dead.”

This is the cover for Oracle, the sixth book in The House War. I asked for it so I could post it on the web-site. And then forgot >.<. I used to be so much better at orga­ni­za­tion, I swear.

My entire life at the moment is coffee, Cast in Honor, coffee, page proofs, tea, falling-over. I have tweeted a couple of times in the past week and consider this a major social media win for me. I apol­o­gize profusely to anyone who has sent email or tumblr or face­book comments: I am on such a tight dead­line (my own fault, of course) that I have no brain cells left for anything else. (Yes, this causes hilarity in my house­hold. Sadly.)

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  1. chibipoe says:

    That is amazing. Props to Jody Lee and I look forward to seeing it in print!

  2. I can barely wait. Don’t shoot me but i do wish your books were longer.

  3. Salty says:

    Great cover! Looking forward to going down to the big B&N at the top of Union Sq in Manhattan in NYC. Gonna do that so I’ll have the whole 1 hr subway ride back to read it. Hope­fully I won’t be so immersed that I miss my stop. (has happened more than once) 

    While reading Skir­mish I missed my stop, so I got off at the next station, crossed over to the down­town train and got back into the book. And again missed my stop! Had to go two stations down b4 I could cross over. I actu­ally closed the book, put it into my back­pack so I could be sure to get off at the right stop. But then went to the coffee shop and had a late lunch so I could finish the scene, rather than waiting the 10 minutes it would take to walk home.

  4. Zia says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post the cover and an update! I cannot wait for Oracle though I admit I am waiting for Cast in Honor with even more impa­tience but that could be because I am unfor­tu­nately short on books to read that I haven’t read at least a hundred times previously. 

    Here’s hoping things settle down for you (even a little) soon!

  5. Dorey says:

    Sending this to my daughter who is a nursing student..she had a bad week and I know this will make her smile! Thanks!

  6. Tchula says:

    Wow, thanks for posting the cover art! I like that Evayne finally gets a cover, but I admit, I pictured her differ­ently, with raven hair and violet eyes, not gold. But I’m still glad to see her there. She works so hard, she deserves a cover! lol The Winter King looks bold; great to see him on there, too. Can’t wait for Oracle’s release date! :-)

  7. michelle says:

    Oracle is a little bit longer than Battle after cuts, if that helps. (I’m not of a mind to shoot you — but my books are gener­ally consid­ered long, or Too Long, depending on edito­rial viewpoint >.>)

  8. michelle says:

    I’ve done this! Not with my own books — but I’ve defi­nitely done this. I have also embar­rassed myself by weeping-while-on-subway because of Guy Gavriel Kay.

  9. Salty says:

    I’ve never wept, but I have star­tled fellow passen­gers by laughing out loud, and I once shouted “Dammit!” while reading Jordan’s Wheel of Time. That actu­ally had a good result as the guy sitting next to me got up and moved to the other end of the car!

  10. Salty says:

    I was thinking that the picture was either the Oracle or maybe Jewel after she got her crystal. I thought “that can’t be Evayne with gold eyes and blonde hair”

  11. DebbieH says:

    Thanks for the post. I was getting worried. Sorry you are so busy — well not really because I absolutely LOVE your books and eagerly awaiting Cast in Honor, but I do hope you get some time to relax and enjoy your­self. The cover are is gorgeous.

  12. Tchula says:

    I dunno… She’s wearing a midnight blue cloak. I just figured it was “old Evayne” on the left, and “young Evayne” on the right. But I guess it could be the Oracle on the left, and Jewel on the right. I just thought not, because Jewel is pictured on the stag. I chalk it up to differ­ences of artistic impression.

  13. Salty says:

    You could be right. The cloak is the correct color for Evayne, and it’s not like covers are famous for their artistic “correct­ness”.

  14. Hilda Rodriguez says:

    It’s an amazing cover; it does not give us a hint. Yes Evayne is there with her “globe”; the other must be the “Oracle”; and Jewel riding the Winter King. I wonder if inside the triangle are the walls of Avan­tari. I’m now re-reading Battle again. This time I have it down­loaded into my Nook, which allows me to reread it in bed with lights turn off. Now I have all the books in print and elec­tronic. It’s so good. I ordered Oracle a long time ago, but have not sale day. B&N had it a long time ago, and took it off.
    Michelle, I’m not getting your e‑mails. I hope you didn’t drop me, if you sent one for this message. Didn’t get anything for this one, nor for the one before. I hope I’m not dropped from your list. Can’t wait for your books. Take care of your­self. Thank you.

  15. michelle says:

    Hilda: I haven’t dropped or removed you from the list delib­er­ately. I can’t find your email on the site subscrip­tion word​press​.com list, though =/. There’s a “Subscribe to Blog” on the right side-bar. To subscribe, you just enter your email, and you should get email asking you to confirm the request. 

    I can’t actu­ally add someone to the subscrip­tion list; I can add the email the way you would add it, but it has to be confirmed. (I did this this just now.) Word­Press may keep records of unsub­scribes — but I don’t actu­ally have access to those records; I see active follower email addresses only.

    Is it possible that you acci­den­tally hit the link to unsubscribe?

    But: rest assured I would never, ever delib­er­ately drop you from the mailing list :).

  16. MonicaW says:

    I’m delighted that Oracle is finally finished. While waiting, I’ve reread Battle and am about to revisit Skir­mish. You are one of my favorite writers. Thanks for providing hours and hours of great reading!

  17. Love the quote from Granny, and even more excited about Cast in Honor. I did a full re-read of the Elantran series when Cast in Peril came out and was surprised to realize what a short time frame they all fit into. I am enjoying watching Kaylin grow.

  18. Gwynnith says:

    Can’t wait — but why can’t I subscribe to the newsletter?

  19. Phillip says:

    Guy Gavriel Kay has gotten to me a couple of times. A song for Arbonne jumps to mind.

  20. Darlene Marche says:

    Don’t forget that Evayne’s father is a God…and those chil­dren have golden eyes…so maybe now that we are getting closer to the end? we are seeing her heritage come out…just my 2 cents.

  21. Agustin says:

    Love, LOVE the cover! I can’t wait to get the book. yayyy!!

  22. Katherine says:

    Fantastic book, he rocks!

  23. Michael formerly from Buffalo says:

    Lovely cover! Not yet listed on Amazon, but “Cast in Honor” is listed for 11/25/15. I hope that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait even longer for “Oracle”!

    In the words of Granny Weath­erwax, “I Aten’t Dead.“ ‘

    RIP Terry Pratchett :(.

  24. Greg says:

    Can’t wait for the book! Are we going to get a couple of chap­ters before it comes out? Please :)

  25. Zia says:

    It orig­i­nally had an August date, and unfor­tu­nately it looks like it got bumped again — Amazon now says December 1st, 2015. But we have been given a descrip­tion so that’s something.

  26. Zia says:

    Oh I wish I had an edit button — it said Dec 1st last night, but now it’s back to November 24th. I did notice, however, that Cast in Honor is labeled book 11 of 12. Does that mean there are only two books left in the series?

  27. kitiara green says:

    Does anyone by any chance know of a reading group for the chron­i­cles of elantra? I swear if I can’t find some people who actu­ally under­stand my debate between night­shade and Severn as far as which is good enough for kaylin I think I’ll go mad. I can’t wait for cast in honor I’m counting the months now. Also…does anyone have any word on when Michelle will be attending a north america conven­tion again? I’m dying to meet her and maybe get the books signed if I’m lucky.

  28. Zia says:

    If you’re a member of face­book there is a group called the Cast Group run by Nina Lillard. There’s about 25 of us at the moment in there and I’m certain everyone would love to talk about any and every­thing related to the series :)

  29. kitiara green says:

    Oh thank god you are a life saver.

  30. kitiara green says:

    Hey um my Face­book is weird. Could you send me an invite to the group? I’m having trouble finding it. My email is high­land knights hi aram aol​.com you can find me that way on Face­book. Or email me xD but please I’d love to join the group.

  31. Zia says:

    Really not wanting to hi-jack the blog at all, but I can’t seem to find you through that email on facebook…which is prob­ably an error on my end. I attempted to send an invite from the club through the email…and we’ll see if that works. Or there is a fansite you could post on that I could then send an invite from if you’re up for that :)

  32. Sure thing. Up for anything. My Face­book name is Kitiara starflight green so *shrugs* and yeah not trying to hijack but been looking for help for ages. Just logged on here from Face­book so you might can track me now

  33. Zia says:

    Ah okay. Perfect. I sent out an invite, but as I am not in charge of that group there may be a bit of a delay in getting an acceptance ;)

  34. I’d expect that its no prob. Add me on Face­book Kay? Nice to finally find someone crazy about elantra besides me

  35. Susan says:

    Yes, pretty please?

  36. Karen L Durst says:

    Oh! I would so love to join this! Thanks Zia!♡

  37. Karen L Durst says:

    I can’t seem to find it on Face­book. Zia could you send me an invite too? I am on Face­book as Karen L Durst. Email rn19kld57@​aol.​com. thanks!

  38. Zia says:

    Sent you both an email invite and a message via your face­book account if you look in your ‘other’ messages :) Hope to see you soon!

  39. Eva says:

    Is Oracle the last of the House War series? What is the name of the next series to get to the final battle? How many books are planned in that last series? It will be good to visit some old friends again who were not in Jewel’s Den.

  40. Tchula says:

    Michelle had, at one point, planned to have the next book arc be called The Black Gauntlet, but I don’t know if that has changed or not. I imagine we will see the folks from Breo­danir in those books, and possibly folks from the Dominion as well. :-)

  41. I can hardly wait for Cast in Honor. I keep re-reading this series. Am going to start the other series — was recom­mended by my dr.

  42. michelle says:

    Oracle is the sixth, but not the last; WAR, which is not (of course) finished, is the final book in the Arc. In the last series? Ummm, four? Sorry >.

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