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Worldcon 2014 schedule

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My Loncon3 (Worldcon 2014) schedule:

How Does Book­selling Shape the Genre We See?

Friday 11:00 — 12:00, Capital Suite 2

This panel will explore how book­selling works, and how it’s changed over the past decade. How do book­sellers and publishers interact, and what infor­ma­tion do they use to choose what to stock, and how? How do these deci­sions affect readers’ image of the field? Have the habits and demo­graphics of the book buyer changed? Are non-Amazon book­sellers doomed?

Alex Ingram (M), Justin Ackroyd, Malcolm Edwards, Lauren M. Roy, Michelle Sagara


Reading: Michelle Sagara

Friday 13:30 — 14:00, London Suite 1

Michelle Sagara


Auto­graphing 2 — Michelle Sagara

Saturday 12:00 — 13:30, Auto­graphing Space

Michelle Sagara

The Big Playthrough

Saturday 15:00 — 16:30, Capital Suite 7+12

Gail Carriger, Kate Elliott, Pat Roth­fuss and Michelle Sagara West play Gloom for your delight and delec­ta­tion! Gloom is a deeply inaus­pi­cious card game in which players strive to kill their horrid, horrid fami­lies in as gristly and grotty ways possible, whilst trying to keep the fami­lies of the other player alive. Will they be devoured by weasels or simply perturbed by pudding? Come along and find out…

Patrick Roth­fuss, Kate Elliott, Michelle Sagara, Gail Carriger


Travel in fantasy

Saturday 18:00 — 19:00, Capital Suite 3

There’s a Roman-period oracle text that implies two out of ten people died while trav­el­ling, either of sick­ness or misad­ven­ture. Do fantasy authors let their char­ac­ters off too easy? This panel will discuss travel in invented worlds: modes of trans­port, places to stay, how to pay (and how much money to carry), and the many obsta­cles that might be encoun­tered along the way: cultural and linguistic barriers, sick­ness, bad roads and worse weather.

Jenny Black­ford (M), Michelle Sagara, Leigh Bardugo, Scott Lynch, Katie Rask



Sunday 15:00 — 16:00, London Suite 4

Tom Pollock, Michelle Sagara


Comics: The Global Arena

Monday 12:00 — 13:30, Capital Suite 15

Comic Books have a tremen­dous audi­ence outside of the English language world, but only a small percentage of those titles are avail­able to the West thanks to a few dedi­cated publishers (and illicit trans­la­tions avail­able online).

What are the best foreign titles currently avail­able in English? And what bril­liant volumes are to be recom­mended to non-English readers? What desper­ately needs to be translated?

Helen McCarthy (M), Michael Buri­anyk, Klaus Æ. Mogensen, Eric Senabre, Michelle Sagara, Juan Sanmiguel


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  1. Sivi Sivanesan says:

    the panels all look great. gutted to be missing friday to Sunday. will you still be around on Monday, and open to signing a couple of books? as I’m only able to make it to the confer­ence on Monday.
    thank you.
    all the best

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