Confluence 2014

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I will, once again, be heading to Confluence in Pittsburgh. It’s a small convention, but I really feel at home there. Below is my schedule there.

Fri 6:00 PM      Pine     My (Girlfriend, Mother, Sister) will Kick your Butt.
Tamora Pierce Michelle Sagara          Lucy Snyder (M)           Nicole Peeler

Sat 1:00 PM                   Autographing      Tamora Pierce     Michelle Sagara

Sat 2:00 PM                   Kaffee Klatsch     Michelle Sagara   Timons Esaias

Sat 5:00 PM       Marshall              These Kids Today — fandom and how it’s changed
William H Keith Fruma Klass (M) Michelle Sagara   Alan Katerinsky

Sun 11:00 am     Pine      Econ Ad Infinitum – beyond money – commerce in a multiword scenario.
Christie Meierz   Jon Sprunk (M)   Michelle Sagara

Sun 12:00 PM    Board Rm          Reading
Michelle Sagara

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