Firstborn Cover

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Here it is: the cover for First­born. Art by Jody Lee. I don’t have the cover flat, so I don’t have the text/blurb yet; I think the amazon text is actu­ally cata­logue copy (the thing that gets shown to book­sellers).

It’s Carver!

Okay, now I’m going back to copy-edits T_T.


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  1. Tchula says:

    Omg, that cover is gorgeous! Carver is a great choice for the center­piece and I love the Arianni in the back­ground. Can’t wait to read it! 2019 is gonna be awesome! :-D

  2. michelle says:

    @Hannah: I’m working through copy-edits for War, and I admit that I’m terri­fied of Christmas, having done NOTHING yet while December ticks away…

  3. Mary Alllen says:

    You might write everyone iou’s for alone time with you. That is what my grown son ask for from his brother (who stays pretty busy with three kids and a job.) As you get older things don’t seem to mean as much as memo­ries.

  4. Argentum says:

    What a beau­tiful cover! I came for the cover art (of the Broken Crown), stayed for the incred­ible story/world/characters/storytelling. Can’t wait for this book. Love how Jay’s whole den is fleshed out fasci­nating people.

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